Meet #7 Shower shyness

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Tuesday, May 6, 2014 8:42 AM
Re: our creative “collaborative”

Hi Sassy!
Why am I so paranoid?  You haven’t given me any reason to be–and yet I was half expecting to get a “Dear John” (or in this case “Dear Kris”) email saying:  “You’re such a sweet dear man–too bad you just can’t seem to fuck me the way I need it.  Would you like me to help you find a clit girl–someone you can play your one song on?”  Of course, you would NEVER put it that way–because you’re just so DAMN NICE AND SWEET all the time–which you are again here.
I dreamed about you last night (literally–had a dream about reading an email from you–you had a zillion links to different gifs and websites to “give me ideas”).  And then when I woke up this morning you were the first thing/person I was thinking of.  I was worried about opening this email–but knew that was the first thing I would do.  
My theory is that the “orgasm thing” is what it usually is in general—“performance/technique” (on my part)–and “whatever’s going on in your head” (your part).  Both can be tricky–and have to come together in the right way.  I have to figure out the things you really like (and be able to actually DO them)–and your head has to be in the “right space”.  I think part of it for me is also learning to enjoy the “fuck me Kris” head space I think you like/need—that I’m not used to.  My wife doesn’t say “fuck me Kris”.  It’s not that she doesn’t WANT me to—she’s just a “typical good girl” who still hasn’t gotten over that she doesn’t have to feel guilty for actually LIKING to be fucked–and doesn’t want to talk about it when we’re not doing it.  And “fuck”, in particular, is a word she is highly-offended by.  So your “unashamed, bodacious” sexuality—the “do me good and do me dirty cuz I like it ALL any way I can get it”—is something I need to get used to.  But then I also need to “perform.”  I’m hoping “performing” becomes easier as I get more comfortable being with you—and probably stop thinking about it so much too.  Since you’re so PATIENT and willing to keep trying (for now).
I’m glad our sexual experiences at least give you a “rough script” you can then use your imagination to change into “the way it SHOULD be written and go.”  Isn’t it nice how your imagination can do that for you?  Doesn’t cost any money–you don’t have to make any arrangements—and everything is “exactly the way you want it” (unlike reality–which usually comes up short in at least SOME way/s).
Anyhow–enough of that.  I felt a little stupid saying I hoped you would text me to ask if I wanted to chat–because it would be nice to “be pursued by you” (omg—I AM am an idiot after all!).  It probably makes more sense for us to just keep doing what we have been.  I’ll text and ask you if you’re free to chat–and you’ll tell me if you are.  Since you spend many hours trying to keep up with your dozens of suitors/past & present lovers/email kings/chat buddies/old flame every night—-you can just put them on hold (at least narrow it down to a manageable number you can juggle and keep in the air at the same time online, )—and chat with me!   Or I’ll just keep inundating you with texts–which are a complete mystery as to their meaning—but which you pretend you understand and like.
Maybe instead of watching porn when we’re together (time better spent “practicing”)–we could do it online.  Look at things together…  Just an idea.
Thanks for thinking of something we might try…like the mirror again but maybe in some different ways.  That was hot and sexy for me too—and was “spontaneous.”  I know you said men in general like “big planned scripts”-but I think it can be a combination.  Have a few ideas we’ve been thinking about-get together-see how it goes.  Maybe do some-maybe not.  We haven’t tried any toys yet, but you seem to be in kind of a “giggly/they’re kind of silly” mode about them.  But who knows?  What’s the worst that can happen—other than…”Ummm—NO, this is not working–giggle/groan.”
Glad H likes the antipasto.  It’s very rich and distinct in taste–so it’s not something everyone would like.  But like many things, we can always “acquire tastes” for things.  That’s part of what I’m hoping you’ll keep me around long enough to see if it happens for me with (not talking food here).
Well, I guess that’s it for now.  I can now go about my day at least not having to feel bad about getting a “Dear Kris” email.  What a different/better word than “nice”?  You are HOT and SEXY and a very KIND and NICE person too!
I’ll text you later to ask if you’re free to chat.  I’m assuming maybe sometime later after dinner with mom.
OH!…I almost forgot.  I was fantasizing about what it would be like for you to come to my house and fuck you here—cuz it turned me on that you would even be open to it.  (It also means you trust me–which is a little sexy in its own way.)  I also thought it was “interesting” (and a little “evil”–SASSY– for such a “nice” person) to imagine shipping my wife off to Wisconsin so you could hop in her bed while she’s gone and fuck her husband!  You NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY, SHAMELESS WOMAN!!!!!!!!!  
And NOW….FINALLY….I’m going to go hop on my bike and ride it around today.  I only have to work a little today mid-afternoon.  So before and after that I’m going to ride around a little.
Have a great day!  (For you at work–just today and tomorrow–then respite for a while from “bitchy boss lady”–Whoopee!)
Kris  (Mwhah!) 
Kris: Morning sexy Sassy! Thanks for email…sent reply. Went to bed early last night…tired. Light day of work today. Maybe chat tonight? Mwah! 8:50 AM
Me: Good morning! I am home “sick” today. Just could not face another day of being insulted and micro-managed. Hubby has a date 10-2, so I will be home alone on my computer if you want to chat or call anytime. 8:52 AM
Me: If you’d like to appear for breakfast, brunch, or lunch… 9:09 AM
Me: I’m eating cheesecake for breakfast. 🙂 9:11 AM
Kris: You’re seriously tempting me to come down there…what time do u have dinner w mom? 9:28 AM
Me: Hubby will be gone from 10 – 2 pm. 9:34 AM
Me: I will leave for Mom’s about 4:30 pm, be back by 8 pm I hope. 9:35 AM
Kris: if u can deal w me not being sure what i’m “up for”….i can just take advantage of time free & H gone and b there around 11:00 9:40 AM
Me: Yay! 9:42 AM
Kris: ok…quick shower and b on my way…. 🙂 9:44 AM
Kris: leaving now…closer to 11:30….bringing what i want to eat w me (not much)….want me to pick up something for u on the way….if so, what/where? 10:24 AM
Kris: shit!….forgot something important need to do online for work first….hopefully only 1/2 hour and can meet u by 12…crap! 10:36 AM
Me: Yay! I’m good, have leftovers here. Do you want to watch me shower or should I do it before you get here? 10:40 AM
Kris: may hop in there w u!….but either way you’ll b yummy…..your choice! 10:45 AM
Kris: only leaving now…12:30 earliest….could stay till 2:30…..any way H could return after that? 11:42 AM
Me: Thanks for the update! Yes. I can put him off a bit. 11:43 AM
Kris: k…on my way! 11:46 AM
Kris: 2 miles…5 min! 12:28 PM
Kris: here! 12:35 PM
Me: Are you parked? 12:37 PM
Kris: no. should i….outside? 12:38 PM
Me: I’ll be right down 12:39 PM


The fates conspired to make today a perfect day to see Kris! 
a. I was home “sick” hiding from awful new boss
b. Hubby had a date midday with his gf
c. Kris didn’t have a meeting for work until 3:30 pm 
So Kris appeared at 12:30 pm!  He had to check email for work, but then we headed to my bathroom for a shower! 
I went first, doing the actual hair-washing, body-cleaning stuff while he watched.  Then he climbed in with me to wash my back!  That was such a luxury.  I have not shared a shower in… I can’t remember when.  It must have been with Hubby about 20 years ago! 
He played with my chest and stuck his fingers places. I told him I used the pulsing shower head to play sometimes.  He asked for a demonstration!  I tried to do it… had a shy attack!  I wanted to show him but… I dunno.  I tried to pretend he wasn’t there and just do it, but no.  He kidded me about it but we moved on to rinsing off and some fierce kissing.  
He got out and dried himself off, then watched me dry off.  I was bopping to some music on the radio – he made sexy noises at me as I bounced.  
We went to my bed and cuddled a bit, kissing, touching.  There is nothing like being fresh out of the shower!  We were running out of time so I helped him get excited using my hand and some dirty talk, then he slipped on the condom and we did some doggie style.  He has great stamina – almost too much for me.  I tried to help him cum but he couldn’t.  I didn’t either.  *sigh  
He is very weirded out that I don’t.  We’re working on it! 
I shooed him out the door to make his appointment.  So nice to have an afternoon delight! 
Kris: eating mango as I’m a little whif of “Sassy juice” left on mustache mixed in with it…Mmmmmm….now THAT’S a gourmet recipe for sure! 😉 2:56 PM
Me: Mmm…mango. You’re naughty! I like that. I was just smelling pre-cum on my hand! So glad we got together! 2:58 PM
Kris: Me too…thanks! 2:59 PM
Kris: I just got out of work…as i was sitting there I was 4:35 PM
Kris: …i was distracted thinking…i want more….i think this can get better….i think we can get it right…just keep doing it….i was “inspired”…but next time…. 4:40 PM
Kris: i’m going to ask u to sit down in the tub and get off w the water….u won’t have the excuse of falling when u cum… it’s cute when u get a little shy….not like u…SASSY!…. 😉 4:43 PM
Kris: i’m home if u want to chat a little 9:12 PM
·       May 06 9:47 PM  Sassy: Hiya!
·       May 06 9:47 PM  Kris: Hi!
·       May 06 9:48 PM  Kris: wassup?
·       May 06 9:48 PM  Sassy: Not much. Working on selling my mother’s car.
·       May 06 9:48 PM  Kris: how come?
·       May 06 9:49 PM  Sassy: She’s not able to drive anymore.
·       May 06 9:49 PM  Kris: when’d she stop?
·       May 06 9:49 PM  Sassy: When she had open heart surgery a year ago and suffered a bunch of strokes
·       May 06 9:50 PM  Kris: how r u selling it?
·       May 06 9:50 PM  Sassy: Not sure. May offer it to our friends. If that doesn’t work.. dealer? Craigslist? Any other ideas?
·       May 06 9:52 PM  Kris: there are some online for sale by owner auto sites…not sure of the names of them…but if you googled that you might find some to advertise in…have more experience buying than selling used cars.
·       May 06 9:52 PM  Kris: Craigslist is a good place to start
·       May 06 9:53 PM  Sassy: I looked at ads there to get an idea how to write it up
·       May 06 9:53 PM  Sassy: Then got the value from
·       May 06 9:53 PM  Sassy: Then got a template Bill of Sale
·       May 06 9:54 PM  Kris: bill of sale can be simple…may need to sign title over to buyer…
·       May 06 9:54 PM  Sassy: Pray that I can find the title
·       May 06 9:54 PM  Kris: how old is the car?
·       May 06 9:55 PM  Sassy: Are you still there? Yahoo is acting weird.
·       May 06 9:56 PM  Sassy: 2005, 45k mi
·       May 06 9:56 PM  Kris: wow! that’s exactly the kind of car I would shop to buy…low mileage… still had most of it’s value.
·       May 06 9:56 PM  Kris: what kind of car is it…and what’s it’s value?
·       May 06 9:56 PM  Sassy: Here’s the ad I am working on
·       May 06 9:57 PM  Sassy: FOR SALE – [redacted]
·       May 06 9:58 PM  Kris: that’s a great ad! nice job!
·       May 06 9:58 PM  Kris: did she buy it new?
·       May 06 9:59 PM  Sassy: Yes
·       May 06 9:59 PM  Kris: you should say “one owner” someplace in your ad
·       May 06 10:00 PM  Sassy: Thanks! I know just a tad more than nothing about doing this.
·       May 06 10:00 PM  Sassy: Ok
·       May 06 10:00 PM  Kris: no…it sounds great!
·       May 06 10:01 PM  Sassy: I just want it gone. I’m hoping someone can show up with a cashier’s check. I can hand over the title and the Bill of sale and the keys and be done!
·       May 06 10:02 PM  Kris: I don’t think you’ll have a problem…especially with the low mileage…one owner…older woman…means it’s been taken care of and not “beaten”…it will sell easily…
·       May 06 10:03 PM  Sassy: Hope so! A local Chrysler dealer has called her a couple of times asking if she’d sell it to them, said it’s in demand, so I am hoping that means I can unload it.
·       May 06 10:03 PM  Sassy: And seems like a good time of year, with kids graduating etc.
·       May 06 10:05 PM  Kris: dealer won’t give you as much as you could sell it privately for…but may not be worth the hassle to you…
·       May 06 10:05 PM  Sassy: My sister thinks my mom is going to have a cow when we give her the results of the driving evaluation… she said we need to get the car gone so Mom doesn’t decide to prove to us she can drive it
·       May 06 10:05 PM  Kris: what did the driving evaluation say?
·       May 06 10:05 PM  Sassy: No way. She is not competent to drive
·       May 06 10:06 PM  Kris: who did the eval?
·       May 06 10:06 PM  Sassy: Some company everyone uses… they do a bunch of tests, then a road test.
·       May 06 10:06 PM  Sassy: They said she might benefit from their 3-session re-training
·       May 06 10:07 PM  Sassy: she’s had two sessions and after the second the guy said he feels bad taking any more money from her – She is not getting it
·       May 06 10:07 PM  Kris: does she know she’s not getting it?
·       May 06 10:07 PM  Sassy: No
·       May 06 10:07 PM  Kris: uh oh
·       May 06 10:07 PM  Sassy: yeah
·       May 06 10:08 PM  Kris: that’s tough
·       May 06 10:08 PM  Sassy: Yup
·       May 06 10:08 PM  Sassy: My sister rode along and said she was not focusing…
·       May 06 10:08 PM  Sassy: did several things that could’ve gotten them killed if other drivers had not compensated
·       May 06 10:09 PM  Kris: wow!…has she tried to venture out driving lately?
·       May 06 10:09 PM  Sassy: No. Her doctor said he would not authorize her to re-start until she did this evaluation thing.  He (and we) don’t want to be the bad guys… want the news to come from the pros
·       May 06 10:10 PM  Kris: good idea!…let them take the heat
·       May 06 10:10 PM  Sassy: Does your Mom still drive?
·       May 06 10:11 PM  Kris: yes…she’s 88 and is still sharp as a tack…but doesn’t drive at night any more cuz can’t see…she just retired last year…after working for 50 plus years…
·       May 06 10:13 PM  Kris: I don’t know anything about it…but here’s one site that you might look into advertising on:
·       May 06 10:13 PM  Sassy: Cool! Thanks!
·       May 06 10:14 PM  Sassy: I am really hoping someone we know wants it.
·       May 06 10:14 PM  Kris: another one…but like you say…hopefully someone you know…so you can be done with it without too much aggravation
·       May 06 10:15 PM  Kris: how r u anticipating work will be tomorrow?
·       May 06 10:16 PM  Sassy: Autotrader looks easy… they suggest a much higher price than Edmunds… interesting…
·       May 06 10:16 PM  Sassy: I am not going to work tomorrow
·       May 06 10:16 PM  Kris: kelley blue book is another source for pricing the value of the car
·       May 06 10:17 PM  Kris: how come not going to work tomorrow?
·       May 06 10:19 PM  Sassy: I am not going back until boss is gone
·       May 06 10:19 PM  Kris: so going back Thurs?
·       May 06 10:20 PM  Sassy: Yup
·       May 06 10:20 PM  Sassy: I know it’s childish
·       May 06 10:21 PM  Kris: not really…sounds like she’s making work an unnecessary hell for you.
·       May 06 10:22 PM  Kris: I had a job like that once…when I worked as a receiver for a shipping place…did I ever mention that to you?
·       May 06 10:22 PM  Sassy: yes
·       May 06 10:22 PM  Kris: did I tell you the store manager was a woman who was an ex-marine sergeant?
·       May 06 10:22 PM  Sassy: I marvel at your versatility
·       May 06 10:22 PM  Sassy: no
·       May 06 10:23 PM  Kris: she was and she acted like she was still in the marines…
·       May 06 10:23 PM  Sassy: ugh
·       May 06 10:23 PM  Kris: every morning when I came in she would start yelling at me at the top of her lungs about how I did everything wrong
·       May 06 10:24 PM  Kris: I felt like saluting and dropping and giving her 10 pushups (NOT)
·       May 06 10:24 PM  Kris: she was about 5 feet tall…and built like a bull dog.
·       May 06 10:25 PM  Kris: she could unload doors off trucks as easily as any man who worked there.
·       May 06 10:25 PM  Sassy: How long did that go on?
·       May 06 10:25 PM  Kris: but she was a SUPER BITCH!
·       May 06 10:25 PM  Kris: every single day I worked there! until finally I quit.
·       May 06 10:25 PM  Sassy: how long?
·       May 06 10:26 PM  Kris: I think it was about 6 months…then couldn’t take it anymore…
·       May 06 10:26 PM  Sassy: eep
·       May 06 10:26 PM  Sassy: I went thru a Nov-May mess with a boss a couple of years ago.
·       May 06 10:26 PM  Sassy: I finally went to the union and HR, they told him to back off
·       May 06 10:27 PM  Kris: think you’ll get some support to get this one to back off?
·       May 06 10:27 PM  Sassy: Still mulling that… and the problem with complaining again so soon
·       May 06 10:28 PM  Sassy: She’a temp – Really hoping they don’t renew her
·       May 06 10:28 PM  Kris: concerned if you complain too soon they’ll think it’s you…and not her?
·       May 06 10:28 PM  Sassy: Yes. I was thinking the other day I’ve never had a “good boss”
·       May 06 10:29 PM  Kris: how would you know one if you saw one then? (sorry—bad joke)
·       May 06 10:29 PM  Sassy: Ha
·       May 06 10:30 PM  Kris: oh yeah…your imagination
·       May 06 10:30 PM  Kris: someone who treats people the way you do…right?
·       May 06 10:31 PM  Kris: that last statement is serious
·       May 06 10:31 PM  Sassy: Someone who fosters a pleasant work environment, who thrives on making the employees successful, includes them in decisions, doesn’t enforce stupid rules
·       May 06 10:31 PM  Kris: you’ve NEVER had a boss like that?
·       May 06 10:31 PM  Sassy: Nope
·       May 06 10:32 PM  Kris: wow…that’s too bad…my current job is the most positive environment I’ve ever worked in…and I tell them so every once in a while…cuz it’s true.
·       May 06 10:32 PM  Sassy: My bosses have tended to be clueless men, fierce women or bean-counter types
·       May 06 10:32 PM  Kris: what’s a “clueless man”?
·       May 06 10:33 PM  Sassy: don’t know how things work, tend to be experts at what they do but not at managing people
·       May 06 10:34 PM  Sassy: “professionals” 
·       May 06 10:34 PM  Kris: do you mind telling me what kind of organization you work for…if not…that’s ok…
·       May 06 10:35 PM  Sassy: [a vague answer redacted]
·       May 06 10:35 PM  Kris: [named a place?]
·       May 06 10:37 PM  Sassy: *whistles*
·       May 06 10:38 PM  Kris: ?
·       May 06 10:39 PM  Kris: maybe just rather not type it…no problem
·       May 06 10:40 PM  Sassy: Does that fill in a gap for you?
·       May 06 10:41 PM  Kris: what do you mean?
·       May 06 10:41 PM  Sassy: Does it help to know what kind of org employs me?
·       May 06 10:42 PM  Kris: just curious…what it is you do more exactly…for who…no big deal if that’s part of the “secret life of Sassy”…lol…Ms. [my real initial and last name] (still waiting for that slip on your first name)…evil laugh…
·       May 06 10:43 PM  Sassy: Ha ha…
·       May 06 10:43 PM  Sassy: I was an office manager before this woman showed up
·       May 06 10:43 PM  Kris: and now?
·       May 06 10:44 PM  Sassy: She is writing us new job descriptions, which she has shown to HR and the big boss without consulting us first
·       May 06 10:44 PM  Sassy: I am guessing I will go back to my old job mostly… running events, supervising student interns
·       May 06 10:45 PM  Kris: old job as opposed to being an office manager?
·       May 06 10:46 PM  Sassy: No. I was hired as an events person, some payroll, student supervisor. When there was a budget crisis in 2009 my boss (the office manager) and her boss retired
·       May 06 10:46 PM  Sassy: So they asked me to be office manager “temporarily”
·       May 06 10:47 PM  Kris: so you were the “temporary” office manager for 5 years?
·       May 06 10:47 PM  Kris: or close to it…4 plus
·       May 06 10:48 PM  Sassy: yup
·       May 06 10:48 PM  Kris: did you get a raise for the increase responsibility?
·       May 06 10:48 PM  Sassy: nope
·       May 06 10:48 PM  Kris: that figures
·       May 06 10:49 PM  Sassy: I asked to be re-classified but they said no
·       May 06 10:49 PM  Kris: even though it sucked and wasn’t fair…did you like the challenge of the new responsibilities?
·       May 06 10:54 PM  Kris: still there?…having trouble “keeping all those plates up in the air”…try to keep up…
·       May 06 10:56 PM  Sassy: Sorry… sister called
·       May 06 10:56 PM  Sassy: Not really. They dumped 13 new things on me. I said that was too much, could not keep up, help with priorities please?
·       May 06 10:57 PM  Sassy: they said WHY AREN”T YOU GETTING IT ALL DONE?!!
·       May 06 10:57 PM  Kris: omg
·       May 06 10:57 PM  Sassy: Gosh.. because I can’t do 1.75 jobs?
·       May 06 10:57 PM  Kris: so this has been for the past 4 plus years?
·       May 06 10:58 PM  Sassy: yes
·       May 06 10:58 PM  Kris: so if they shift you back to your “old job”…won’t that at least be less work?
·       May 06 10:58 PM  Sassy: Maybe
·       May 06 10:59 PM  Sassy: I gave new boss a list of the 13 things, went over which it made sense for her to take back
·       May 06 10:59 PM  Sassy: she was dumb about it but mostly took my thoughts
·       May 06 11:00 PM  Kris: dumb in what way?
·       May 06 11:00 PM  Sassy: she took some menial tasks that are way below her
·       May 06 11:01 PM  Kris: but mostly took your thoughts?
·       May 06 11:02 PM  Sassy: Yes
·       May 06 11:03 PM  Kris: I’m happy to listen to you talk about anything…because it helps me know you…but if you want to change the subject let me know…but if it helps to have someone to vent to a little…i’m glad to chat about it.
·       May 06 11:03 PM  Sassy: It’s interesting to me what you ask… may equip you to give me good advice. But we’ve probably done enough for tonight.
·       May 06 11:04 PM  Sassy: Any good moments from today sticking with you?
·       May 06 11:05 PM  Kris: just about all of them!  It was all yummy…this might seem weird to you…but I was less worried about “not performing”…I figured “it is what it is for today”…Sassy’s not going to dump me tomorrow (I hope!)…lol
·       May 06 11:06 PM  Sassy: I find it so odd that you worry so much about being dumped… why is that?
·       May 06 11:07 PM  Kris: I don’t know. I want you to cum…feel like i’m not delivering…
·       May 06 11:07 PM  Sassy: I have those thoughts also, when you don’t
·       May 06 11:08 PM  Kris: when I don’t cum?
·       May 06 11:09 PM  Sassy: Yes
·       May 06 11:09 PM  Kris: well…I don’t know how it is for you…but I think I’ve tried to describe how it is for me…what happens is – in order to try to keep going…I have to stay in a place in my head where I’m excited but “holding back” from cumming…
·       May 06 11:10 PM  Kris: in order to cum I then have to “shift gears”
·       May 06 11:10 PM  Kris: sometimes I get “stuck in neutral”
·       May 06 11:10 PM  Kris: don’t know if that makes sense to you or not
·       May 06 11:12 PM  Sassy: Is there more I can do to get you in gear?
·       May 06 11:12 PM  Kris: when we have enough time you usually do…with your hands and mouth…
·       May 06 11:12 PM  Sassy: Did you take Viagra today?
·       May 06 11:12 PM  Kris: no
·       May 06 11:12 PM  Sassy: Interesting
·       May 06 11:12 PM  Kris: why?
·       May 06 11:13 PM  Sassy: I’ve heard that it makes it easier to stay hard but tougher to cum
·       May 06 11:14 PM  Kris: I didn’t have any trouble cumming the two times I used it with you…it’s still mostly in my head…but I think it did help me with the hard on somewhat…a little hard to tell…only taken it twice…
·       May 06 11:14 PM  Sassy: So I am trying to notice the difference in what happens when you do or don’t take it
·       May 06 11:15 PM  Kris: what did you notice today?
·       May 06 11:15 PM  Sassy: you have amazing stamina
·       May 06 11:16 PM  Kris: I don’t feel like I do…especially not compared to 10 years ago…there’s a definite decline…age takes it’s toll…it’s hard to admit and accept…but it’s there…hard to deal with.
·       May 06 11:17 PM  Sassy: Geesh… you are much better than men younger
·       May 06 11:17 PM  Sassy: I shudder to think what you were like earlier!
·       May 06 11:18 PM  Kris: I’ll be 63 next month…when I was 53 I could fuck you for almost “forever”…seriously…and with a really hard cock stiff as a board the whole time…not one that “comes and goes”…
·       May 06 11:18 PM  Kris: it’s a little embarrassing…and I know what you want and need…a really good hard fast steady fucking. I’m trying…
·       May 06 11:19 PM  Sassy: It feels really good
·       May 06 11:20 PM  Kris: it feels really good to me too…even today…even though I didn’t cum…so I’m kind of trusting you’re getting enough to make it worth keep doing…hoping it will get better…and eventually you’ll cum.
·       May 06 11:21 PM  Kris: I can see how you can get yourself off easily…so don’t deprive me of the fun…let me watch sometime…
·       May 06 11:21 PM  Sassy: Me too
·       May 06 11:22 PM  Kris: you too what?…hoping eventually you’ll cum?
·       May 06 11:26 PM  Sassy: Yes. It’s fun experimenting
·       May 06 11:27 PM  Kris: but that’s why I worry about getting dumped
·       May 06 11:27 PM  Sassy: Why?
·       May 06 11:28 PM  Kris: because at some point you’ll say “this isn’t happening”…and give up
·       May 06 11:28 PM  Sassy: I can say I have never dumped anyone
·       May 06 11:28 PM  Kris: well…think of how fun it might be…I could be the first! (just kidding…sort of)
·       May 06 11:28 PM  Sassy: there is one man I don’t want to see but I am still talking to him
·       May 06 11:29 PM  Kris: I don’t understand
·       May 06 11:30 PM  Kris: so you just keep all your men on “active duty”…how do you fit us all in?…TEASING
·       May 06 11:32 PM  Sassy: I keep telling him I am not prowling anymore.  Which is true. 
·       May 06 11:32 PM  Sassy: He keeps writing *sigh
·       May 06 11:33 PM  Kris: why don’t you do what every woman I’ve met on AM has done to me…just go dead silent with no explanation…that’s what most women do…
·       May 06 11:33 PM  Sassy: Because I hate silence.  And I hate having men ticked at me
·       May 06 11:34 PM  Kris: but some men won’t quit…they interpret any response as “interest”…even if you tell them you’re not…just the way “we” are..
·       May 06 11:34 PM  Sassy: He has a couple photos of me that could be problematic if posted somewhere. (I was stupid in the early days about that)
·       May 06 11:35 PM  Kris: well…not much you can do about that…so are you trying to “let him down easy” so he won’t be vindictive in some stupid, mean way?
·       May 06 11:35 PM  Sassy: yes
·       May 06 11:35 PM  Kris: well…that’s probably smart…if he ever “gets it”…
·       May 06 11:36 PM  Sassy: He travels a lot, so that helps in term of making him unavailable
·       May 06 11:36 PM  Kris: does he put pressure on you from time to time to meet?
·       May 06 11:37 PM  Sassy: Yes. It’s been over a year
·       May 06 11:39 PM  Kris: that he keeps trying…and you keep trying to get rid of him?
·       May 06 11:39 PM  Sassy: yes
·       May 06 11:39 PM  Kris: what do you say…just make excuses, have other commitments?
·       May 06 11:40 PM  Sassy: for a long time I used my mom’s illness – I was going to her place every day: No time, super-stressed, not good company
·       May 06 11:42 PM  Kris: I don’t like to think about it…but that’s not going to happen with you and me…we have an understanding about that…right?
·       May 06 11:42 PM  Sassy: Yes.  I like you
·       May 06 11:42 PM  Kris: I like you too!
·       May 06 11:42 PM  Kris: why did u say that just now?
·       May 06 11:43 PM  Sassy: He was creepy from the start and had gotten creepier
·       May 06 11:43 PM  Kris: in what ways?
·       May 06 11:44 PM  Sassy: Lying about things about himself. Using his work email to cheat
·       May 06 11:44 PM  Sassy: Not listening to me
·       May 06 11:44 PM  Sassy: Aggressively trying to break my anonymity
·       May 06 11:45 PM  Kris: I’m playfully “snooping”…but think I’m being generally accepting and respectful of your anonymity…would you agree?
·       May 06 11:45 PM  Sassy: threatening me
·       May 06 11:45 PM  Sassy: Oh yes
·       May 06 11:45 PM  Kris: how would he threaten you?
·       May 06 11:45 PM  Sassy: “If my wife finds out from you, I will have to kill you”
·       May 06 11:46 PM  Kris: OMG…are you just keeping him around to avoid having him use your pics against you…DUMP THE BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
·       May 06 11:48 PM  Sassy: Not someone I want mad at me
·       May 06 11:49 PM  Kris: Arrange a meet with him…and “really bad Kris from the past” will show up…I’ll beat the living daylights out of him and tell him if he threatens, bothers, or hurts you in any way…I’ll do more than beat the hell out of him…I’m serious…he’s a bully…I HATE bullies and would have no problem giving him a beating.
·       May 06 11:50 PM  Kris: I know you won’t do that…but i’m just saying…you need to get rid of this guy…
·       May 06 11:51 PM  Kris: has he specifically threatened to use your pictures against you?
·       May 06 11:51 PM  Sassy: No
·       May 06 11:51 PM  Kris: what has he threatened to do…besides kill you…OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
·       May 06 11:51 PM  Sassy: You are very sweet
·       May 06 11:51 PM  Sassy: Can you see how you shine in comparison?
·       May 06 11:52 PM  Kris: No…seriously…he’s a complete fucking asshole who deserves to have someone beat the hell out of him…
·       May 06 11:52 PM  Kris: He’s bullying a sweet woman for God’s sake!
·       May 06 11:53 PM  Sassy: He’s a sad older man… in a sexless marriage… infatuated with me.
·       May 06 11:54 PM  Kris: How the “F” can you even feel sorry for him??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care if his dog bit his pecker off…he has no right threatening to kill someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
·       May 06 11:55 PM  Sassy: go ahead.. say it… “You are TOO NICE!” heh
·       May 06 11:56 PM  Kris: You are WAAAAAAAAAAY too nice to this asshole…not in general maybe…but this isn’t “nice”…this is allowing someone to abuse you!!!!!!!!!!!!
·       May 06 11:56 PM  Sassy: So bottom line… I don’t dump men.
·       May 06 11:56 PM  Kris: Well…that means you have an army of lovers you have to keep up with on a daily basis…wink
·       May 06 11:56 PM  Sassy: So you can worry about something else.  : )
·       May 06 11:57 PM  Sassy: No. I only keep up with a battalion or so… not a whole army
·       May 06 11:57 PM  Kris: LOL
·       May 06 11:57 PM  Kris: ok…my best memory from this afternoon…and simultaneously disappointment…guess what it is…
·       May 06 11:58 PM  Kris: I’ll give you a clue if you don’t guess right the first time…
·       May 06 11:59 PM  Sassy: watching me play
·       May 06 11:59 PM  Kris: Yes!
·       May 07 12:00 AM Kris: How come you stopped…other than “I didn’t want to fall down”…(right!)
·       May 07 12:00 AM Sassy: I dunno… I wanted to show you
·       May 07 12:00 AM Sassy: Just… got shy
·       May 07 12:01 AM Sassy: then I tried to pretend you weren’t there… just do it
·       May 07 12:01 AM Sassy: But no… Couldn’t focus
·       May 07 12:01 AM Sassy: was worried about keeling over!
·       May 07 12:02 AM Kris: ok…so next time sit down…shut your eyes and imagine who you’d really like to be there…and I’ll just be quiet and watch…I had my hand on you…that couldn’t help.
·       May 07 12:03 AM Kris: I know it’s asking a lot…honestly I don’t know if I could do it…never did.
·       May 07 12:04 AM Kris: I can do it anytime I want (and do plenty)…wouldn’t have any interest unless you thought it would be interesting…most porn ends that way…guy jerks himself off on woman.
·       May 07 12:06 AM Sassy: We’ll see
·       May 07 12:06 AM Kris: see what?
·       May 07 12:07 AM Sassy: If I can
·       May 07 12:08 AM Kris: ok
·       May 07 12:08 AM Kris: me getting you there is still the goal…but would be fun to see what it looks like!
·       May 07 12:09 AM Sassy: I keep forgetting the head over the side thing… should try that
·       May 07 12:10 AM Kris: ok…that will give me pleasure…and you the pleasure of giving me pleasure…I still end up being the “main receiver”…but i’m “game”…we’ll do that next time.
·       May 07 12:10 AM Kris: you asked me what you could do to help me cum…nothing more than what you’re doing…
·       May 07 12:10 AM Kris: what about you…what can I do?
·       May 07 12:11 AM Kris: plus I came every time we had sex…except today…and only because we ran out of time…
·       May 07 12:12 AM Kris: you’re so accommodating I know you would have “done whatever”… and I would have cum somehow…but we didn’t have time.
·       May 07 12:12 AM Sassy: I’ll keep thinking…
·       May 07 12:12 AM Kris: ok. I know you’re not going to work tomorrow…but r u getting tired?
·       May 07 12:13 AM Sassy: Yes.. yawn fest over here
·       May 07 12:13 AM Kris: ok…let’s say good night
·       May 07 12:13 AM Sassy: Thanks for chatting… soooo good!
·       May 07 12:13 AM Kris: Me too…Mwah!…sweet dreams Sassy…night nite!
·       May 07 12:14 AM Sassy: Sleep well.

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