A good egg

Monday, August 25, 2014
6:04am Philip
Happy Monday!   Helping Fred move today. Enjoy the day!


Good morning!  You are such a good egg.
I’m off to work to welcome the new hires.
Had dinner with Kris last night and gave him a sassy blow job!  Whee!

8:25am Philip

Told you he would cave. Good for you!

Fred has no friends to help so I’m it. I’m happy to help, got my tools to help hang stuff. This move will be good for her.

Glad you had some fun with your guy!

2:59pm Philip

Moving sucks!   Everything is moved though. Glad I could help. Staying over but sleeping in gym shorts. Just happy to enjoy her company. I did not help in hopes of getting anything . Don’t want her to think that either


Why not have sex every chance?

6:46pm Philip

See where it goes. It’s up to her. I’m horny as a billy goat


I know that.
and like it!

6:48pm Philip



I’m at the movies – gonna see the new Doctor Who season premiere

6:50pm Philip

Cool!  Enjoy!

Theatre buffet – Medium popcorn and soda, corn dog nuggets and cinnabon goey bites!

Sushi post-movie at Basho Japanese Brasserie in the Fenway

 Shrimp fresh rolls
 A boat filled with maki, nigiri and sashimi – oh my!
 Sushi! Tamago, unagi and a shrimp tempura maki

Shrimp and veggies tempura

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