Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Good morning!   Yesterday was CALM!  Thank goodness.   
I had enough drama Sunday to last me at least a year!

I may never go to a grocery store again!  You know how I hate shopping.  I found a grocery delivery service – they’re offering free delivery to new customers and it’s only $3.99 after that. The web site is easy – lots of stores to choose from (Shaw’s, Market Basket, Whole Foods, Harvest Co-op and Costco), lots of products (or you can type in others), then a very personable personal shopper goes and brings it to you within a couple of hours. What a concept!  I’ve tried Peapod and Roche Brothers but they’re both next day and that never seems to work with my schedule.   This may be really useful for events at work too.

It’s a huge time saver!  I can say “load in what I bought last time,” tweak it and hit send!

So instead of touching groceries six times and lugging them around (into the cart, onto the conveyor, into bags, into the car, out of the car, into the house), they put them in my kitchen and I put them away!  You should see if they have them in your area.

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