The right path

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Good morning!   Here’s to a sunny Sunday!

8:19am Phil 

You too!

Loved the doggie video, thank you

9:34am Phil 
[PHOTO of him smiling showing off his beautiful naked shoulders and chest]
Mmmm… shoulders.  
Kris just called… he wants to take me to the White Mts today!  
Fickle boy… so one more chance to be with him.  Yipppeee!

11:12am Phil 
Cool, pretty up there
Take what you can get!


Kris shared dim sum this morning with Hubby and me at my favorite Chinese place

Crab rangoons, peking ravioli, small steamer buns, suan la chow show, 
crueller and shrimp shumai at Mary Chung’s

He gave me a fantastic adventure to the top of Mt Washington, and a delicious Thai dinner.

We talked a lot as he drove.  He says he is going to confess to three male church friends and ask them to help him walk the right path and get his wife back.  He says he can’t do that and keep seeing me and lie to them.

Then he said good bye.  I said thank you.  I asked him to let me know how things go, maybe the first of every month or whenever something big happens.  He hugged me.  It feels very final.  *sigh.

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