Meet #22 Vacation Part 4 Going home

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

[If you missed the earlier parts of my vacation with Kris, check out Part 1,  Part 2 and Part 3]

I woke up at 7:20 am and turned off the alarm. I did my ablutions, dressed and finished packing.

Kris got a text from his wife telling him she is filing for a no-contest divorce. Ugh. This is 2 weeks since he got caught… without her ever seeing or speaking with him. And before the meeting with the minister! Wow.

He handed me his phone to read his text history and went off to the parking lot to reconnect the boat to the truck. I ate a cereal bar and marveled at her endless nasty rants. Kris returned to wash his hands and we took off at 9:15 am.

He was distracted and unhappy. I patted on his knee and tried not to talk too much. It was tough to be with him but I was glad he was not alone on this fateful day.  We stopped in Walpole to get gas and him a coffee.

The traffic was TERRIBLE! It took over 2 hours to do the 1 hour drive, including being stuck for 40 minutes less than a mile from home! Argh! It did give us time to talk about how special this weekend was for each of us. He got to escape the drama of his life for three nights and two blissful days, show me two of his favorite place, and have someone to listen and hold his hand when the bad news came. I got to see spectacular places I would never have gotten to see, have a vacation I haven’t had in years, and be with a nice man who knows what to do with vibrator!

He dropped me off at 11:30 am.  I sat at my desk and totaled up the costs for the trip.  I wanted to see how they split between us.


     $40 Dinner at Olive Garden
   $100 Hotel

   $94 Lunch at Wequassett $94
   $25 Dinner at Double Dragon
 $114 Gas
 $100 Hotel

   $8 Breakfast
$137 Ferry to MV for the truck plus passenger
 $25 Second Breakfast
 $34 Stop & Shop fruit, cheese, snacks $34
 $16 Ferry to Chappy
 $35 Dinner at the Net Result $35
 $72 Gas on MV
$100 Hotel

$600 Total he spent
$300 I spent on the hotel
$900 Total for 3 nights

Yikes! That total is nuts! And the day on the Vineyard was crazy expensive!  He spent twice as much as I did.  Neither of us has that money to spend.  He promised to pay me back for the hotel but I’m not going to let  him.  I’ll scrimp on other things this month.  It was so worth it to me to get away with him!  It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime treat!


Kris was not in touch for the rest of the day.  That is unusual.  He usually calls or texts or emails when he gets home to let me know he made it, or tell me another story about something that happened along the way or something bothering him or some new development but… nothing.

I finally caved and sent him a quick email.  His glasses are a wreck and he doesn’t have the money for a fancy new pair.  A friend told me about getting her glasses online for free!  I thought it was worth mentioning…


from: Sassy
to: Kris
date: Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 7:44 PM
subject: Eyeglasses possibility
A friend mentioned that a website is offering “first pair free” for new customers.  Might be a way for you to get new lenses.


but it didn’t elicit a response.  *sigh

I spent the evening smiling at the photos I took of our trip and putting them online on Google + where he could see them.

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