Three Year Celebration

Monday, August 11, 2014
6:43am Philip
Good morning!  Hope your Monday is fabulous!


Good morning!  You’re cheery this morning!  What’s up? Hope it’s fun!
Kris contacted me late Saturday, and showed up last night!  No sex but great conversation and hugs!  He makes me smile!

7:18am Philip

Wow, that’s cool!


You working today?

7:59am Philip

Working from home at least through the morning. Working for free but hey!


I’m off work today! Hope to get out in the beautiful day!
Today is the third anniversary of my finishing breast cancer treatment!   I am alive, whole, cancer-free and thriving
8:54am Philip
Awesome!   Congrats! Certainly a day to celebrate


Los Angeles Times

Comedian Robin Williams has died at age 63 of an apparent suicide:

I gasped at this news. So sad. Awful to think that depression can take even a rich, beloved funny man from us. Argh. Going to go look up some of his funnier routines and remember him that way. *sigh


I made it to the beach!
See photos and beach video.  Such a beautiful day.

Wish you had been with me.  Hubby wouldn’t get out of the car.  So I sat on a rock by myself and took photos and cried a little bit.  Good to do that sometimes!

8:15pm Philip

Yep. I do it too. That sucks. Pics are gorgeous


Thanks!  So pretty up there.
8:16pm Philip
Did the ALS ice bucket challenge. Cold


Saw that.  Ya big goofball.  But for a great cause!
Not as cold as that polar bear thing though, right?

8:17pm Philip

Not nearly!
Goofball aye


I wanted to run my fingers through your hair.  It looks great!  So dark and full…
8:19pm Philip
Why thank You!

You can run your hands through my hair anytime


It would be a good start.
8:22pm Philip
I have hair other places


I was just thinking that!
8:25pm Philip
: )

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