Meet #12 Clothed Man, Naked Woman

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kris: Morning! Just got a message says “sleep well…” with time sent of 8:40am today. did u send last night or this morning? ANYHOW, have light work day. Office “Staff Day” – 4 hours of hanging out, food, games outside (on the ocean). Then just a little work. should be able to leave round 4:30-4:45. Hope u gave good day. My ETA is 5:45…. 🙂 !!! 8:53 AM
Me: Good morning! I sent the sleep well text about 11:20 pm. What fine weather for a work outing! Enjoy! 9:19 AM
Kris: Thanks! Strange it took so long for your text to arrive. Hope that never happens if I ever got a time-sensitive invitation to meet with Sassy! Wouldn’t want to miss THAT!!! 😉 9:28 AM
Kris: Sorry to bother u at work (will understand if u can’t reply) but cant resist sharing this “strange and wonderful” 😉 silly thought 9:52 AM
Kris: I was sitting on the toilet and it was a natural place for my mind to wander to the prospect of “future probings in certain places” and thought about how to “clean up” in case it happened (strange to think about–hope DL doesnt gasp at her office chair). ANYHOW, I thought to myself… 10:05 AM
Kris: Well…I suppose I could call my Doc and ask for a script for that colonoscopy prep solution – THAT sure cleans things up! LOL! 10:09 AM
Kris: Sorry, have a very “weird” sense of humor. Grin.. Alfalfa 10:10 AM
Kris: One last thought (you should be so lucky). If my Doc asked why, might end up like u being asked by Mom why u needed double-A batteries…stumped! (very rare for me…but that would be a tough one to explain) 10:20 AM
Kris: Aren’t affairs FUN? I’m having lots of it. Hope my “occasional strangeness” doesn’t weird u out too bad. counting in “Unflappable Sass” (btw..they used that word “unflappable” of how CA Chrome and jockey handled hype and crowd noise before the race – I watched with my Mom too! too bad he didnt win)….. Silly/Frisky Kris 10:27 AM
Me: Figures you mention unflappable. Mom asked me what flappable would look like! 10:29 AM
Kris: She sounds like a fun lady! Work on that lie you can live with…love to have lunch with two of you. Love to see how you”d handle it. Now THAT would be”different” for sure! 😉 10:33 AM
Kris: Will just eat usual…will bring some veggies to eat at your house. you’ll b dessert. (maybe light appetizer too. 😉 11:23 AM
Kris: Eta now 5:45-6:00. got ambushed with b.s. negative performance eval.  stayed to write 2-page rebuttal disagreeing with most of it before willing to sign. politely said “You’re clueless fucking idiots!” (in a “nice but direct way”). leaving office now. hopefully traffic not too bad. I already ate.. so go ahead and eat without me. see you soon! Smile! 4:52 PM
Me: Thanks for the heads-up. Sorry our luck with work is crap. 4:54 PM
Kris: Oh well…life goes on. Usually don’t have to deal with it too much…and frankly dont really care (in my “dotage”)…which they “kind of know”…and just pisses them off more…hoppin on bike now…can’t text and ride! See Ya! 5:03 PM
Kris: Here! 6:02 PM
Me: In the elevator! 6:03 PM
Kris came over after work, arriving just after 6 pm.  He texted me as he approached and I raced down to the garage to let him in and settle his monster Harley in my parking space.  Hubby had gone off to project meeting.
We hugged and commiserated about various work woes. He’d had an awful performance review, based around one episode where he commented at a staff meeting, in a year of good work. I got yelled at by my bitchy boss in the open office about a spreadsheet she’d asked for in a hurry that was “not pretty.”  
He rubbed my back as I sat at my desk finishing some spicy potato salad I bought at Savenor’s.  That and a seafood salad sandwich made my supper.  I gave him a taste of the potato salad.  He had eaten earlier.  I showed him photos of me on the computer – some current, some old – and some family photos.  He made himself a cup of coffee.  He has a jar stashed on a high shelf.  
We sat on the sofa and talked.  He told me his wife thought of herself as a virgin when they got married, but she had fooled around some with other men and him.  He teases her because she doesn’t recall most of it, where he has very clear memories.  I told him about the same happening to me with Old Flame.  He went to make another cup of coffee, then asked if he could sit on my lap!  I had my legs up on the coffee table, so he straddled those and leaned in for a serious kissing session.  
He went to make another cup of coffee (yes, he is addicted to it!) and I sprawled on the sofa.  He turned on the radio to 100.7 FM and a bunch of 70’s tunes spilled forth… Stairway to Heaven, old Neil Young, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.  He sat on the end of the sofa and pulled my legs onto his lap.  He pressed his hand down my pants and played.  I had set out the toys on my desk – he grabbed a couple.  He took off my shoes, socks and my pants and panties!  He played with his fingers, and I kept him talking… said we were going to mix the normal with the sexy, see how that goes.  I’ve been working on him to talk more, feel free to moan and groan.  He tends to go very silent during sex… not at all like other times!  
I spun a scenario for him about being teenagers, sitting on the couch, listening to music, seeing what he could “get away with.”  He took the rest of my clothes off, so I was naked and he wasn’t.  Something so hot about that!  He got into it.  I picked up the tiny little keychain pink rabbit toy.  That thing really vibrates!  
He played with it inside me.  I picked up the purple tube vibe and pressed it various places on his chest and shoulder and nipple.  He picked up the silver bullet and kept working it along my slit… I listened to the music and closed my eyes and BOOM!  There was an intense, searing heat, like an electric charge.  An amazing feeling!  
We went into my bedroom.  We had talked ahead of time about me trying toys on him, but I suggested we had done enough special tonight… we should focus on making him cum.  He took off his clothes and we sprawled on the bed.  He has such a great body!  He has worked so hard to lose weight and get fit, but doesn’t see himself that way yet.  I tell him every time it occurs to me… he’s thin and muscled and hot!  
He requested a blow job and I took him from flaccid to rock hard with my hands and mouth.  He was sniffling so I asked if he’d taken Viagra.  He admitted he had… but didn’t feel like it helped him.  He had me lie on my back and got beside me, underneath me, like he did when we spent the night after the boat trip.  He came really hard.  Yay!  
He said he felt closer to me again… how at various times he feels a definite step closer.  He keeps thinking that’s it and then he feels closer again.  I told him I had that feeling also and we talked about the times it happened for each of us.
Then it was time for him to dress and go.  I was sad.  I haven’t been sad before… hmmm.  I asked him to remember the SOFA!  He smiled, kissed me and was gone. 
Kris: Out! listen for toots bye…had wonderful time! Mwah! 10:44 PM

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