Spelling Discreet

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Me: Good morning! Remember – no matter what anyone says – I think You’re a good man! 7:53 AM
Kris: Thank you, means a lot. Hope things settle down and we can push the “resume” button soon. Hope your first day back is a good one (or at a minimum…not a bad one). 8:04 AM
Me: Good to know you still want me. 8:07 AM
Kris: Why wouldn’t I? Need to put out some fires and be much more “discreet” and careful going forward. U didn’t do anything wrong. I’m a grown up – taking risks I choose to. If it weren’t u it MIGHT be someone else. I say “might” because skinny old Santas aren’t exactly a “hot commodity” in the EMR world (sorry, no quarters for just telling the simple truth. 😉 8:15 AM
Me: Hmmm… I get wet when you spell discreet correctly! 8:29 AM
Kris: You’re so funny! 8:39 AM
Me: And I taste good too! 9:49 AM
Kris: I’m buying a truck from a friend to pull the boat – we can go all the time now. Let’s go to Lake W next. When u wanna go? REALLY naughty Spanky. 😉 9:53 AM 
Me: Wow! What kind of truck? 9:56 AM
Kris: like first one we used…but with extended cab in back for passengers. Smaller than truck we just used, but big enough to pull boat. and he’s willing to finance it… 300/month with interest. Wheelin’ Dealin’ Kris. (EVIL GRIN!) 10:07 AM
Kris: And you DO taste good. v-juice especially yummy – always sweet and clean. mmmmmm! 10:24 AM
Me: Awww… thanks! You taste delicious also… your lips, your ears, nipples, hip, and that amazing cock! 10:29 AM
Kris: Ditto…(minus cock, thank God! not “bi”) lol! 10:33 AM
Me: Have you ever had a man-crush? 10:40 AM
Kris: NOOOOO!!!! Women ONLY…and plan to keep it that way! 3 holes are better than two (yuck). Nuthin gainst gays…but the thought of being with a guy is yucky to any straight guy. Anyone tells u different is lying…don’t care how “liberal” they may be. 10:51 AM
Me: I had a girl crush, tried to act on it but didn’t find it appealing in reality. I hope someday, gender won’t matter… you’ll look at the whole person and not their equipment. I know that’s radical. 10:53 AM
Kris: Exactly! People talk…imagine, but actually DOING? whole other ball game. (Remember when u asked if I was just a “chaser”? SURE! TO CATCH!) I like DIFFERENT…. including male versus female! Not trading big luscious Sassy tits for some guy’s ANYTHING (yuck!). Straight Spanky 11:18 AM
Me: But when I was in a foursome, I had to let go of keeping track of whose hand or whose mouth, just enjoy! 12:13 PM
Kris: You were young and didn’t know any better… 😉 12:15 PM
Me: I like you. 12:17 PM
Kris: Or if u didn’t know who it was…u could do what u do with me – pretend it was whoever u wanted it to ne! Brat Kris. ;)12:18 PM
Me: Do you do that with me? 12:21 PM
Kris: Omg…really? pee with the door open? 12:26 PM
Me: Thinking of you… hope you’re having a calm evening. 10:57 PM
From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 11:06 PM
Subject: Birthday wishes
Hiya Kris!
I was looking over your list of requests for your birthday.  We did pretty well! 
‎ 1) Spend the nite with me at my house
 2) Let me take you for a short, gentle ride on a quiet country road when you spend the nite with me at my house
‎ 3) Have lunch with you and your mom
Yes.  You charmed her!  It went so well!   
 4) Buy me that coffee cup you sent me a picture of
5) Show me where you work
Still to do. Will keep an eye out for the right moment. 
‎ 6) Invite me to a project sometime
Nothing until late August, so yes but not for your birthday 
 7) Go boating and to your fav places around Gloucester–combined with spending the nite with me at my house
This was such a wonderful trip!  
 8) Tell me a restaurant you haven’t tried yet….that we could go to together
Sure.  Thinking about where… I would like to go back to Finale for their food.  I was impressed by them! 
 9) Give me a BJ in my boat (random request–based on “inspiration from your chat buddies”)
Hmm…. tricky but I am game!  You need to stop somewhere!  
10) Have 20 orgasms the next time we have sex
We’ll see.  🙂  I lose track at about 9, so you’d have to count. 🙂
So… lots of fun, still some fun ones “to do!” 
5) Show me where you work
6) Invite me to a project event sometime
8) Tell me a restaurant you haven’t tried yet…
10) Have 20 orgasms the next time we have sex
Thank you ever so much for letting me celebrate with you! 
Kris: I’ve been thinking of you too…all day. Worked late, then had to bring truck to be repaired, then to shed to get bike. Just got home. Wanted to chat. Wanted to answer last question you asked (well, not really but will…cuz we have a ” deal” and you’re “unflappable”). 😉 
11:29 PM

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