Go get some

Sunday, April 27, 2014

9:51am Phil

Morning girlie! Hope it’s a great one!

 [photo of him outside on his bicycle in a racing jersey]

9:51am Phil
Out for a morning ride

9:51am Sassy

Good morning! Was just looking at your landscape photos – beauty.

 9:52am Phil

It’s so pretty, hills are a real challenge.
Now having breakfast at Cracker Barrel

9:52am Sassy

I’m off to NH for lunch and um… private time with a man!

9:53am Phil

Go get some!

9:53am Sassy

You have a much prettier day than we do… it’s 43 and raining here!  Good day to… stay inside.

9:54am Phil
Lots of fun things to do inside

9:54am Sassy

Did you see the oysters on the buffet at the wedding I went to?  Ate 6 in your honor.

9:54am Phil

Awesome, had six myself at the wharf

9:57am Sassy

I only eat them when they’re free.

9:57am Phil

I would have had the lobster rolls

9:57am Sassy

I ate two of those, also.

9:57am Phil

I’d eat a lot if they were free

Yum, I have to pick and choose, watching my diet.
38 lbs so far with 30 to go

9:59am Sassy

It was a good buffet for that… lots of protein and veggies.

9:59am Phil


Looked amazing

9:59am Sassy

The music was stunning too.

The choir sang Eres Tu.

And there was a brass band!  They did the finale from Firebird.

10:00am Phil
Looked like a marvelous time

10:01am Sassy

A flutist opened the day, and there was a tenor solo.  All mushy.

10:02am Phil

I like mushy, I’m a mushy guy

10:02am Sassy

It was odd being back there… my old church.

10:03am Phil

Always nice when you can go back

10:49am Sassy

I’ll flip your flop.

Off to the hinterlands.
Don’t think about my boobs… too much.. Have a great day!

10:58am Phil

Ha! I love it!

10:08pm Phil

How’d it go? Thought about your tits all day and spraying cum all over them

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