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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10:19am Philip

[He posted a photo of himself lazing in the hotel swimming pool to his Facebook wall]

Do you think that’s a good picture in the pool?
I see old fat guy enjoying the water.
I have received other comments that I was surprised about

12:15pm Philip
You ignoring me?


Hiya kid! 
Sorry -wicked busy @ work.
That photo shows how gorgeous you are!

6:18pm Philip

I got all these messages alluding to that. I look at it and it must just be good lighting or something cause it’s really just an old man enjoying the pool.

USS Constitution 30 sec video

2014 Guerriere Battle Gun Salute

CHARLESTOWN, Mass. (Aug. 19, 2014) Firing of USS Constitution’s port side saluting battery, followed by ringing of the ship’s bell at noon, as part of a commemoration of the 202nd anniversary of Constitution’s first battle in the War of 1812 against the British frigate HMS Guerriere on Aug. 19, 1812.

This voice gave me the tingle… hard to believe it come from that small girl! Fantastic!

Charice and Celine Dion duet at Madison Square Garden (HD)

11:13pm Philip

very cool

12:02am Philip
Liked that one. Very hot

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