Thursday, June 12, 2014
Kris: Remember…no lying about orgasms either. Should we hire a lawyer to draw up papers in case we end up in a bitter affairs divorce? Wait! No possessions or custody of kids to fight about! (Sorry… there’s that twisted humor again.) GOOD MORNING…Had a wonderful time last nite. Hope u have a good day. Kris. 7:40 AM
Me: Good morning! SOFA! 🙂 7:42 AM
Kris: Lol! 7:42 AM
Me: What bike did you buy? Old Flame just told me he put an order in on a “Electra Glide Deluxe.” 2:45 PM
Kris: Same basic bike with some differences in “whistles and bells” (i.e., accessories). Did u tell him how you’ve been resisting my efforts to get u on it? Maybe he can help me! 😉 4:00 PM
Kris: Just think…you could go to bike week with me to Laconia next week. I’ll buy you a halter top. U can go braless and flash those gorgeous big tits at bikers going by… like a real crazy biker chick. THAT oughta stop traffic! 😉 4:19 PM
Me: It’s spooky you two are going to have the same bike, with all the choices out there. I did tell him of your campaign and my resistance. He said to wait for you to tell me you’re solid on the bike, then go on a back country quiet ride. I am not sassy enough to flash my tits! 5:04 PM
Kris: I knew you weren’t flashy enough to flash your tits! Kidding bout that! But if you’re open to his EXCELLENT and WISE ADVICE I’m pretty close to solid. Got 1500 miles of riding experience already–in just a few short weeks. Lots of quiet country roads where I live! Gives me hope! Tell him thanks! 7:33 PM
Kris: I meant “sassy enough….” 7:33 PM
Me: You are the only one who sees my assets! Ha ha… I will tell him. How’re you this fine evening? My sofa is churning up memories!  7:43 PM
Kris: Wow! I sorta do have an “almost exclusive sexual relationship” with you (for the moment… 😉 Worked out 2 hours…just dropped bike off. home in about 20 minutes. So two questions: 1) If I take old flame’s advice does that mean you might move from “no, never” to “we’ll see”?, and 2) Really? (sofa). No cheating with “exaggerated reports of pleasure.” One last random thought…don’t get distracted….focus on the feet. 😉 8:54 PM

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