Happy Boy

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Good morning!  Off to Day 2 of the hires orientation.  Have a super Tuesday!

9:11am Philip

Happy Boy this morning!  Have a great day!

11:20am Philip

Whoo, guess I was very helpful!


12:25pm Philip
She was exceptionally grateful. lost track after round three.


Yay for gratitude like that!
I’m worn out – on the bus home. Gruesome work day.
Hubby is away in NH with his lady.
Friend of mine is posting photos from National Harbor… makes me think of you and Thai food and smooching!

8:34pm Philip

: )

8:40pm Philip

Got one more nite with Fred


Lucky man!  I invited Kris to spend the night… no word from him since Sunday.  *sigh  Probably the one night this year Hubby is out of the house and I am alone.  Grrr…

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