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Gay Head Lighthouse in Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Good morning Philip!  I’m headed home.  
Such an incredible day on Martha’s Vineyard!   
Hope you have a great Tuesday!
8:50pm Phil 
Isn’t it gorgeous! I love it there. Nude beach is under that lighthouse! 
Got the brilliant idea to place a single red rose on Beach Gal’s windshield. Did not try to see her, nothing. She was pissed. Tore into me, blocked me on Facebook and phone. I’m done with that. I hope she’s happy with her guy. I wish her the best. I would have said thanks for the sweet thought or something but that’s not me. Stupid idea I guess. I think I’m finally over it.

The Vineyard was spectacular!  I was so lucky to get to go, and be spoiled by a nice man.  
His wife texted him she wants a no-contest divorce fast – told him to sell the house.  He’d managed to set all that aside until those texts came today.  Good I could help give him a break from it but reality is crashing in on him now.  
Oh dear… I’m so sorry Beach Gal did that.  You didn’t deserve that!  It was a sweet gesture.  Hugs.

9:22pm Phil 
Just wanted her to know I cared. Think it’s best this way. Seeing more of the real her vs the show and don’t care for what I see. Her new boy has his hands full for sure. She requires a lot of care and tenderness that she returns. What can you do? She can be a little bitch. 
Sorry about the guy but he knew this was coming. He knew the risks. 
Glad you had a great weekend!

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