Friday, May 2, 2014
5/2, 6:52am

5/2, 7:53am
Good morning kid!  Happy Friday!
5/2, 7:54am Phil
Good morning! You too! Hope it’s a good day for you.
5/2, 2:02pm Phil
Tough day today. I swear I’d rather be beaten with a bat. I’m sort of Ok and then I’m not. My friend has gone through girls like candy. He just laughs at me. I had the one and feel like shit. Dinner with friends tonight. Hope that helps. My wife felt the need to post on my comment. Then she got pissed cause I didn’t like it. I don’t like it and I’m not saying I do. At least I’m still a little frisky
5/2, 2:06pm Phil
How’s ur day going girlie?
Any cool plans?
5/2, 2:07pm
Wow.  Awful day for me too.  New boss said out of the blue “no more overtime. ”  I already worked 4 hrs ot this week.  She made me leave at 1 pm when I was in the middle of payroll and ordering food and.. whatever.  I wanted to drive to Gloucester,  hubby not showered.. so I’m home crying.
5/2, 2:07pm
I wondered about that photo from Beach Gal’s town, and several of your recent posts.
5/2, 2:08pm Phil
Aw I’m so sorry.

I did not get the beach photo from her. Another male friend who lives there but we walked that beach a hundred times.

Anything I can do to help?

5/2, 2:12pm
Listening is good.  How do I deal with bitch boss?
5/2, 2:13pm Phil
We can cry together. I have had my share of bad bosses. Just did my thing and kept on. Does not make it fun, that’s for sure
5/2, 2:24pm Phil
You just to outlast the bitch boss or win her over with personality and work ethic
5/2, 2:26pm
That’s my plan.  Her plan seems like “how can I insult her today?”
5/2, 2:29pm Phil
Ignore her as much as you can
5/2, 2:35pm Phil
Is she right in your office?
5/2, 2:42pm
5/2, 3:27pm Phil
You are a wonderful thing
5/2, 3:28pm
Aww…thanks!  You rock!
5/2, 3:47pm Phil
: )

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