Meet #17 Sit on my face

Thursday, June 26, 2014
Me: Good morning! Thinking of you. I want to write a lot but I’m thinking it’s safer if I go to back to response mode. Hugs! 10:02 AM
Kris: You can write as much as you want. Email if you want to say more. I’m deleting everything immediately. W not around to check anyhow. Silence is deafening over here. Calm before a BIG storm, can feel it, smell it in the air. know W – this time it’s going to be bad. in survival mode…cutting services….maybe even dropping all benefits including health insurance. need cash for basic survival – housing, food, bills. thanks for not running 10:12 AM
Me: Hiya sugar lips. Crazy day but I am DONE with performance reviews! Whee! I am in your corner. Praying with my fingers crossed that it is too bad. You are smart and strong and you will survive and thrive! 4:24 PM
Kris: Not feeling so smart…but glad u r in my corner. 🙂 4:29 PM
Me: Heading home. Taking a moment to smile in your direction. Not much but something! I wish I could pat your leg… pour my strength into you. 5:03 PM
Kris: U r sweet. these messages encourage me. in spite of her shortcomings the thought of my wife actually leaving me is terrifying at moments. surviving. glad to have a friend in u (and more… 😉 5:12 PM
Me: Where are you? 5:13 PM
Kris: Just got out of work….why? 6:05 PM
Me: Just wondering. I want to hug you. Probably a dumb idea… just know that I do. 6:06 PM
Kris: I could use a hug and don’t have anything better to do. but where would we meet? don’t know I’d be much good to u (even less spectacular than usual–sorry, worth the quarter)…but if there was a place to get a little tlckle from u….why not? 6:14 PM
Me: Hmmm… Revere Beach near Kelly’s Roast Beef? Or there’s a park in along the Mystic River near Margarita’s at Wellington Circle. Or somewhere you like? 6:27 PM
Me: You can come here if you like. Hubby is here but working in his studio and says it’s fine if we go hang out or go in the bedroom and hug or whatever. 6:30 PM
Kris: Knew you were plotting…been on my way while u thought. brain’s mush. give me a physical address to put in gps. got a sweat shirt a skinny Santa can borrow? 6:32 PM
Me: Come to my place. [address]. I can move my car and get you into the garage. Let me know when you’re close. 6:34 PM
Kris: Eta 6:50-7:00 6:37 PM
Kris: Btw…that address I have in Favorites in gps. 😉 6:48 PM
Kris: No need to hide it now 6:48 PM
Me: Headed to move my car. 6:49 PM
Kris7: 10 min 6:51 PM
Kris: Once in city gps eta always wrong. 7:10 now 7:03 PM
Me: No worries 7:04 PM
Me: I’m sitting outside by the garage enjoying the cool air 7:04 PM
Kris: 🙂 7:08 PM

Kris still had not heard from his wife or his children.  He said it was the quiet before the big storm. He expects to get a letter from a lawyer or served with divorce papers by a constable.  He is panicking financially… he was depending on his wife’s summer earnings and it appears she has quit.  He was talking about turning off all his deductions at work, including health care.  I begged him not to!  
I wanted to hug him so badly!  I know it’s a bad idea, but I invited him down to my place.  This was a first for me, having him here while Hubby was home!  Hubby was fine with it – he was working in his office and not paying any attention, as usual.
Kris arrived around 7 pm.  I met him in the garage as usual and gave him a big hug.  We took the elevator up, holding hands.  He said Hi to Hubby as he entered my place, thanked him for letting him visit.  
He said he was not feeling frisky.  We sat just on the sofa and cuddled.  I sat up this time and he put his head in my lap.  I rubbed his head and listened to him worry aloud.  I hope it helped him to talk.  It felt so comfortable.  
After awhile he started squeezing my chest and putting his hand down my pants!  I told him we should shift into the bedroom.  We cuddled in there for awhile.  Then he snuck out to grab my toys.  We played with the tiny rabbit and the silver bullet.  I came hard and he said he could feel it this time!  
I hoped if he could cum it would take his mind off things for a little while. I wanted him in my mouth, so I talked him into “sitting on my face” which is actually me flat on my back with him kneeling on either side of my head, his hands on the bed bookshelf.  I can look up his chest into his eyes – very sexy position!  A first for me!  He came pretty quickly.  Yum. 
There was an added urgency to everything we did, not knowing if we will see each other again.  
I tried not to think about it, not mess up now because of what might or might not happen in the future.  
He didn’t have to work tomorrow, so he could stay late.  We cuddled a bit more, and I let him sleep for a few minutes.  He took off for home about 12:15 am.  


Me: Thanks! Hope you got some safely! 1:08 AM

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