Doggie race

Saturday, July 19, 2014
10:11am Good morning!  Hope you had fun last night.

Kris had a bout of “I need to get things done.  I am too stressed to be good company” so I sat alone.  He got his divorce papers yesterday… too real.  *sigh 

Have a super Saturday!  I’m off to Mom’s as usual.
Such a beautiful day!  Mom and I ate outside at Blue Ribbon BBQ!  I adore their NC pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw.

Here’s a fun dog video – take a minute to smile!  
Disabled Dachshund Named Anderson Pooper Runs In Weiner Dog Race

This is the sweetest goddamned thing. A Washington radio station holds an annual Wiener Dog rally and this year’s race took place last Sunday. We don’t know who won the race, but Anderson Pooper, chugging along in his little doggie wheelchair, has won our hearts.

7:46pm Phil 

I had a very enjoyable night! Stayed with Fred.

Kris is gonna have to come to grips. It’s tough. Sorry girl


No word from him today.  *sigh. 
Glad you had fun!

8:02pm Phil 
[PHOTO of him smiling with his beautiful naked shoulders and chest]
8:02pm Phil 
[PHOTO of him smiling with a bicycle in the background]
8:02pm Phil 
Something to make you smile

Oh yeah!  That’s the ticket!  Drool.  Thanks kid!!

8:59pm Phil 

My pleasure baby. Anything I can do to bring a smile

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