Meet #25 Sassy seduction

July 15, 2014 Tuesday 

Kris had not been in touch since he left Sunday morning.  I was missing him and hating that.  I was so revved up!  I had woken up from a very hot dream about trying out a vibrator at a sex shop… argh… and spent the day telling my mentourage about it.  

I had just gotten home from having dinner with Mom when Kris called about 8 pm and asked to come over.  He said he shouldn’t, but he wanted to.  I gave him an emphatic YES!  He said no sex, but I was desperate.  I was determined to get him to give me some relief.  
When he arrived, I stood behind him in the living room, rubbing his shoulders.  Every time I strayed anywhere near an erogenous zone, he pushed my hands back.  I rubbed and scratched… he says his wife won’t scratch his back for more than 10 seconds so I try to keep going until he says stop.  He leaned against me, and I went on and on.  He finally said enough.  I went to hug him but he walked away.  He said he wasn’t here to see Sassy, he wanted to talk with the real me.  I told him real me wasn’t around, Sassy needed him.  He kept calling my real name, searching for my boring, demure side.  Poor man. 
So I sat at my desk.  He ate some leftover pork lo mein from my fridge and asked me about my day.  He came over to rub on my back.  I was very bad… I unbuttoned my top.  He said “No skin!”  I explained I wanted to feel his hands on my bare shoulders, and demurely pulled my top across my chest while baring my shoulders.  He massaged my shoulders… then my neck… then my head and face… I tilted my head a bit and let my top slip so he could see my cleavage.  I took my bra straps down.  He kept rubbing my shoulders.  I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I pulled my left breast out and started rubbing it myself.  He rubbed my neck and came around to the front, but stayed high.  This was an incredible game of “where will he touch me?  Will he keep going if I touch my chest?  Will he keep going if I…”  I had been quiet so far, but I couldn’t keep the moans inside any longer.  He groaned a bit, like I was torturing him but kept rubbing my upper chest, watching me.  I put my other hand inside my slacks.  I was sooo wet!  I started asking questions.  
Can I undo your belt?
So I can’t lick you?
Or suck you?
I’m just asking, figuring out where the line is…
So why are you here?
You can tell me, I can take it.
So definitely no slow fucking?
I swiveled in my desk chair and hugged him around the waist.  He said this was a lot like tantric sex, touching all over the body, building the anticipation.  I stared into his eyes.  He said it’s a checkbox on Ashley Madison that men don’t understand but check because it sounds exotic. 
I finally could not stand it anymore.  I stood up and marched him into my bedroom!  He said it was wrong, he had made up his mind he could not lie anymore, he could not have sex anymore.  I asked who will ask him?  Who will care?  He said he would.  Ugh.  I said, “I need you to help me.”  I was in full evil seductress mode as I have never been before, but I swear it is the best thing for him, to get some release, to forget his troubles… and his protests seemed like he was trying them on for size, not committed to them.  Whatever.  I gently pressed him down on the bed, came down on top of him and started kissing him fiercely.  One thing led to another and he took very good care of me with his fingers and the little silver bullet.  
I was wondering if he would want my attentions, or consider that over this line he has built.  I took the silver bullet and ran it over his forehead, down his neck… he sighed.  I’ve never used a toy on him.  I put it on his nipple, then his belly button, then over his cock on the outside of his jeans. I moved it around his waist, and he unzipped his jeans.  I pressed it on his cock… said, “I don’t know what I’m doing… tell me…please” and he said it felt good on the underside.  So I held it there, then moved it back and forth.  “Still or moving?” I asked.  “Move,” he replied.  So I went back and forth, letting the buzzing radiate from the sensitive spot under the crown.  I moved down his body kissing and finally took him in my mouth, licking and sucking while keeping the bullet on his cock.  He got a blissful look on his face.  He said, “That… is… poetry.”  It wasn’t long before I had a mouth full of salted caramel.  🙂 
We had a good cuddle before Hubby got home and Kris moved to the couch to sleep.  
Geesh… reading this… I may have attained a new level of HUSSY!  
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
I  woke up to the sounds of Kris stirring around, eating a bowl of cereal… I got up just as he was leaving and gave him a quick hug.  He left at 7:30 am. 

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