Meet #29 Three women

Sunday, August 24, 2014  
I was starting to plan dinner and saying to Hubby that I missed Kris.  There had been no word from him since Thursday.  He nodded sagely.  Like magic, there was a text!!
Kris: Wachupto? 5:31 PM
Me: Kris! I was just thinking about you. Quiet evening at home. Wanna hang out? 6:16 PM
Me: I am eager to hear how your week went! 6:18 PM
Kris: Sure – half way there! eta 7. want me to park on the street? 6:36 PM
Me: You are so good. Are you on the bike or car? 6:37 PM
Me: Have you eaten? Hungry? 6:38 PM
Kris: Bike. eaten no. hungry just a little 6:41 PM
Kris: Wanna meet someplace for “light meal”? go dutch. unless u have food and wanna save $. 6:46 PM
Me: Ping me when you arrive. 6:48 PM
Me: Should park inside here. I’ll move car and meet you down in the garage. I need to shower… we’ll figure out food. 6:51 PM
Kris: Here 7:01 PM
Me: Omw down 7:02 PM
Kris: sometimes im actually on time! 😉 7:04 PM

I moved my car and met him in the garage.  He gave me a long hug and put his arm around me while we walked to the elevator.  I took a shower and he sat on the toilet and told me about his three dates and driving all over New England to meet them!   

  • He met “Marlo Thomas” who doesn’t really look like her, and is 10 years older than her photos and just… no.  
  • Then he met “the Little Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe” who had three kids and married a guy with five, and adopted ten more!  Many of them are still at home!  She was full of energy, looked much younger than her 69 years, and he had fun.  
  • Finally there was “The Colleague” who went to the same schools and has the same job with a competitor. She was fun to talk with.  Then he sat in his car missing his wife.  Ugh.  
I dressed demurely.  We had a fun talk with Hubby about Shakespeare and Doctor Who.  Kris marveled at the calm, intellectual discussion we had… apparently that doesn’t happen at his house.
Kris and I went out to The 99 for supper about 9 pm.  We shared the crackers and cheese, both had onion soup.  I had the fried chicken with corn and mashed potatoes while he ate the chicken pot pie with rice.  We had a great conversation!  
We came back about 10:45 pm and Hubby was ensconced on the sofa playing video games.  So we went into the bedroom and cuddled.  After a while, he played with my clit and made me soar!
Hubby had asked to go to bed at midnight, so Kris and I came out to the sofa. He put his head in my lap and asked me to tell him what I think about when he is touching me.  I told him about the raunchy videos, and certain memories of the two of us.  I played with him and then gave him a sassy blow job!  He said he’d have no trouble falling asleep now. 🙂 
I tucked him in and got to bed at 1 am.

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