Meet #30 All night

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 
Hubby had gone off to NH with his lady, so I was alone at home.  It was a very rare chance for me to have Kris over to spend the night.  I had invited him on Sunday and he said he was very conflicted – he’d let me know.  I didn’t hear another word from him after he left Monday morning. 
He finally texted me late evening on Tuesday.
Kris: Find someone to keep the creatures away with tonite? 10:36 PM
Me: *sigh. Forgive me for the delay please. Work was gruesome today. No brain left. Please come hold on to me. 10:47 PM
Kris: Can u handle a “cuddle only” bed partner? Too hard/tempting? Or just too late now? Know u have big day tomorrow. 10:48 PM
Me: I can. I promise. I have to be at work at 7 am. Can be up until midnight. 10:50 PM
Kris: Ok….can b there round 11:45…..little pillow talk….cuddle….sleep with “real you.”  😉 10:53 PM
Kris: Getting on bike – u will have to let me in.  Hubby take car? 10:54 PM
Me: Yay! Thank you ever so much. Not sure why it seems so important… just…is 10:54 PM
Me: Hubby has the car. Text when you want in. 10:55 PM
Kris: k.  last text till then.  hopping on bike now.  bout 45 mins. 10:56 PM
Kris: here! 11:58 PM
Me: Be right down 11:59 PM
At midnight I raced down (in my night shirt) to let him in.  He talked me into trying on his extra helmet and sitting on his motorcycle.  He backed up about 10 feet, turned it on, then drove back into the parking space.  He crowed “There!  You are the first woman to ride my bike!”  We laughed.  “And you’ve had your first ride!”  It’s bizarre how happy that made him.  
We came upstairs.  He had a cup of coffee and munched on various snacks sitting on the sofa.  I sat at my desk and we talked.  I told him how my brain is playing tricks, making him perfect when he is not around to annoy me.  The ladies in chat got me to list the ways he is annoying, to help me keep things balanced.
1) he picks on me about being smart
2) he picks on me for my weight 
3) he is relentless trying to get me to ride his motorcycle
4) he likes to listen to rock music WAY TOO LOUD
5) he keeps locking the bathroom door 
6) he takes unnecessary risks and thinks it’s fun
7) he is always late
He allowed as how that was a good psychological defense. 
At 12:45 am he said, “Shouldn’t you go to bed?” I agreed and we crawled into bed and cuddled.  We kept talking.  We got very serious, talked about love and us… not that we do just that we are in pretty deep and whether that means anything and… it was suddenly 3 am!  Ugh.  I had to be up at 6 am.  But I wasn’t tired.  I went to the bathroom, hoping that would somehow make me sleepy.  We talked a little more.  I finally fell asleep about 3:30 am.  Even though there was nothing sexy per se, it was incredibly wonderful to sleep with a man wrapped around me, who I can touch at will!

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