Renegade lasagna

Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014
Good morning kid!  Hope you have a grand day!

8:49am Phil 

Tired. Worked most of the night but in a good mood, looking forward to beer and oysters on the beach tonight. A good run and workout and then some down time. Still no idea what the hell last nite was but whatever it was, it was nice

Enjoy the day!


Opened my desk drawer to get a pad to write a note.  There was a note on it from Kris telling me how sexy I am. *sigh

9:48am Phil 

Awwww, trust me I understand.

10:55am Phil 
Don’t know why it’s got to be so hard sometimes. Just is. I was sort of ok yesterday and now all twisted up again. Damn women are killing me.


Misery loves company but it’s no fun when you and I are in the same emo territory

Did you see these different “lasagnas?”  They look great for you to make and share.  
5 renegade lasagnas to make for National Lasagna Day 

Ricotta and noodles are old news. Try these lasagna recipes instead.

  • Bacon cheeseburger lasagna
  • Taco Lasagna
  • Apple pie lasagna
  • Chocolate lasagna
  • Pancake lasagna

12:11pm Phil 

Oh cool. Gotta look.
Gonna sit a chair in the surf tonight with a cigar and scotch and just contemplate life.  just to relax in my favorite dive bar.


I am blowing off work and going somewhere!
2:09pm Phil 
Good plan. I neeeeed some time alone with my thoughts too.

8:13pm Phil 

Where did you end up going?  I just headed to the beach

Jimmy’s Steer House… had fish.   See photos on my wall.

I forgot Hubby had plan tonight.

 Crispy coconut shrimp 
 Zucchini sticks
Baked stuffed scrod with spinach rice pilaf

8:43pm Phil 



I’m the Road Runner! Zooooom!

9:47pm Phil 
Ha! Pepe for me!


9:48pm Phil 

I prefer to think of the hot lover


Oh… that makes much more sense!

10:14pm Phil 
: )

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