Trouble and a bike

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 

Kris: Gonna go hang with “bad boys”. old black bar buddies. have to find their current water hole in the burbs…cops shut down old one. dumb cuz they would just find new one. I’ll find it…won’t drink…PROMISE. my nick name with them: “Crazy Kris”. for real. but now it’s just for “show”. but they don’t know that. so I’ll get “respect”…and be ok. and won’t drink. my intimate, “non-sexual” (HA!) friend. 6:23 PM
Kris: Say hi to mom for me. tell her I owe her a lunch. and when u go to the bathroom we can swap secrets about u. tell her I’ve got some really juicy (literally) ones to share. OMG!!!!!!! 6:46 PM
Me: We were just talking about you! We’re at The 99 again. I showed her your bike. 6:48 PM
Kris: What did she say? 6:49 PM
Me: You look skinny. 🙂 6:49 PM
Kris: She’s a riot! You’re too fat and I’m too skinny! Ever here the bad joke about Mama Cass and Karen Carpenter? 6:53 PM
Me: No…do I want to? 6:55 PM
Kris: Probably not. think that will stop me? 😉 6:56 PM
Kris: If Mama Cass had shared her sandwich with Karen Carpenter they’d both be alive today! 6:58 PM
Kris: Bad. I know. Ok. off on bike to play bad boy biker. Walter Mitty. 6:59 PM
Kris: Google what caused Karen Carpenter’s death if u didn’t get that bad joke. I really am an evil man. You’re just blinded by the occasional mediocre sex. 7:03 PM
Kris: Ok…off on bike. later… 😉 7:04 PM
Me: I am still smiling about late Sunday…mmm. 7:12 PM
Kris: U r incorrigible. taking advantage of poor skinny little me.  😉 7:17 PM
Kris: (not on bike yet. cleaning up house a little first. have renter. can’t be fun slob. 🙁 7:20 PM
Me: You betcha! Mwah! 7:20 PM
Kris: 🙂 7:20 PM
Me: Come see me instead? 🙂 7:25 PM
Kris: Gotta get it outta my system.. nutha time (less u get bettah offer in meantime. in which case go for it!). 8:10 PM
Me: Have fun! 8:11 PM
Kris: Maybe one of those AM winks is a nice man. just poor! 😉 8:11 PM
Kris: “Have fun!”. So u! Thanks for treating me like a grown up. another reason hard to let u go…Ms. Unflappable. 8:20 PM

from: Sassy
to: Kris
date: Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 9:32 PM
subject: Trouble and a bike
Here’s an interesting photo that reminds me of you. 



Kris: U probably won’t read till morning. went to several bars. no one around. tried to have some fun by offering “working girl” ride on bike. but she said had to be a “working ride”…guess what I said.  NO THANKS (SHARKS, ALLIGATORS, PIRRHANAS…GOD KNOWS WHAT’S IN THAT POOL). Oh well…time for Walter to go home. Had two cokes and played juke box. more danger with Sassy than that! Yawnnnnn!!!!!!! 12:09 AM
Me: Thanks for the update. Was thinking about you  🙂 12:11 AM
Me: FYI – Hubby and his lady are away overnight next Tuesday, 8/26 and returning Wednesday. If the stars align and you could keep me company that evening, I’d adore having you stay over.  12:16 AM

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