Fun while working

Monday, June 23, 2014
6:20am Phil 
Hope everything worked out ok last night


Good morning kid. He brought me home at 2 am. 
Where I found Hubby’s gf!  He took her home.  
What a weird night!  
Thanks again for listening!

7:57pm Phil 

Geez. What a nite


You full of beer and brats?
7:59pm Phil 
[mouthwatering photo of German food – brats, potato salad, sauerkraut!]
 7:59pm Phil
[photo of him toasting me with a big beer sitting outside at a restaurant]
Oh my!  Looks so delicious!  (and the food looks good too) 
8:57pm Phil 
[photo of him with a co-worker at the restaurant]
8:58pm Phil 
Ha, you kill me. 
Trying to have some fun while working


I believe that is not allowed! 
9:28pm Phil 
That’s what they tell me. Fuck em

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