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Saturday, April 26, 2014
Kris: Just watched cottontown chorus version u emailed…laughed so hard i was in tears 8:26 AM
Me: It’s so…British. They won the UK National Barbershop trophy 5x! Fun song. Glad to give you a LOL to start your day! 8:29 AM
Kris: Thanks!…..i was actually singing that while working in the lawn yesterday….i was thinking i know it’s supposed to stroke sexy big women….but wondered how I’d feel about a song about sexy bald men…doubt it would make the charts….lol 8:39 AM
Kris: What else besides shrimp, chocolate and water (and condoms)? 9:20 AM
Me: That should do it! I’m bringing toys and lube and my bodacious self! 9:24 AM
Kris: WONDERFUL! 9:28 AM
Kris: Hope my ride on “Bodacious” tomorrow is nothing like riding another Bodacious u can watch here: 9:54 AM
Kris: 99……149 S. Broadway, Salem, NH at Noon TOMORROW!!!!!! 馃檪 10:52 AM
Kris: Doing stuff w mum? 12:24 PM
Kris: I was just rubbing your foot and decided to nibble, lick and suck on one of your toes!  you’re on your stomach naked with ass covered….receiving back rub, legs, arms, neck, hands, feet….pre-erogenous foreplay….relaxing….some excitement….building anticipation….taking time…. u guiding….learning…..savoring…..building 2:01 PM
Me: Mmm…you have great ideas! We just got out of a big gay wedding! Taking mom home 2:02 PM
Kris: Trying to get work done….HIGHLY distracted…..focus Kris 2:03 PM
Kris: I’m going to try to get everything done asap….early evening….wanna chat a little later? 2:05 PM
Me: Sounds good. Having dinner w/cousins from NC, will ping when I get back. 3:04 PM
+Kris: OK….text me first….in case i’m still out…..besides our goodies need to do a little food shopping for house….after i finish this tedious F’in work i hate….makes a “distraction from it all” (like YOU!) so much more appealing….won’t bother asking if u know what i mean….i KNOW u do….have nice dinner w cousins…! 3:16 PM
Me: I’m going to look at you. All of you. Glance. Stare. Sear the topography of your body into my mind. 3:19 PM
Kris: Stare away….then you can do all kinds of things with that vivid imagination of yours. I can b a better lover in your head than in bed. LOL! 3:23 PM
Kris: I’ll b paying close attention myself….not only to the lovely scenery….but learning what motions/touches/speeds/pressing/pulling/thrusting “cause the waves” 3:43 PM
Kris: Sorry to send so many texts…..i just have to say…..i’m smiling thinking of your “appetite” I can b a McDonald’s hamburger and you’ll be humming like I’m filet mignon. I used to have as my greeting on AM: “Hunger makes the best sauce” Your hunger turns me on, and your unashamed intention to milk it for all its worth (pun intended). smile….OMG…back to fuckin’ work! 4:28 PM
Kris: Make sure to tell cousins what you’re doin tomorrow….they’d love to know….with lots of detail 5:14 PM
Me: Um…NO! 馃檪 5:15 PM
Me: I only tell my sister. And Hubby. And my old flame. And a bunch of people in chat. ; ) 5:16 PM
Kris: KIDDING….little surprised re: sister….younger I presume 5:20 PM
Kris: I’d love to b a fly on the wall to hear how the “different” new guy gets described. 馃槈 5:30 PM
Kris: I…on the other hand….have no one i talk to about you…..which i’m fine 
with….. WAIT!….How ’bout: “Sorry dear, not tonight–new lover just wore me out.” 5:41 PM
Me: Finally home. Whee! 9:26 PM
Kris: Still shopping….anything else….drink other than water….any other food? 9:27 PM
Me: Nope. So it’s 12 noon at the 99? 9:29 PM
Kris: Yes! 9:31 PM
Kris: Still b up for chatting…i can put my roller skates on to try and zip thru shopping. 9:33 PM
Kris: Or r u tired from the day? 9:35 PM
Me: Can chat. No rush. Had a nap 9:37 PM
Kris: BIG smile….somewhere between incessantly preoccupied and obsessantly thinking of u….glad you’re not a drug…i’m going to force myself to not text till i’m out if the store heading home 9:43 PM
Kris: ..meant “obsessively”…. 9:44 PM
Kris: Omg…just leaving store now….wife asked me to do week’s shopping….if u want to chat at 11:30….for just 1/2 hour….will drag myself away from u at 12…..otherwise…..see u in 13 hours (didn’t forget condoms–just have to remember to not have them fall out on the counter with other stuff—make our meet go south REAL fast!) 11:08 PM
Me: If that happens, hide the receipt and say you found them in the parking lot! 11:10 PM
Kris: Ha…she trusts me…but she’s not an idiot…my ass would b grass….chat a little? 11:14 PM
Me: Sure 11:14 PM
Kris: K 11:14 PM
Kris: Home…putting stuff away…10 min 11:34 PM
路       Apr 26 11:45 PM Kris: Phew!…………FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
路       Apr 26 11:45 PM Sassy: Hiya!  Smooch
路       Apr 26 11:45 PM Kris: Hi!  Smooch back at ya
路       Apr 26 11:45 PM Kris: wanna hear “Mr. Extreme’s” candy list?
路       Apr 26 11:46 PM Sassy: Uh oh
路       Apr 26 11:46 PM Kris: ok…so when I’m done I鈥檒l type “that’s it”…
路       Apr 26 11:47 PM Kris: so i got “the good stuff” for you and then just the normal stuff i always get for myself….starting with “your stuff”?
路       Apr 26 11:48 PM Kris: Lindt caramel milk choc truffles
路       Apr 26 11:48 PM Kris: Dove caramel milk choc
路       Apr 26 11:49 PM Kris: “Toffifany”..a whole hazelnut in chewy caramel with choc hazelnet filling and choc
路       Apr 26 11:49 PM Kris: 6 Heath candy bars
路       Apr 26 11:50 PM Kris: Lindt hazelnut crips squares
路       Apr 26 11:50 PM Kris: that’s it for you…that enough?
路       Apr 26 11:50 PM Kris: then there’s what I got for me…
路       Apr 26 11:50 PM Kris: milk duds, whoppers, raisinets, big bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans, big bag of Gimball’s gourmet jelly beans…
路       Apr 26 11:51 PM Kris: that鈥檚 it…in total. kids might not go to sleep after all the sugar…
路       Apr 26 11:51 PM Sassy: Yikes!
路       Apr 26 11:52 PM Kris: so how many meets does that cover (assuming there are more)?
路       Apr 26 11:52 PM Sassy: About… 8?
路       Apr 26 11:53 PM Kris: Ha…i can eat all that by myself in a couple of weeks…easy…you wanna bring it home and save some for next time?
路       Apr 26 11:54 PM Sassy: You are too funny!  I can put it in my toy box
路       Apr 26 11:54 PM Kris: then there will be “assorted goodies” in there…
路       Apr 26 11:55 PM Sassy: You remind me of my dad. Mom would send him to the store to get eggs, milk and butter. He would be gone 2 hours and come back with 8 bags of groceries.
路       Apr 26 11:56 PM Kris: I ALWAYS do that and am VERY extreme with things I like…like candy…my kids still give me a hard time about it….they say, “Dad, you were pretty strict….but when it came to eating candy WE couldn’t even keep up with you.”
路       Apr 26 11:57 PM Sassy: Hee hee
路       Apr 26 11:57 PM Kris: so tell me why you said you were going to stare and take in my body
路       Apr 26 11:59 PM Sassy: I don’t want you to be surprised.
路       Apr 26 11:59 PM Sassy: I was thinking about it..
路       Apr 26 11:59 PM Sassy: The luxury of being able to look unabashedly
路       Apr 27 12:00 AM Kris: my guess is that’s part of what you naturally have always done…with anyone….just because you enjoy it all so much…
路       Apr 27 12:02 AM Sassy: It’s also something that probably doesn’t happen much to you… and can be very sexy. Have a woman ogle you
路       Apr 27 12:03 AM Kris: not much the way you’re describing it….kind of hard when you see someone naked all the time…to act like it’s “always exciting”. just isn’t
路       Apr 27 12:04 AM Kris: sometimes just to be playful I鈥檒l walk out of the shower completely naked into the living room or kitchen where my wife is. she’ll look at me and say something like….oh my word….look at you….naked as a jay bird.
路       Apr 27 12:04 AM Kris: but there’s no “serious lusting” going on….
路       Apr 27 12:05 AM Kris: so it will be nice to be ogled…ogle away
路       Apr 27 12:06 AM Kris: want me to bring my camera…..then you can take whatever pics you want and I鈥檒l email them to you later….LOL
路       Apr 27 12:07 AM Sassy: Hmmm… tempting. But not this time.
路       Apr 27 12:07 AM Kris: i’m just kidding
路       Apr 27 12:08 AM Kris: we’ll be too busy “exploring” and “learning about each other”….
路       Apr 27 12:08 AM Sassy: Cameras are so… 20th C
路       Apr 27 12:08 AM Kris: as opposed to what….cell phones?
路       Apr 27 12:08 AM Sassy: yes
路       Apr 27 12:09 AM Sassy: Hee hee
路       Apr 27 12:09 AM Kris: depends…some cameras are better…but cell phones are pretty high tech for the most part
路       Apr 27 12:09 AM Kris: so what else is on your mind…besides giving me a heads up that I can plan to be ogled?
路       Apr 27 12:10 AM Kris: i’m breaking into the Jelly Bellies right now….can’t wait….go on….
路       Apr 27 12:11 AM Sassy: Not much… starting to switch to logistics, directions, timing etc.
路       Apr 27 12:11 AM Kris: how so?
路       Apr 27 12:13 AM Kris: figuring it out right now?
路       Apr 27 12:13 AM Sassy: Yes
路       Apr 27 12:14 AM Kris: i think about 45 minutes is about the time from your place
路       Apr 27 12:14 AM Sassy: Yeah… that’ my guess. Maybe a little faster on a Sunday
路       Apr 27 12:14 AM Kris: i’m going to get there a little early to request seats in a specific section with more privacy
路       Apr 27 12:15 AM Sassy: Awww… you are so good!
路       Apr 27 12:15 AM Kris: are u teasing me now?
路       Apr 27 12:16 AM Sassy: No! It is so sweet of you to think of these details.
路       Apr 27 12:17 AM Kris: i like that you are so kind and nice all the the time…but if you feel like giving me a hard time i think I鈥檒l be able to handle it…..but just may not “be in your nature”….
路       Apr 27 12:19 AM Kris: so far you’ve only said one thing that stuck in my mind as a little “challenging and on the negative side”and it wasn’t all that serious…but it “got to me a little” which is fine.
路       Apr 27 12:20 AM Sassy: What?  There have to be more than that…
路       Apr 27 12:20 AM Kris: what more than one thing?
路       Apr 27 12:21 AM Sassy: What did I say that was challenging and on the negative side that stuck in your mind?
路       Apr 27 12:23 AM Kris: early on…it hasn’t even been that long that we’ve known each other….but early on…before we met… asked, “Are you a chaser?” I  didn’t know what you meant…. you explained….”Someone who chased but never closes the deal.” That was kind of a “challenge” that was a little “out of character” for how you usually are but it also helped me “prove I wasn’t” if you were game… so was I!
路       Apr 27 12:25 AM Kris: you probably don’t even remember it…but it “got to me” a little….not offended at all just “challenged”….you know….then the male ego goes “cock a doodle doo”….I鈥檒l show HER!
路       Apr 27 12:25 AM Sassy: I was honestly concerned. You answered well.
路       Apr 27 12:26 AM Sassy: I do recall.
路       Apr 27 12:26 AM Kris: you remember?….what caused you to be concerned?
路       Apr 27 12:26 AM Sassy: I asked someone in chat and they said “Just ask him.”
路       Apr 27 12:26 AM Kris: do you remember what was causing you to be concerned….at the time?
路       Apr 27 12:30 AM Sassy: Yes.
路       Apr 27 12:30 AM Kris: I鈥檝e already eaten half a 9 oz. bag of Jelly Bellies in the short time we’ve been chatting…so what’s your answer?
路       Apr 27 12:31 AM Sassy: The first man I talked with from AM… wanted him soooo badly.
路       Apr 27 12:31 AM Sassy: He postponed two meets and then stood me up.
路       Apr 27 12:31 AM Sassy: Awful emo roller coaster. He was a chaser.
路       Apr 27 12:31 AM Sassy: said he had met 7 women without sleeping with any
路       Apr 27 12:31 AM Sassy: Had good reasons
路       Apr 27 12:31 AM Sassy: But
路       Apr 27 12:32 AM Sassy: So your AM history sounded a little too similar
路       Apr 27 12:32 AM Kris: ah….i see now…and remember….
路       Apr 27 12:33 AM Kris: you know….i hope this doesn’t make you wonder about your choice of wanting me….but the simple truth is that 62 year old men are not in “high demand” on AM…..not that many women have shown an interest in me….and there’s a lot of competition….most women your age are cougars, don’t want an “old man”
路       Apr 27 12:33 AM Sassy: Ha
路       Apr 27 12:34 AM Kris: why “ha”?
路       Apr 27 12:34 AM Sassy: I am not ageist, but I only have fun with older men
路       Apr 27 12:34 AM Sassy: Had several mid-30’s guys try to cougarize me…
路       Apr 27 12:35 AM Sassy: not happening
路       Apr 27 12:35 AM Kris: how come?
路       Apr 27 12:36 AM Sassy: Just does not appeal
路       Apr 27 12:36 AM Kris: what if they were mature and kind and so forth?
路       Apr 27 12:37 AM Sassy: Maybe… but most of the ones on AM are not
路       Apr 27 12:37 AM Kris: but older men can be jerks too….right?
路       Apr 27 12:37 AM Sassy: Absolutely but not in the same way
路       Apr 27 12:37 AM Kris: how so?
路       Apr 27 12:37 AM Sassy: These guy are like “Hi. Send me a pic?”
路       Apr 27 12:37 AM Kris: the younger ones?
路       Apr 27 12:37 AM Sassy: yup
路       Apr 27 12:38 AM Sassy: No finesse. No manners
路       Apr 27 12:39 AM Sassy: Do you need to sleep?
路       Apr 27 12:39 AM Kris: i’m “wired” right now but if I don’t try I鈥檒l be tired tomorrow…which i DON’T want to be…what’s the odds we’ll want to take a nap first thing when we get to the hotel?
路       Apr 27 12:41 AM Sassy: I guessing that will not be your first impulse
路       Apr 27 12:41 AM Kris: mine too…so I should go and try to sleep…you?
路       Apr 27 12:41 AM Sassy: I had a nap, so I am good a little longer.
路       Apr 27 12:42 AM Kris: ok…I鈥檇 like to chat just a little more…if you want to…unless you need to get back to your chat buddies….
路       Apr 27 12:43 AM Kris: which “little rascal” would I be….I can’t even remember their names…but watched them as a kid….grin
路       Apr 27 12:44 AM Sassy: Alfalfa?
路       Apr 27 12:44 AM Kris: was he the one missing a tooth with his hair sticking up?
路       Apr 27 12:45 AM Sassy: Yup
路       Apr 27 12:45 AM Sassy: Spanky?
路       Apr 27 12:45 AM Kris: wasn’t spanky the short one?
路       Apr 27 12:45 AM Sassy: I forget
路       Apr 27 12:46 AM Sassy: Buckwheat?
路       Apr 27 12:46 AM Kris: he was the black one i think
路       Apr 27 12:46 AM Sassy: I think you’re right
路       Apr 27 12:47 AM Kris: your good remembering the names….you’re too young to remember that
路       Apr 27 12:47 AM Kris: that show must have gone off the air way before you were even born
路       Apr 27 12:47 AM Sassy: I am cheating
路       Apr 27 12:47 AM Kris: online again…I keep forgetting
路       Apr 27 12:47 AM Sassy: wikipedia is my friend and google
路       Apr 27 12:48 AM Kris: so did you look at the “Bodacious” clip
路       Apr 27 12:48 AM Sassy: Yes
路       Apr 27 12:48 AM Sassy: very odd
路       Apr 27 12:48 AM Sassy: you’re not going to head butt me right?
路       Apr 27 12:49 AM Kris: NO!… was meant to be taken “just in general”….not every “joke” can be a winner….moving right along
路       Apr 27 12:49 AM Kris: “bodacious” is not even in any proper dictionary…
路       Apr 27 12:49 AM Kris: I looked it up online!
路       Apr 27 12:50 AM Kris: it was popular in the 80s and 90s and is a “made up word” combining the words “bold” and “audacious”
路       Apr 27 12:50 AM Kris: i think that describes you pretty well…
路       Apr 27 12:50 AM Kris: especially your “Sexy Sassy” persona that you plan on bringing with bells on tomorrow (I hope)…
路       Apr 27 12:51 AM Sassy: Oh yes
路       Apr 27 12:51 AM Kris: if not at the restaurant…when we get alone in the room.
路       Apr 27 12:52 AM Sassy: Mmm hmmm
路       Apr 27 12:52 AM Kris: meaning?
路       Apr 27 12:53 AM Sassy: you typed “alone in the room” and my mind wandered to a little scenario
路       Apr 27 12:53 AM Kris: you humming in naughty pleasure again?
路       Apr 27 12:53 AM Sassy: ayup
路       Apr 27 12:53 AM Kris: LOL….you make me laugh….
路       Apr 27 12:54 AM Sassy: I was pressing you against the wall, just inside the door… groping.. kissing…
路       Apr 27 12:54 AM Sassy: Ms Demure smacked me and said LET HIM LEAD!
路       Apr 27 12:54 AM Kris: how bout we leave Ms. Demure at the 99?
路       Apr 27 12:56 AM Sassy: Yes please.
路       Apr 27 12:56 AM Kris: you kissing me outside the Chinese restaurant….taking the initiative….still turns me on….and how much you really liked it…’s one of my little “sexy memories”…then how it got hotter in the parking garage. maybe that’s what you’re used to but it blew me away…and i really liked it. i don’t have to lead…..
路       Apr 27 12:57 AM Sassy: I am not used to that
路       Apr 27 12:57 AM Sassy: I luxuriate at those memories while the Demure Lady blushes
路       Apr 27 12:58 AM Kris: blushing’s ok too though. it means you have some sense of modesty and then you can play off it by being “naughty” nothing wrong with blushing….but i know what you mean….
路       Apr 27 1:00 AM Sassy: I try not to be boring.
路       Apr 27 1:01 AM Kris: You’re far from boring but you don’t have to stand on your head every minute either. your “sex appeal” to me is a combination of things. I hope I can handle “red hot Sassy”but I like whole YOU. (whatever your “other half’s” name is—I鈥檒l be paying attention the next time you “slip”—-count on it).
路       Apr 27 1:02 AM Sassy: Ha ha
路       Apr 27 1:02 AM Kris: “Ha ha”?
路       Apr 27 1:02 AM Sassy: You waiting for me to slip up
路       Apr 27 1:02 AM Kris: figured that what it was
路       Apr 27 1:03 AM Kris: anyhow…back to pressing me up against the wall…go on
路       Apr 27 1:04 AM Sassy: that’s all. I don’t know what’s next
路       Apr 27 1:04 AM Kris: ok…
路       Apr 27 1:04 AM Sassy: Well… in theory I do
路       Apr 27 1:04 AM Sassy: but I am only envisioning the first couple minutes
路       Apr 27 1:04 AM Kris: LOL… what’s the “theory”?
路       Apr 27 1:05 AM Sassy: It would be good if there is SEX
路       Apr 27 1:05 AM Sassy: and ORGASMS!
路       Apr 27 1:05 AM Kris: OMG…now THAT’S funny!
路       Apr 27 1:06 AM Kris: I鈥檒l guarantee there will be sex….
路       Apr 27 1:06 AM Sassy: That match your theory?
路       Apr 27 1:06 AM Kris: and one orgasm for sure (maybe two if i’m lucky)….
路       Apr 27 1:06 AM Kris: i’m hoping there’s more than one or two and that they’re YOURS!
路       Apr 27 1:06 AM Kris: yup. matches my theory.
路       Apr 27 1:07 AM Kris: i was thinking more along the lines of all the different ways to get there. like looking at a menu – diffeent choices can achieve the same effect (hunger satisfied), but different ways to get there…we identified a couple. or three maybe, so far.
路       Apr 27 1:08 AM Sassy: Yum
路       Apr 27 1:08 AM Kris: although i haven’t had a chance to review the “instruction manual” with all those helpful details about techniques yet….
路       Apr 27 1:09 AM Kris: but we’ve got oral with you sitting up so you can see and control my head with your hands.
路       Apr 27 1:09 AM Kris: your head over the side of the bed with my cock fucking your mouth and my tongue flicking your nipples.
路       Apr 27 1:09 AM Sassy: Mmmf
路       Apr 27 1:10 AM Kris: doggy style with fast in (so you can feel the deep penetration)…and slow slip back out
路       Apr 27 1:10 AM Sassy: that caused a major twinge
路       Apr 27 1:10 AM Kris: ideally with in front of a mirror so you can see better….
路       Apr 27 1:10 AM Kris: fast in….slip back slow….
路       Apr 27 1:11 AM Kris: fast and deep in….slip back slow….
路       Apr 27 1:11 AM Kris: i’m looking at my cock and liking watching it go in and out….
路       Apr 27 1:11 AM Kris: I can see where I鈥檓 going in and out very clearly too…which turns me on more
路       Apr 27 1:11 AM Sassy: Is it getting hot in here?
路       Apr 27 1:12 AM Kris: i don’t know…I’m over here. I’m just following your directions…how am i doing?
路       Apr 27 1:13 AM Sassy: Stunningly well
路       Apr 27 1:13 AM Kris: instead of a bumper sticker that says “how’s my driving?”I鈥檒l get one that says “how’s my fucking?”… 800-HOT-KRIS
路       Apr 27 1:13 AM Sassy: LOL
路       Apr 27 1:14 AM Kris: See…with just a little help Sassy might turn me into “Super Stud” after all… even old as I am.
路       Apr 27 1:15 AM Kris: just one thing. about my hair.
路       Apr 27 1:15 AM Kris: if you want to really “stand out from my wife”
路       Apr 27 1:15 AM Kris: if i try to grow it long…
路       Apr 27 1:15 AM Kris: and you don’t like it and want to tell me so…
路       Apr 27 1:15 AM Kris: that’s fine…
路       Apr 27 1:15 AM Kris: but you can “distinguish” yourself from her…
路       Apr 27 1:16 AM Kris: by at least being a little kinder than saying…
路       Apr 27 1:16 AM Kris: you look like Bozo. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
路       Apr 27 1:16 AM Kris: I’m going to cry laughing now…seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!
路       Apr 27 1:16 AM Sassy: You will never hear anything like that from me.
路       Apr 27 1:17 AM Kris: I know. you’re too nice…but it really does make me laugh…it’s a little mean and sometimes i get pissed off but i’m too stubborn, old and crusty to let it really bother me much.
路       Apr 27 1:17 AM Sassy: Although I鈥檝e always had a thing for Bozo. I have a very old Bozo doll in my closet
路       Apr 27 1:18 AM Kris: OMG!!!!!!!! you’re making me laugh!
路       Apr 27 1:18 AM Sassy: he and Raggedy Anne get it on when I am not listening
路       Apr 27 1:18 AM Kris: Oh no….stop it!
路       Apr 27 1:18 AM Sassy: The big fuzzy bunny likes to watch
路       Apr 27 1:19 AM Kris: Oh my word…the children are going to be traumatized!
路       Apr 27 1:20 AM Kris: Speaking of watching…are we really going to watch each other get ourselves off?
路       Apr 27 1:20 AM Sassy: Someday
路       Apr 27 1:20 AM Kris: probably not tomorrow though…right?
路       Apr 27 1:20 AM Sassy: seems too much for first time
路       Apr 27 1:21 AM Sassy: should fuck before we run
路       Apr 27 1:21 AM Kris: yes…especially given I鈥檝e got only one good load I can count on and need to “time it” so that the whole experience is more fun for both of us. maybe two depending
路       Apr 27 1:22 AM Kris: which is why I want you to get off first. if you can. at least once.
路        Apr 27 1:22 AM Kris: i don’t know if you consider that too much pressure…and I hope I don’t disappoint you in some ways that make it harder. but i’m hoping that doesn’t happen….
路       Apr 27 1:22 AM Kris: i’m counting on your abundance of lust.
路       Apr 27 1:23 AM Sassy: Sounds fantastic!
路       Apr 27 1:24 AM Sassy: I should go, have to drop Hubby off at his thing at 9 am
路       Apr 27 1:24 AM Kris: Oh good!…..(I get a little nervous when I put these “ideas of mine” just “out there”)…
路       Apr 27 1:24 AM Kris: me too…nite! sleep tight!
路       Apr 27 1:24 AM Sassy: Sweet sexy dreams Kris

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