Wanna hit that

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5/6, 8:19am
Good morning!  Beautiful photos… you handsome hunk.  So glad the flowers were a good idea!  Have a super Tuesday.

I am home “sick” today.   Just not up to being insulted and micro-managed by the new boss today.

5/6, 8:35am Phil
Well enjoy the day! Working out to start the day. Beach Gal liked a couple things on my page. Hmmmm
5/6, 8:47am Phil
Another busy one for me
5/6, 9:03am Phil
Fresh out of the gym

[photo of his naked chest and shoulders and smiling face]
5/6, 9:42am
Damn it.  Your shoulders… your smile… swoon!       
5/6, 9:42am Phil
5/6, 12:59pm Phil
Girl completely fucked up my head, dammit.
Geez, plays me like a fiddle, knew I would notice.
5/6, 1:00pm
Which girl?        
5/6, 1:05pm Phil
Beach Gal. Fred knows which strings to pull too but Beach Gal knows me better than anyone. Sucks that you have to ask. There are worse problems I guess        
5/6, 1:22pm Phil
That little girl just drives me crazy, always will.

5/6, 6:33pm
Hot lobster roll for dinner with Mom at The Ninety Nine.

5/6, 11:29pm Phil
What are you up to tonight?

5/6, 11:29pm
Figuring out how to sell Mom’s car
5/6, 11:30pm Phil
I do ok?

[photo of the flowers he sent Fred]
5/6, 11:30pm Phil
[photo of his chest, belly button and legs, with his hand over his privates, sprawled on a bed]
5/6, 11:31pm
Fabulous flowers!
 Mmmf… wanna hit that.
5/6, 11:32pm Phil

[same shot as before except his erect cock is the center of it!]
5/6, 11:32pm
5/6, 11:33pm Phil
Ha ha       
5/6, 11:35pm Phil
[close up of his erect cock with his hand at the base tilting it toward me]
5/6, 11:36pm Phil
Just relaxing

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