The Preakness

Saturday, May 17, 2014

5/17, 8:04am
Good morning kid!

5/17, 8:05am Phil
Good morning! Happy Saturday!

5/17, 8:07am
I’m off to Mom’s for a late lunch and The Preakness!  More cookies!  Have a super Saturday!

5/17, 10:30am Phil
You too! Had breakfast with a friendly red head. Great way to start the day

5/17, 2:26pm
Mom wanted pizza today.

My delicious chicken parmesan. 

5/17, 9:26pm
Hubby and I had a great time at Jimmy’s Steer House tonight.

 Arancini appetizer

Steak tips and LOBSTER PIE!  
with their incredible spinach rice  

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