Hot wet place

May 2014
Thursday, May 1, 2014         
5/1, 8:01am
Good morning!  Happy May!
5/1, 8:03am Phil
Whoo Hoo! You too! Interesting morning
5/1, 8:03am
Oh?  I had a meet last night, let him visit my place.
5/1, 8:04am Phil
Ah cool! Good?

The hot wet place?

5/1, 8:12am
You are so naughty!   I like that. 
My first experience with a man on Viagra.
5/1, 8:17am Phil
Like me, never goes down but I don’t need no stinking pill
5/1, 6:19pm Phil
Have a great night!
[photo of him smiling at me]
5/1, 6:32pm
Thanks kid! Awful day at work, making it better with Chinese food at Shanghai Village

 Wonton soup

Seafood Platter in Golden Nest
Large shrimp, fresh scallops, and assorted Chinese vegetables,
sauteed with the Chef’s special sauce,
served in an intricate golden nest.
5/1, 8:12pm Phil
: )
5/1, 8:15pm
What’s up?
5/1, 8:16pm Phil
Hate DC, Hate my job and miss the girl although questioning the judgement there

5/1, 8:23pm
At least your new boss didn’t send back your 3.5 page meeting notes with 47 tracked changes!

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