Meet #5 My place

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
When we were cuddling during a wonderful, long meet last Sunday, he asked when he could see me again.  It is so lovely to be wanted!  And for him to let me know before we part.  I was busy Monday night and Tuesday night, so he asked for Wednesday!  We agreed he would visit me at my place for the first time.  
The nickel tour
I met him at the garage door, showed him where to park.  We did some lovely kissing in the elevator.  I gave him the nickel tour of the lobby and then my place.  I boiled water and he made a cup of coffee.  He hugged me in the kitchen, played with my boobs. He played with the kitties.  They gathered around him and flopped down to showed him tummy!  
The bedroom 
We went into the bedroom. He showed me two different boxes of condoms.  I had emailed him a condom size chart and he regaled me with tales of making himself hard in the bathroom of a store, then measuring his cock!  He had the wrong size last time and could not stay hard as it strangled his equipment.  
I sat on the edge of the bed, took off my shoes and socks. He took off his shoes and socks, also, then scooted in behind me, with his legs on either side of me.  I rubbed his feet and he gave me a delicious back rub.  He asked me to lie flat.  I took off my top and he gave me an even more extended backrub.  It felt so good!  
He took off my pants and panties, stuck his face in my slit and licked a bit.  Wow! 
He wanted to be inside me, so he snagged a condom, the Magnums this time, and tried a modified deck chair position.  That didn’t work, so he had me roll over and we did the doggy style.  He really pounded me!  It was so hot!  He went on and on… finally my knees gave out and I started to get sore, so I flattened out and we rested together awhile.  
He went to the bathroom, closed the door.  When he came out I asked him if he alway does that and he answered yes.  I told him I was not used to it.  
I noticed him sniffling in an odd way and asked if he had taken Viagra?  He had!  It was his first time.  He said he couldn’t feel any difference, but he was able to stay hard.  Not sure if it was that or the better condom. 
He asked me about other men I’d seen recently.  He asked me about the best AM man.  I told him about Volt.  He told me about his first wife fucking every single man in sight including many of his friends.  
He wanted to cum, so I gave him a full Sassy blow job.  He came hard and I swallowed.  He went to the bathroom again and laughed about closing the door but still did it.  We talked through the door and I laughed and he laughed. 
We cuddled and talked more.  He was supposed to leave at 10 pm, but I had to toss him out of bed at 10:22 pm!  I peed with the door open!  He chuckled at that.  I dressed and took him to the garage, let him out.
It was raining hard.  I asked him to text me when he got home.  About an hour later he did as I asked.   : ) 
Kris: so what’s MY nickname? Wee Willie Winkie? 10:48 PM
Me: Thank you for a lovely evening! 10:51 PM
Kris: Hope you really had SOME fun….I did! Thanks for hosting…was very comfortable….didn’t expect to be that much….thanks! 10:58 PM
Kris: home safe 11:52 PM

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