Wednesday, June 25, 2014 
Me: Good morning! Happy Wednesday! 8:43 AM
Kris: Same to you! Mwah! 9:13 AM
Me: Busy day? Hugs with groping. 9:26 AM
Kris: Pretty busy…not too bad. You? 11:01 AM
Me: Writing performance reviews for two people. Bleh. But making good progress! Can’t wait for it to be over! Hugs! 11:39 AM
Kris: “Rolling along” as u say…eah? I’m not sure “my performance” 😉 eval by u would be such a good one. (Ok…owe u another quarter.) 12:55 PM
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Wednesday. June 25, 2014 4:48 PM
Re: Birthday wishes
Hi Sassy!
Thanks again for writing so much.  You have a great capacity for “attention to detail”…in MANY ways 🙂  Looking forward to checking off more items on the list!
Honestly, I’m a little stressed about Wife’s recent high level of suspicion.  I also suspect she’s getting fed crap from kids that’s feeding her suspicion–and now have at least 2 out of 4 of them pissed at me—-maybe 3 out of 4.  Our “talk” (to take place on Friday) is going to include me insisting that she eliminate them as “support” for her gripes against me.  
She’s never been able to “contain anxiety”—which is the main driver of that behavior.  She’s not necessarily trying to directly hurt me.  She just can’t “keep it to herself”—and ends up venting to the wrong people.  I told her if we can’t work things out (mostly around my lying about the bike and money in general)—I’d consider going to a marriage counselor.  But I’m NOT going to admit to having an affair.  I’ll have to get caught red-handed with indisputable evidence.  And I will NEVER “out” you—–EVER!!!!!
Me: Eating grapes. Thinking of you. And a boat. And.. yum. 9:30 PM
Kris: W not responding. Something bad is happening. just went to her work and they asked me to leave. She must have instructed them to not allow me there or quit job. May have been caught, but don’t know how. 9:38 PM
Me: So sorry to hear this. Try to stay calm. Hugs. Delete these texts. 🙂 9:47 PM
·       Jun 25 9:47 PM Kris: You there?
·       Jun 25 9:48 PM Sassy: Yes
·       Jun 25 9:48 PM Kris: been deleting all texts for past few days…moot point since she’s not around to ask to see them
·       Jun 25 9:49 PM Sassy: But she might at any time… better safe than sorry.
·       Jun 25 9:49 PM Sassy: I know it’s a pain.
·       Jun 25 9:50 PM Kris: least of my worries. f I’m caught I don’t know what she’ll do…
·       Jun 25 9:50 PM Sassy: Can you say there is confidential client stuff… better she not look?
·       Jun 25 9:50 PM Sassy: Don’t get ahead of yourself. Stay in the present. Deal with right now.
·       Jun 25 9:51 PM Kris: I am…but I’m pretty sure I’m caught. do you remember when I accidentally sent a text meant for you to my son?
·       Jun 25 9:51 PM Sassy: yes
·       Jun 25 9:52 PM Sassy: what did it say?
·       Jun 25 9:52 PM Kris: it didn’t have a lot of “really juicy” stuff, but enough to incriminate me, and my son told my wife about it, who asked me about it. at first my answer was believed – just a “joke” meant to send to wife but accidentally sent to son. they believed it before, but not now…
·       Jun 25 9:52 PM Sassy: it doesn’t prove anything
·       Jun 25 9:53 PM Kris: no, but given the present circumstances my credibility is zero with my wife, son, and at least one daughter—maybe all if they’re “talking amongst themselves”.
·       Jun 25 9:53 PM Sassy: I’m sorry. I know this is scary.
·       Jun 25 9:54 PM Sassy: Try not to let the “what ifs” get to you
·       Jun 25 9:54 PM Kris: I pretty much know how this is likely to play out, since I’ve been through it before….
·       Jun 25 9:55 PM Sassy: yes?
·       Jun 25 9:55 PM Kris: well, sort of. if she reacts the way she has in the past. but hard to say for sure.
·       Jun 25 9:57 PM Kris: my biggest fear right now (other than losing my wife who I actually still love) is the increased financial stress this puts on me, since I was looking forward to her weekly  contribution to our bills over the next 8 weeks, which is now gone.
·       Jun 25 9:58 PM Sassy: You don’t know that
·       Jun 25 9:59 PM Kris: I know my wife – something very serious is going on. I think my son and one of my daughters have convinced her to “not let me manipulate her” and to separate from me and recruit people to confront me. that’s what she’s done in the past.
·       Jun 25 9:59 PM Sassy: How can I help you? I don’t have money but I’d like to ease your mind somehow
·       Jun 25 9:59 PM Sassy: over a motorcyle?
·       Jun 25 10:01 PM Sassy: Can you tell her you love her? Want to stay? Will do what it takes?
·       Jun 25 10:01 PM Kris: the text I sent my son had your nickname in it….”Sassy girl”…..that doesn’t put you at any risk but it betrays that I’m not talking to my wife..  My son must have shared that with one of my daughters because she texted me and said I was “disgusting”. when I said she didn’t know what was going on she texted back: “HI Sassy girl.”
·       Jun 25 10:01 PM Sassy: Uh oh
·       Jun 25 10:01 PM Sassy: Still doesn’t prove anything
·       Jun 25 10:02 PM Sassy: Take a deep breath.
·       Jun 25 10:02 PM Kris: no, but it’s more than a little suspicious. I just checked my phone bill to see if there was anything incriminating there. the total texting I do is not much more than my son’s and the rare times I talked on the phone to you are buried in hundreds of other calls, mostly to my wife
·       Jun 25 10:03 PM Sassy: Who can see your phone bill? Is it paper or online?
·       Jun 25 10:04 PM Kris: online. my son has access to it but I told him last week that I was taking him off because it was time for him to get his own plan, but he could access it now but there’s nothing incriminating on it
·       Jun 25 10:04 PM Sassy: Will it work for you to get all hurt, offended that they would think such things, etc?
·       Jun 25 10:05 PM Kris: no. screwed up too bad, starting with the bike, then the high speed chase the other night. my “story” is only believable if you’re an idiot, which no one in my family is.
·       Jun 25 10:06 PM Sassy: You can’t whine to them, say she is over-reacting?
·       Jun 25 10:06 PM Kris: no, they’re on her side now. I’m in the dog house and in deep shit.
·       Jun 25 10:06 PM Sassy: You had no idea the bike would be such a big deal, you will sell it… etc?
·       Jun 25 10:07 PM Kris: if I’m caught with you the bike becomes small potatoes.
·       Jun 25 10:07 PM Sassy: What worked last time to get you back in good graces?
·       Jun 25 10:08 PM Kris: it was different – the issue was my drinking. that’s not an issue now. I fixed that by stopping drinking, went to AA, went to marriage counseling.
·       Jun 25 10:08 PM Kris: now I’m just FUCKING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!
·       Jun 25 10:09 PM Sassy: Oh honey…
·       Jun 25 10:09 PM Kris: you’re sweet to call me that…
·       Jun 25 10:09 PM Kris: and I’m also a liar…
·       Jun 25 10:10 PM Kris: and a cheating betrayer of my marriage vows…
·       Jun 25 10:10 PM Sassy: Has anyone said that?
·       Jun 25 10:10 PM Kris: not yet.but I “feel it in the air”
·       Jun 25 10:10 PM Kris: my daughter’s text “HI Sassy girl” pretty much said it
·       Jun 25 10:12 PM Kris: imagine the reaction of devout, conservative Christians. all but one of my kids are in that camp. They will be hurt, angry, indignant, outraged, and completely take my wife’s side for betraying her in such a horrible way.
·       Jun 25 10:13 PM Sassy: How can they know you have done anything?
·       Jun 25 10:13 PM Kris: I don’t know. I’m wondering if my son could hack into my Yahoo email account or yahoo messenger somehow…
·       Jun 25 10:14 PM Kris: I deleted all the conversation history in this chat.
·       Jun 25 10:14 PM Sassy: Good
·       Jun 25 10:15 PM Kris: and I deleted all but the last two emails from you…and ones I sent you…did you read what I wrote today?
·       Jun 25 10:15 PM Sassy: Yes.
·       Jun 25 10:15 PM Kris: so I’ll delete those too…later
·       Jun 25 10:16 PM Sassy: Good. It has to be a constant thing, sadly, the deleting
·       Jun 25 10:16 PM Kris: I know…and I may close the accounts altogether and create new ones.
·       Jun 25 10:16 PM Sassy: Good
·       Jun 25 10:17 PM Sassy: Use a different browser also
·       Jun 25 10:17 PM Sassy: Not the one she uses
·       Jun 25 10:17 PM Kris: but first I need to find out what my wife is actually thinking…and what she knows, that she can prove .I’ll deny anything she can’t prove but if she has hard evidence? I’m screwed.
·       Jun 25 10:18 PM Kris: at least the cops aren’t here to escort me out tonight the way they did the last three times. LOL
·       Jun 25 10:19 PM Sassy: Would any of your kids tell you?
·       Jun 25 10:19 PM Kris: then it was always after a “domestic incident” when I was drunk and intimidated her somehow.
·       Jun 25 10:19 PM Kris: tell me what?
·       Jun 25 10:19 PM Sassy: What’s going on?
·       Jun 25 10:19 PM Kris: no…my son has definitely gone silent.
·       Jun 25 10:20 PM Kris: and one daughter said, “I don’t want to have anything to do with you until you tell mom the truth.” the one who texted: “HI Sassy girl.”
·       Jun 25 10:20 PM Sassy: Wow. Your family is very different from mine.
·       Jun 25 10:20 PM Kris: you think?
·       Jun 25 10:22 PM Sassy: So lay low… stay quiet. Even when they start talking.
·       Jun 25 10:22 PM Sassy: Listen hard.
·       Jun 25 10:23 PM Kris: no one’s talking to me so I’m listening hard to silence right now. but that won’t last. my guess is I’ll get a visit from “ambassadors representing my wife”. maybe someone from the church…not sure.
·       Jun 25 10:24 PM Sassy: Ugh. I can not imagine airing family stuff to other people
·       Jun 25 10:25 PM Kris: I told her I would be willing to go to marriage counseling but that she needed to contain who she talked to. but she fears that by saying that I’m trying to cut her off from support and manipulate her.
·       Jun 25 10:26 PM Kris: the senior pastor she talked to was actually very moderate and reasonable in his advice to her.
·       Jun 25 10:26 PM Sassy: You say you like danger… is it worth all this?
·       Jun 25 10:26 PM Sassy: Oh?
·       Jun 25 10:27 PM Kris: wait…go back to your question. is it worth all this…what do you mean?
·       Jun 25 10:27 PM Sassy: This seems like a bad time for you… I wonder if our good times and the rides on the bike etc. balance it out?
·       Jun 25 10:29 PM Kris: the bike is forgiveable and if I sold it that would go away eventually. An affair is on a completely different level. I don’t want to lose my wife and I never wanted to hurt her either. my plan was to have an affair. not get caught, not lose my wife.
·       Jun 25 10:30 PM Sassy: What did the minister say?
·       Jun 25 10:30 PM Kris: he knew about both the bike and the car chase.
·       Jun 25 10:31 PM Kris: he told her to take a step back. calm down and try to talk to me and see if we could work things out before doing anything drastic.
·       Jun 25 10:31 PM Sassy: That seems very fair.
·       Jun 25 10:31 PM Sassy: Why isn’t she doing that?
·       Jun 25 10:32 PM Sassy: What does she think happened with the car chase?
·       Jun 25 10:33 PM Kris: if it was only about the bike I think she would. but if someone’s been “whispering in her ear” or she has hard evidence that I’ve been having an affair…..she wouldn’t  be able to handle that alone. and I wouldn’t expect her to.  I told her we might not be able to resolve simpler things (like the bike or money in general) and if we came to a stalemate I’d be willing to go to marriage counseling but that she needed to stop talking to “just everyone”…including our kids.
·       Jun 25 10:34 PM Kris: she doesn’t know for sure…but she said she thought she saw someone in the truck and my whole story doesn’t make sense for the way I behaved (which it doesn’t).
·       Jun 25 10:34 PM Sassy: If there is some proof, can you say it’s over, you made a mistake, forgive me?
·       Jun 25 10:35 PM Kris: I would have to. if there was any hope to not end up divorced, but I don’t know if I would or keep trying to get away with it, after a while.
·       Jun 25 10:35 PM Sassy: Did you take the chair out of the closet?
·       Jun 25 10:36 PM Kris: no but I will right now. give me a sec .be right back…
·       Jun 25 10:36 PM Kris: back… chair is gone
·       Jun 25 10:37 PM Kris: hiding stuff is a full-time job
·       Jun 25 10:37 PM Sassy: Yes.
·       Jun 25 10:37 PM Sassy: How did the truck owner react?
·       Jun 25 10:39 PM Kris: not good but not “ballistic” – I’m paying a friend who’s a semi-retired, professional mechanic and auto body man for probably over 50 years to fix it good as new. will return it in better condition than I borrowed it. not sure what it will cost. guessing $400-500. called friend and he was thankful…returning truck to him tomorrow.
·       Jun 25 10:40 PM Sassy: phew
·       Jun 25 10:40 PM Kris: how does this effect how you feel about us?
·       Jun 25 10:41 PM Sassy: I feel like it should but it doesn’t
·       Jun 25 10:41 PM Kris: what do you mean?
·       Jun 25 10:41 PM Sassy: Are you worried I’ll run screaming?
·       Jun 25 10:41 PM Kris: no…you’re too unflappable
·       Jun 25 10:42 PM Kris: but everyone has their limits. I’ve worked hard to convince you I won’t put you at any risk. if you trust that, that’s most of what should concern you…I think.
·       Jun 25 10:43 PM Kris: if I get caught I know for a fact I will take 100% of the blame…and no one will be remotely interested in who you really are.
·       Jun 25 10:45 PM Sassy: Worry about you.
·       Jun 25 10:46 PM Kris: why?
·       Jun 25 10:46 PM Sassy: I appreciate your reassurances.
·       Jun 25 10:46 PM Kris: what do you mean “worry about you”?
·       Jun 25 10:47 PM Sassy: I worry about you. wish I could do more.
·       Jun 25 10:48 PM Kris: there’s nothing you can do…except what you’re doing. be someone to talk to and be here for me for now. don’t know what’s going to happen for sure…but having a serious feeling it’s not going to be good.
·       Jun 25 10:48 PM Sassy: Might be able to say it was just online flirting… nothing physical… depending on what they know
·       Jun 25 10:49 PM Kris: I’ll lie if I can get away with it…but I’m anticipating a “little game” of “who blinks first” in terms of people telling what they know or don’t know. do you know what I mean?
·       Jun 25 10:50 PM Sassy: Yes
·       Jun 25 10:51 PM Kris: when you say you feel like this should effect us but doesn’t…can you explain that a little more?
·        Jun 25 10:53 PM Sassy: In theory this is messy, not fun, inconvenient, maybe dangerous… a sensible woman might back away
·       Jun 25 10:53 PM Sassy: but I don’t feel like it
·       Jun 25 10:53 PM Sassy: Maybe because my marriage is open, not much risk except they could get nasty
·       Jun 25 10:54 PM Kris: who could get nasty?
·       Jun 25 10:54 PM Sassy: your family
·       Jun 25 10:55 PM Sassy: but I am not really thinking about that… more about you
·       Jun 25 10:55 PM Kris: no…they will NOT care who you are. it will be ALL on me. I know them well enough to say that with 100% confidence. I will sadly, voluntarily “cut you loose” in a second if I thought anyone would do anything vindictive directed at you…NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
·       Jun 25 10:56 PM Sassy: I have a feeling it will work out.
·       Jun 25 10:56 PM Sassy: There will be a rough patch here… but in a bit it will calm down
·       Jun 25 10:57 PM Sassy: You love her. She loves you. You want to be there. She needs you.
·       Jun 25 10:57 PM Sassy: You are human.
·       Jun 25 10:57 PM Sassy: She has forgiven you for worse. She will again?
·       Jun 25 10:57 PM Kris: hope so but you and I also now have some complicating factors. that does change things that we’ll need to deal with.
·       Jun 25 10:57 PM Sassy: Try very hard not to talk much.
·       Jun 25 10:58 PM Kris: ME? “TALK MUCH”? What on earth are you talking about?
·       Jun 25 10:58 PM Sassy: Apply your pro skills here.
·       Jun 25 10:59 PM Kris:  I may simply become “too much work” or “not available enough” or “too dangerous” for you.
·       Jun 25 10:59 PM Sassy: We’ll cross that bridge if we have to
·       Jun 25 10:59 PM Sassy: I haven’t seen Philip since Sept. 2011…
·       Jun 25 10:59 PM Sassy: I am still talking to him every day, listening to him…
·       Jun 25 11:00 PM Kris: that’s different. I know you like me but not like that.
·       Jun 25 11:01 PM Kris: not fishing, but it’s true.
·       Jun 25 11:02 PM Sassy: We have been very sloppy… if things calm down and you want to continue, we can be a lot more circumspect and still have fun
·       Jun 25 11:02 PM Kris: you haven’t been sloppy. how do you think I have?
·       Jun 25 11:03 PM Sassy: We have taken a lot of risks we don’t have to keep taking
·       Jun 25 11:04 PM Kris: like you staying at my house, which led to the “car chase”…and almost getting caught when she came home?
·       Jun 25 11:05 PM Sassy: Let’s not worry about us now. You worry about you and your wife and making peace.
·       Jun 25 11:05 PM Sassy: Lean on me. I’m here.
·       Jun 25 11:06 PM Sassy: You can think about a morning BJ when you need to .  : )
·       Jun 25 11:06 PM Kris: I appreciate that. I’m going to start having “little nightmares” jumping up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night not able to sleep. worrying about money. lack of her income. mind will be racing.
·        Jun 25 11:07 PM Kris: I don’t know, might get “shut down” altogether. although it would be the first time if it happened. since you’re BJs never failed to get me off.
·       Jun 25 11:07 PM Kris: the biggest stressor right now is not knowing…
·       Jun 25 11:08 PM Kris: what she really knows…what she’s thinking…
·       Jun 25 11:08 PM Kris: what she plans on doing…
·       Jun 25 11:08 PM Kris: my guess is a temporary separation with the goal of eventual reconciliation…
·       Jun 25 11:09 PM Kris: if she flat out divorced me right now…that would completely surprise me….after over 30 years of marriage.
·       Jun 25 11:10 PM Kris: and I HAVE been faithful to her for the last 25 years, until you. (though “faithful” and “unfaithful” don’t fit your “world view”).
·       Jun 25 11:11 PM Sassy: I can’t see how I am worth all this angst
·       Jun 25 11:12 PM Kris: I knew what the stakes were. I took the risk .if I have to pay for it that’s my decision, not yours. you’re not the cause of my angst, you’re the source of my “illicit, exciting pleasure”.
·       Jun 25 11:13 PM Kris: I went too far….with risk taking not necessary. liking danger is one thing – being stupid is another. need to be smarter.
·       Jun 25 11:15 PM Sassy: When are you supposed to see her? Tomorrow?
·       Jun 25 11:15 PM Sassy: If she is not at work, where is she?
·       Jun 25 11:17 PM Kris: don’t know. she might have quit…couldn’t handle the stress of her anxiety. or she could be working and asked the director to tell me I couldn’t visit but I doubt that. I think he wouldn’t want her working there under those conditions, since she would be a “liability” to him at that point. she was an idiot and told him some of what was going on.
·       Jun 25 11:18 PM Kris: she could be staying at a friend’s house, but I don’t know whose.
·       Jun 25 11:18 PM Kris: she was supposed to come home tomorrow night and return late Friday or early Saturday.
·       Jun 25 11:19 PM Kris: not happening now I’m 99.99% sure.
·       Jun 25 11:19 PM Kris: want to come over?
·       Jun 25 11:19 PM Sassy: You are so bad.
·       Jun 25 11:19 PM Kris: LOL
·       Jun 25 11:19 PM Sassy: I was wondering if you should come down here.
·       Jun 25 11:20 PM Sassy: Disappear.
·       Jun 25 11:20 PM Sassy: Probably not. Need to stick to the high ground.
·       Jun 25 11:20 PM Kris: I could do whatever I want, but my stress level is going to effect my libido. even your famous BJs may not be enough.
·       Jun 25 11:21 PM Kris: it doesn’t matter where I am. if I’m not with her…or she doesn’t want to be with me.
·       Jun 25 11:21 PM Sassy: It does matter.
·       Jun 25 11:21 PM Kris: at some point I might have to decide. can I keep doing this….or not? if I want to keep my wife.  but as you say, we’ll cross that bridge if we have to if/when we come to it.
·       Jun 25 11:22 PM Kris: why does it matter?
·       Jun 25 11:22 PM Sassy: You need to work on your “How can you THINK THAT?!”
·       Jun 25 11:22 PM Sassy: “I LOVE YOU! I’ve loved you for YEARS! I will always love you!”
·       Jun 25 11:24 PM Kris: Yes. and she’ll say you’ve cheated on me before and now you’ve just replace the craziness of your drinking with acting crazy sober. you’re a “dry drunk” who’s just as crazy as if you were drinking – buy a brand new bike and hide it, listen to loud rock music and dance around the house, grow your hair long, out late all the time with who knows who doing who know what. blah, blah, blah…
·        Jun 25 11:24 PM Sassy: Will she be better off with you or without you? Does she like being alone?
·       Jun 25 11:25 PM Kris: No….she can’t stand being alone but she might consider “replacing me”. but I doubt it.
·       Jun 25 11:26 PM Kris: but she can live separated from me for an extended period of time…if she feels “unsafe” or really hurt…as she does now.
·       Jun 25 11:26 PM Sassy: I don’t see how any of this makes her unsafe. I know women who are unsafe… she’s not in the same galaxy
·       Jun 25 11:27 PM Sassy: But you know her.
·       Jun 25 11:28 PM Sassy: I can’t believe all this woohaa over a motorcycle
·       Jun 25 11:28 PM Kris: emotionally unsafe because a man she thought would always tell her the truth, be sexually faithful to her, love her…has lied to her, been sexually unfaithful to her. not acted in a way that real love acts. that’s in a world that’s not so “unreal”. right or wrong it’s the world most people live in…which is proven by how hard people who have affairs have to work to hide them (who are not in open marriages like you).
·       Jun 25 11:29 PM Kris: if old flame told you the truth about women he was with, you might have been a little hurt…but what hurts more is being lied to…right?
·       Jun 25 11:30 PM Sassy: So you made a mistake. You are very sorry. Why is she at Defcon5 over it?
·       Jun 25 11:31 PM Sassy: Why is she betraying your confidences to the entire family, church and probably the convenience store clerk?
·       Jun 25 11:31 PM Kris: You make me laugh.  I think you pretend to not understand other people just to make the point that you violently disagree with the world they’ve created…that you disagree with. so you make me laugh…
·       Jun 25 11:32 PM Sassy: I was totally horrified by her on Sunday. I wouldn’t stay with someone who yelled at me that way. They could do it exactly once.
·       Jun 25 11:32 PM Kris: I’m laughing again…
·       Jun 25 11:33 PM Sassy: I mean it. I am shocked that you put up with that. Totally disrespectful, mean…
·       Jun 25 11:33 PM Kris: I’m not so calm myself. always nice to you…but give it right back to her…in ways I wouldn’t with you…mainly because you don’t give me any reason to even think about it (plus I still want a BJ). LOL
·       Jun 25 11:34 PM Sassy: I so should not have said any of that. I need to stay out of the middle of this, just be on your side.
·       Jun 25 11:35 PM Kris: I don’t mind. I think it’s amazing you even are willing to invest any time in any of this at all, since you basically just want a good fucking every now and then (which you’re still waiting for).
·       Jun 25 11:35 PM Kris: do I owe you another quarter?
·       Jun 25 11:36 PM Sassy: Does crying work?
·       Jun 25 11:36 PM Kris: ME crying?
·       Jun 25 11:38 PM Sassy: Yes
·       Jun 25 11:38 PM Kris: you mean to elicit sympathy from my wife?
·       Jun 25 11:38 PM Sassy: You may have to break out the big weapons here
·       Jun 25 11:38 PM Sassy: Yes
·       Jun 25 11:39 PM Sassy: Silence. Crying.
·       Jun 25 11:39 PM Sassy: Looking shocked, hurt and offended
·       Jun 25 11:39 PM Kris: omg…it’s never happened…ever. I’m either pissed off or scared and quiet. I don’t do “crying”. she would NEVER believe that and there’s no way I feel like it. I feel genuinely sorry for things, but don’t cry much. very rare…..couldn’t fake it.
·       Jun 25 11:40 PM Kris: no, that would be too much…just quiet denial and lying is as much as I can muster…”stories” I hope she’ll believe…
·       Jun 25 11:40 PM Sassy: You need to react like a wronged man, accused unfairfy
·       Jun 25 11:41 PM Kris: I did a little…but you can “over play” that hand so that it’s obvious…and I need to know what hard evidence she has first.
·       Jun 25 11:41 PM Sassy: RIght
·       Jun 25 11:41 PM Sassy: “Why would you think that?!”
·       Jun 25 11:42 PM Kris: it’s like in MacBeth: “Thou dost protest too much…” familiar with that line?
·       Jun 25 11:42 PM Sassy: Sure
·       Jun 25 11:43 PM
Kris: so no…loud protesting is in itself “suspect” and telling of guilt
·       Jun 25 11:43 PM Sassy: Not loud protesting. Quiet. Shocked looking. About to cry.
·       Jun 25 11:43 PM Kris: can’t do it.
·       Jun 25 11:44 PM Kris: I can deny and lie but not cry.
·       Jun 25 11:44 PM Sassy: It will get them to tell you what they think they know
·       Jun 25 11:45 PM Kris: I’ll do it by asking questions, not faking crying. I’ll say things like, “what are you accusing me of and why? I know it was wrong to buy a bike and hide it for two months but now you’re jumping to all kinds of conclusions about all kinds of other things for no reason” blah, blah, blah….
·       Jun 25 11:46 PM Kris: I’ll keep pressing it…”playing dumb” trying to get it out of them that way.
·       Jun 25 11:47 PM Kris: for example…I know for a fact that my son forwarded the text that was supposed to go to you to my daughter… but I won’t say anything. although if they’re talking to each other (which they probably are) they know I’m smart enough to figure that one out. not exactly “rocket science”…..
·       Jun 25 11:48 PM Kris: I’m sorry you have to engage me in this ridiculously stressful conversation. not what you signed up for.
·       Jun 25 11:49 PM Sassy: Don’t worry about that… I like helping you if I can
·       Jun 25 11:49 PM Sassy: Maybe I’ll learn something!
·       Jun 25 11:49 PM Sassy: And I want things to calm down
·       Jun 25 11:50 PM Kris: omg….you just keep making me laugh. “learn something”? you’re a riot. maybe you don’t undestand my weird sense of humor. are you catching on?
·       Jun 25 11:51 PM Sassy: to what?
·       Jun 25 11:51 PM Kris: my weird sense of humor.
·       Jun 25 11:51 PM Sassy: Glad you can laugh.
·       Jun 25 11:52 PM Sassy: Can you sleep? You’re going to need your wits about you.
·       Jun 25 11:52 PM Kris: probably not well but it’s getting late. should probably let you go. you’re great comfort. thank you.
·       Jun 25 11:52 PM Sassy: You are most welcome. I’m on the edge of my chair wondering what will happen.
·       Jun 25 11:53 PM Kris: you’ll find out soon enough I suspect. nite sweet Sassy. Mwah!
·       Jun 25 11:55 PM Sassy: Mwah!

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