Celebration Part 2 Dinner at Dali

Monday, September 8, 2014
My birthday was a REALLY GOOD DAY ™. 
The weather was perfect – another clear, dry, cool 70’s delight! 
The best thing I did was to take off from work!  I still woke up early but enjoyed connecting with all the folks who spread good wishes around my Facebook wall and texted and emailed and called!  
Hubby went out to get breakfast from Dunkin’ Donuts and we watched the light and fun Robin Hood episode of “Doctor Who.”  
I had a short bout of “what am I doing with my life?!” that my birthdays always seem to bring about, but tamped it down with some help from my pals and some project work!  I meant to take a nap, but the greetings kept rolling in and I kept answering until it was time to head out for supper.  

It was so wonderful to be with Sis and her family!  She treated us to a spectacular Spanish tapas dinner at Dali in Somerville.  

We had their back dining room to ourselves, surrounded by the copper ceiling and pots and pans!

I started with a fun non-alcoholic drink: the Oscaritos, which is a refreshing mix of lime juice and mint and fizzy water.  I adore places that have festive drinks for those of us who can’t do liquor!  

We ordered a plethora of small plates and shared.  We got so many dishes I’m not sure I can recall them all!  So many amazing tastes!  The highlights were the 
– gazpacho, so cold, fresh and spicy, 

– the ceviche with it’s protein-rich mix of cold seafood and citrus, 

– deep-fried cheese with honey and sweet onions
– baked goat cheese with tomato and basil 
– beef short ribs in Rioja wine sauce
– duck in berry sauce,
– scallops in saffron cream
– pheasant with bacon and mushrooms
– lamb meatballs with tomato mint sauce
– prunes wrapped in bacon filled with goat cheer and almonds
– grilled baby lamb chops with peach sauce – this was my niece’s choice and definitely the best of the evening with the most tender lamb I’ve ever eaten, marinated in delicious spices and covered in a perfect fruity sauce! 
There were several other dishes I wanted to try – their menu is astonishing! 
For dessert I had their cool and smooth flan, covered in candied clementines!  

The waiters gathered around to sing happy birthday with tambourines and present me with their metal frog candelabra!  My brother-in-law took a fun photo of me giggling at all that!  
Thanks for all the birthday wishes and being part of a wonderful day!

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