Vacillating Man

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Good morning Philip!
Kris stopped by last night!  A low key back rub escalated to using the silver bullet on him – his first vibe ever! Whee!  Have a wicked good Wednesday!

10:08pm Phil 

Sounds like fun!


How you doing handsome?

10:18pm Phil 
I’m ok, had some long text talks with Beach Gal. Was nice but also sad. Miss her so much. Been working 15 hour days too

Beach Gal huh?  You are the most vacillating man!

10:24pm Phil 
Never stopped loving that girl. Never will I guess.  I’m a fool, I know but she melts my heart.

Never claimed to have a lick of common sense


Awww… I know sweetie… part of your charm.

10:28pm Phil 

Yeah yeah. I’d give up everything I have for the chance to try but she seems happy and I’d live in a cell rather than do anything to upset that

Again, a fool

10:36pm Phil 
Why do fools fall in love as the song goes


that’s where all the fun happens!

10:40pm Phil 


Roller coaster for sure… but I’ve learned the ups are worth the downs

10:48pm Phil 

The ups were amazing. Downs suck but yeah all worth it. 
Love her kids like my own. Wrapped up in memories. All good

I was very bad last night.

10:50pm Phil 

I’ll never learn. Oh?
Silver bullet sounds fun

Kris popped by “just to talk” and I dragged him into my bedroom

10:52pm Phil 
That’s not bad. He probably needed a distraction


That’s what I thought

10:52pm Phil 


Never done that before!  Half of me feel evil for not taking no for answer, the other half felt righteous giving him some relief from his troubles

I don’t know if it will make him more or less likely to come back

But I thought about what I needed for once!

10:54pm Phil 
Good for you.

I just care about what she needs but I love her

Strange emotion, love

You need to quit thinking of the women and look after yourself a bit!

11:00pm Phil 

I’m sure it did Kris some good
 Not my nature
Everyone else is being shitty to him… seems like I should be nice

I know kid… you know I’m the same

11:00pm Phil 

I agree.

She loves me, I know that but I hurt her and she just wants be number one for someone. I’d run to her and never look back given the opportunity. Fred is wonderful in so many ways but she’s not Beach Gal.  No one is.

I just bury myself in the job, eases the pain and keeps my brain occupied


Why was she so ticked about the rose?

11:06pm Phil 
She thought it was from her guy and almost called him to say thank you. Then it dawned on her that the rose is much more something I would do than he would do and she checked.

just spooked her

Now I think she sees it as it was intended

11:11pm Phil 
called my bitch wife who has no reason to be tired and she was pissed.  I did not have two seconds to call all day, we have been so busy. I hung up on the bitch.  She can sleep in, she has no reason to be tired. So sorry I bothered with that. Sometimes I cannot stand that women.  I know I don’t miss her one little bit.


Surprised to see her so much thinner and actually smiling in a photo

11:19pm Phil 
She has lost 20lbs, done nothing for her personality though
Bitched until I took that picture


At least you were smart enough to try other women… know that is not the way we all are!

11:33pm Phil 

Self indulgent, selfish, snobby little bitch most of the time.  Selfish, clueless in the sack too. I know that’s not the way it should be.  I have been pampered and loved and I liked it a lot

My daughter is just like her.  The boy, very much like me

He doing better?
11:37pm Phil 
He is doing so well.  I’m so proud of him

12:07am Phil 

Nite girl, sweet dreams
Good night dear man

12:08am Phil

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