Erotica, gifs and two tumblrs

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 
Kris: Good morning! How late can u stay Sunday? so i can work on my lie (evil man). I’m SO looking forward to it…and not very nervous at all. We’ve already been naked together and you had no problem getting me off. What’s the worst that can happen…I’m a terrible fuck and you’re forced to dump me? But you’re such a hussy…i’m counting on you to work your magic. Licking, slowly, fingers, feeling, pressing, licking, sucking, pulling, a little faster, back to slowly, wet, inserting, fingers, feeling, tongue, licking, slowly, groaning, fingers, touching, pressing, inserted, feeling…GOOD MORNING BAD GIRL SASSY! 9:02 AM
Kris: my last email got “a little flow going”…felt a little wetness sitting in my “undies”… eruption on the horizon…unloading down the road… 9:20 AM
Me: Good morning frisky! Wow… you are such hot stuff! There is some wetness over here too! It is so fun to inspire you to write like that! 9:40 AM
Kris: And so u do! Know what time the “treat of our meet” will have to end? when you’ll likely have to head home by on Sunday? 9:44 AM
Me: I don’t have a time in mind, other than being in my own bed at midnight so I can get up for work Monday11:42 AM
Kris: :)…..plenty of time for those multiple “O”s. i’m going to have to get creative with my excuse….tried floating “day of spring skiing at Killington, VT. met with,”i just lost my job…we don’t have the money.” I’ll think if something. want to play for a LONG time. play, eat, talk… some more…like u said… 🙂 12:15 PM
From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: Apr 22, 2014 2:09 PM
Subject: The Fan
The Fan
He couldn’t believe he was doing this.  His friend had talked
him into reading at Stone Soup Poets open mike.  One of the
stories.  It was for Valentine’s Day, and everyone was doing
it, but it still made him feel vulnerable and exposed.  He
read and paused, as appreciative sighs filled the room, and
knew it would be alright.  He noticed this woman, standing in
the back against the wall.  Staring right at him.  He felt like
he was reading to her, and that she felt it, too.  He finished,
and a crowd gathered around him to chat and congratulate and
fawn and cluck.  He searched the room for her, but she had gone.
He listened to the other artists awhile, but couldn’t get the
hazy image of the woman out of his mind.  Finally, he slipped
out the side door and started toward the train.  She spoke as
he passed, startling him.
       “Your story was…special.  It touched me.”  She almost
whispered into the night air.
       “Thank you,” he said, automatically.  Brilliant.  He tried
to make out her face in the dim light of the street lamp.
       “It made me…want to know you,” she sighed, almost as if
she hadn’t wanted to admit it. He was sure his mouth hung open at
that point.  He remembered himself in a few seconds, and decided to
be flip.
       “So, what did you want to know?”  He quipped, not really
expecting her to answer. She looked away, then surprised him.
       “What it would be like to inspire you.”  He gulped in air.
There didn’t seem to be enough air to fill his burning lungs.  He
realized that somehow, in the last minute, something had passed
between them.  It scared him, but drew him to her.
       “Can I walk you to the train?”  He asked her.  She seemed
to consider it carefully, then stepped forward and took his arm in
silent acceptance.  He felt her breast against his arm and wondered
if he could remember how to walk.  He managed.  He thought she would
ask him mundane questions, quiz him about his story or his life.  She
was silent, seemingly deep in thought, walking in step with him.
       He wanted to see her face, but she was beside him so he could
only take in her long hair, swinging around her, and how she seemed
just the right height to walk with him, and how her chest moved with
each step.  They passed a pottery shop and she paused briefly to
glance at the brightly colored bowls.  Suddenly, she yanked him into
the dark doorway, and pressed him against the stone of the building.
He felt the cold against his back, then the heat of her in front,
as she wiggled to fit her body to his.  Then she put her lips within
a hair of his, and stopped.  This seemed to be quite a distance for
her initiative to take her, but not quite there.
       He cursed the lack of light.  He couldn’t see her eyes.  But
it didn’t seem to matter, he was taking her invitation and sinking
his tongue into her mouth before he realized he’d decided to do it.
He felt as hard as the stone against his back, and knew she felt it
too by the breath she took when he raised his head momentarily.  She
worked her hand under his shirt, and put his hand on her breast.
They teased each other’s nipples, nipping at necks and ears and noses.
Smiling into each other’s mouths as their breathing raged out of
       This was crazy.  He didn’t know this woman.  He knew
nothing except she liked his writing, that she had understood
the call in it.  And that she felt so right in his arms.  It
was nuts, but it made sense to him.  He’d find out the other
stuff later, if it became important.  He was startled back to
the present by her hand at his belt.  Oh, my god.
       She stopped for a moment, took a deep breath and
whispered in his ear.
       “I don’t…I mean, I haven’t…ever…without…” she
couldn’t seem to say it, but he knew she was trying to justify
this wildfire burning between two strangers in a dark doorway.
       “I know,” he murmured, hugging her even closer.  That
seemed to settle it.  She undid his belt, and slipped her hand
inside his clothes to touch him.  He thought he’d pass out.
She rubbed him just the right way for longer than he thought
he could endure.  He knew he should be touching her, but could
not summon the brain power beyond savoring her touch.  She
removed one hand to her pocket, he heard a rip, then she was
taking his sex from his pants, and covering it with latex,
and leading him to a ledge deeper in the doorway.  She stretched
out on the stone, and pulled him down over her, into her.  The
combination of the time and place and strangeness and the latex
set him off almost immediately.  He pounded her into the stone,
without thought of her soft body.  She met his every thrust,
moaning in his ear.  He felt the pulsing, the searing heat, and
filled the plastic, thinking of filling her.  She clenched him
deep inside.  His mind clung to every detail as he realized he
would desperately need to write about this later.
       They clung to one another forever.  Then sat close to
each other on the ledge as they righted their clothes.  There
seemed to be so much to say, and yet nowhere to start.  He
finally took her arm, and they continued toward the train. He
thought he should be panicking, but couldn’t get beyond the
amazing afterglow.  When they reached the platform, he expected
her to disappear like the dream she seemed to him.  She chewed
her lip.  He feasted on seeing her in the light.
       “I need to know more.”  She whispered, a pleading look
on her face.
       “Yes.” It was all he could say.  It seemed enough.
       “Take me home with you.”
       “Let me inspire you.”
       He moaned and rolled his eyes.  Then the train rumbled
into the station and they boarded locked arm in arm.
Me: Sent you more of my erotica. Read in private! 2:10 PM
Kris: Ok I will…you naughty girl! 3:52 PM
Kris: Won’t b home till 10:30. need to workout. been “slacking” lately. need to get back on track. Sorry it will b so late again…but would love to chat if u want when i get home. Haven’t read “Sassy Does Boston” yet (TEASING !)…but can’t wait to peek inside that horny little imagination of yours… 🙂 8:27 PM
Me: 10:30 is fine. I drank Mt Dew with dinner so I should be awake! 8:37 PM
Kris: i feel like saying…..uuuhh baby!…..don’t know why. 8:43 PM
Me: Okaaay 8:46 PM
Kris: in little bit of a “wild” mood. got something i can bite a little? better go work it off…later! 8:48 PM
·       Apr 22 10:40 PM Kris: Hi!…Give me a minute to read your erotica…
·       Apr 22 10:40 PM Sassy: Ok
·       Apr 22 10:49 PM Kris: Wow! That was one well-written hot story! Ever do something like that – have sex with almost a perfect stranger?
·       Apr 22 10:50 PM Sassy: Sort of… long ago
·       Apr 22 10:50 PM Kris: what happened…how did it happen?
·       Apr 22 10:51 PM Sassy: a gal pal and I were in Mexico
·       Apr 22 10:51 PM Sassy: Going into a disco
·       Apr 22 10:51 PM Sassy: There were British soldiers – The disco would only let men in with women
·       Apr 22 10:51 PM Sassy: So they offered to buy us drinks if we’d get them in
·       Apr 22 10:52 PM Sassy: They were very cute, polite…
·       Apr 22 10:52 PM Sassy: There was a power failure at the disco. They got us out safely
·       Apr 22 10:52 PM Sassy: My pal invited them back to our hotel bar
·       Apr 22 10:53 PM Sassy: We ended up in our room.
·       Apr 22 10:53 PM Sassy: Gal friend made out with one in bed while I was out on the balcony with the other, just talking
·       Apr 22 10:54 PM Sassy: Then we stopped talking…and went inside to the other bed
·       Apr 22 10:54 PM Sassy: then they joined us.  Things get a little blurry after that
·       Apr 22 10:55 PM Sassy: But very very hot
·       Apr 22 10:56 PM Kris: i thought you didn’t have much fun with sex until you ventured out more recently. sounds like you did….how old were you then?
·       Apr 22 10:57 PM Sassy: hmmm… 25
·       Apr 22 10:57 PM Sassy: They didn’t help me cum… just did their own thing
·       Apr 22 10:57 PM Kris: you answered my next question….LOL
·       Apr 22 10:58 PM Sassy: I can’t recall having an orgasm until I was 34
·       Apr 22 10:58 PM Sassy: I was alone on my bed, talking to a guy on the phone
·       Apr 22 10:59 PM Kris: and?
·       Apr 22 11:00 PM Sassy: Strange things happened to my body
·       Apr 22 11:00 PM Sassy: I had read a lot of romance novels and I was like… Hey! Maybe this is what they meant!
·       Apr 22 11:01 PM Sassy: Guy was from Ontario. So I call him Mr O.  : )
·       Apr 22 11:01 PM Kris: LOL SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
·       Apr 22 11:01 PM Kris: Were you touching yourself? how/why did you cum?
·       Apr 22 11:02 PM Sassy: I wasn’t… just listening to him talk
·       Apr 22 11:02 PM Kris: what was he talking about?
·       Apr 22 11:02 PM Sassy: I forget… figure skating I think
·       Apr 22 11:02 PM Kris: Come on!
·       Apr 22 11:03 PM Sassy: He was a figure skater
·       Apr 22 11:03 PM Kris: how do you have an orgasm without any direct stimulation?
·       Apr 22 11:03 PM Sassy: I do it all the time
·       Apr 22 11:03 PM Kris: how?
·       Apr 22 11:03 PM Sassy: Very powerful imagination
·       Apr 22 11:04 PM Kris: you don’t touch yourself at all?
·       Apr 22 11:04 PM Sassy: nope… very rare
·       Apr 22 11:04 PM Kris: when/where do you imagine things? how often?
·       Apr 22 11:05 PM Sassy: You mean enough to make me cum?
·       Apr 22 11:05 PM Kris: yes
·       Apr 22 11:05 PM Sassy: varies…depends on how long since I was with a man
·       Apr 22 11:06 PM Kris: meaning?
·       Apr 22 11:06 PM Sassy: usually in bed before I go to sleep, or just as I wake up, or in the shower
·       Apr 22 11:07 PM Sassy: Or if I find a very nice video of a certain kind.
·       Apr 22 11:07 PM Sassy: When I’ve been with a man, I’m usually calm for… about a month
·       Apr 22 11:07 PM Sassy: after that I get twitchy. start to watch things, dream up things, or re-live adventures
·       Apr 22 11:08 PM Sassy: start writing.  imagining…
·       Apr 22 11:09 PM Kris: a month is a long time to be calm. I’m generally “calm” for about 24 hours….LOL
·       Apr 22 11:09 PM Sassy: You’re male.  : )
·       Apr 22 11:09 PM Kris: meaning?
·       Apr 22 11:10 PM Sassy: Seems to be the way it is.
·       Apr 22 11:10 PM Sassy: Though many of the chat women are more like that.
·       Apr 22 11:10 PM Kris: think about/want sex all the time?
·       Apr 22 11:10 PM Sassy: Yes… and take care of themselves daily
·       Apr 22 11:11 PM Sassy: If I am having sex, or hot online discussions, I crave it more
·       Apr 22 11:11 PM Sassy: imagine more. But don’t do much about it for longer
·       Apr 22 11:12 PM Kris: what do you mean “don’t do much about it for longer”?
·       Apr 22 11:13 PM Sassy: work at cumming
·       Apr 22 11:13 PM Sassy: I do use the showerhead sometimes.  It has a nice pounding action
·       Apr 22 11:14 PM Kris:  : )
·       Apr 22 11:14 PM Sassy: You like to think about me self-pleasuring?
·       Apr 22 11:16 PM Kris: I’m just curious….getting to know you and experiences you’ve had….but yes….kind of… also part of a little fantasy of when I’m with you…..never done before… wife says she has never masturbated….. ever….so I’m curious/interested in a woman who does/would….maybe even when with me in some way….if possible….just a little fantasy.
·       Apr 22 11:17 PM Sassy: You want to watch?
·       Apr 22 11:17 PM Kris: yes….or watch but “participate” at the same time in some way…..
·       Apr 22 11:18 PM Sassy: It is likely “not like it looks in the movies” but could still be very hot
·       Apr 22 11:18 PM Kris: what do you mean?
·       Apr 22 11:18 PM Sassy: I wouldn’t mind watching you also
·       Apr 22 11:18 PM Sassy: See what you do so I can do it
·       Apr 22 11:19 PM Kris: i’m pretty sure you already know…but I’m game…never done it before…but could be fun
·       Apr 22 11:19 PM Sassy: There is a very classic pattern in p0rn… that men think is what women do.
·       Apr 22 11:19 PM Kris: meaning?
·       Apr 22 11:21 PM Sassy: Usually involves a lot of fingers in and out
·       Apr 22 11:21 PM Sassy: When I do touch, it is more pressing, pulling
·       Apr 22 11:24 PM Kris: you would know better than me obviously and maybe each woman is different…but it seems to me the clit is the main point of pleasure. and the rest is just a “supporting cast” though still important….correct me if I’m wrong…..remember…..I’ve been only “pleasuring” one woman for over 25 years… my experience is limited….and like I said…most of the porn I’ve seen I think is fake bull shit – women are moaning and groaning at stuff I’m not convinced in real life most women would actually get off by…..but again…you would know better than me.
·       Apr 22 11:26 PM Sassy: It varies a lot. Some women like clit, some more vaginal filling etc.
·       Apr 22 11:26 PM Sassy: P0rn runs all over the map
·       Apr 22 11:26 PM Sassy: lots of crap, but some really stunning, beautiful, fabulous
·       Apr 22 11:27 PM Sassy: I don’t see much like I want it… but have a small collection of things men find very exciting and real-ish
·       Apr 22 11:27 PM Sassy: Do you think your touching is relatively stereotypical?
·       Apr 22 11:27 PM Kris: what do you mean?
·       Apr 22 11:28 PM Sassy: Does it look like it does in p0rn?
·       Apr 22 11:29 PM Kris: i’m trying to think. LOL. of some porn I’ve seen…and compared to “what i do”…..
·       Apr 22 11:30 PM Sassy: I’ve never seen anyone but my H do it
·       Apr 22 11:30 PM Kris: are you talking about a man beating off?
·       Apr 22 11:31 PM Sassy: Imagine lots of pumping and talking to yourself.  : )
·       Apr 22 11:31 PM Sassy: Have you thought about me whilst?
·       Apr 22 11:31 PM Kris: absolutely!
·       Apr 22 11:32 PM Sassy: Where are you usually thinking?
·       Apr 22 11:32 PM Kris: i like to do it in the shower….use soap for lubrication….feels better.
·       Apr 22 11:32 PM Sassy:  : )
·       Apr 22 11:32 PM Kris: or just before i go to sleep at night…fantasize and beat off.
·       Apr 22 11:33 PM Kris: probably at least daily… sometimes two or three times a day. I’m very “active and horny”….ALL the time.
·       Apr 22 11:33 PM Sassy: Does w ever see you or do you have to hide?
·       Apr 22 11:34 PM Kris: She doesn’t see me. it’s not hard to hide…she doesn’t look in when i’m taking a shower and i can do it pretty quietly even when she’s laying next to me in bed.
·       Apr 22 11:34 PM Kris: i like to express myself verbally….but i don’t have to. I can do it quietly or even silently….
·       Apr 22 11:35 PM Sassy: I used to cry when H did it in bed next to me… but I have gotten over that
·       Apr 22 11:35 PM Kris: because he wasn’t having any sex with you?
·       Apr 22 11:35 PM Sassy: Yes. Made me feel like chopped liver
·       Apr 22 11:36 PM Kris: i want to come over there and give you a hug.,…but it probably wouldn’t end there….so better wait until Sunday
·       Apr 22 11:37 PM Sassy: You can run a tab
·       Apr 22 11:37 PM Kris: meaning?
·       Apr 22 11:37 PM Sassy: Store it up and let it out on Sunday. : )
·       Apr 22 11:37 PM Kris: count on it!
·       Apr 22 11:37 PM Sassy: 25 hugs, 65.5 kisses…
·       Apr 22 11:38 PM Kris: how did you arrive at those numbers?
·       Apr 22 11:38 PM Sassy: Made them up
·       Apr 22 11:38 PM Kris: LOL
·       Apr 22 11:38 PM Sassy: 15 breast squeezes
·       Apr 22 11:38 PM Kris: LOL
·       Apr 22 11:38 PM Sassy: 4 spankings
·       Apr 22 11:38 PM Sassy: and a partridge in a pear tree!
·       Apr 22 11:39 PM Sassy: Laaaa!
·       Apr 22 11:39 PM Kris: uuuhhh…naughty girl!!!
·       Apr 22 11:40 PM Sassy: You like it
·       Apr 22 11:40 PM Kris: what…spanking?
·       Apr 22 11:41 PM Sassy: naughty girl
·       Apr 22 11:41 PM Kris: of course! but I like that you’re so nice too!
·       Apr 22 11:42 PM Sassy: The contrast heightens it
·       Apr 22 11:42 PM Sassy: Shy, demure, polite in public
·       Apr 22 11:42 PM Sassy: wild girl in private!
·       Apr 22 11:43 PM Kris: my kind of girl!
·       Apr 22 11:43 PM Kris: i had a kind of “weird” fantasy about being in you today
·       Apr 22 11:44 PM Sassy: oh?
·       Apr 22 11:44 PM Kris: yes
·       Apr 22 11:44 PM Sassy: tell!
·       Apr 22 11:45 PM Kris: you know how sex can be in all kinds of sort of “modes”—-like “fast and hot and ravage me”—-or take it slower and be a little more gentle…etc., etc.
·       Apr 22 11:47 PM Sassy: Sure
·       Apr 22 11:48 PM Kris: so this fantasy was very “undeveloped”. just sort of a “snap shot” or “image”….without a lot of content or detail….ever have those kinds of “quick images”?
·       Apr 22 11:50 PM Sassy: sure
·       Apr 22 11:53 PM Kris: ok….so i don’t know how to explain this exactly…except when we have kissed in public places….like the first time you kissed me outside the restaurant…and then when you were kissing me in the parking garage….and then when we kissed after we met the last time….I know I’ve tried to describe it….like i was “mesmerized” or “in a trance”…it was passionate and very hot and I was like “weak” or oblivious to everything else around me.
·       Apr 22 11:55 PM Kris: so in my “snap shot” fantasy…..I’m in you and thrusting but it’s not “hot and heavy and fast”….it’s medium speed and I feel this “connection”. and it feels good, but it’s like the same feeling as kissing you…and maybe I’m kissing you at the same time….or I’m looking at you and “mesmerized”… but it’s more “intimate” than “hot and heavy”. I’m fucking you….but it’s more than that……don’t want to freak you out….but that was my fantasy.
·       Apr 22 11:57 PM Kris: that’s it….just a “sense” of “being in and with you”…and feeling very good about it…..on different levels. hope that doesn’t freak you out…..
·       Apr 22 11:58 PM Sassy: Not freaky.  rather sweet. And very hot
·       Apr 22 11:59 PM Sassy: wonder if it i wishful thinking… or a premonition?  : )
·       Apr 23 12:01 AM Kris: hoping it’s a premonition…..but it’s only “one mode”.  there are others I want to be in too…..that are “hot, heavy, fast, hard”…..but that was just a little fantasy I had today. it was nice…hope it IS a premonition….and not just wishful thinking…..I guess I’ll find out soon enough!….LOL
·       Apr 23 12:02 AM Sassy: Really nifty that you are thinking these things… and sharing them!
·       Apr 23 12:02 AM Sassy: I was thinking a lot about you and oral today
·       Apr 23 12:02 AM Kris: like what?
·       Apr 23 12:03 AM Sassy: I was thinking about different positions
·       Apr 23 12:04 AM Sassy: Sitting up, propped on pillows
·       Apr 23 12:04 AM Sassy: Or in a chair
·       Apr 23 12:04 AM Sassy: or on the edge of the bed
·       Apr 23 12:04 AM Sassy: where I am above you… can see… hold your head
·       Apr 23 12:05 AM Kris: your wish is my command…any way you want it…
·       Apr 23 12:05 AM Sassy: don’t know what is best.  need to experiment.  : )
·       Apr 23 12:06 AM Sassy: I am often lying flat but I think tilted up or sitting up might be better
·       Apr 23 12:08 AM Kris: if you were propped up against pillows….or sitting at the edge of the bed like you say….you could have the benefit of watching me….take my head in your hands…….using me for your pleasure….a little bit of a sense of more control and power for you…..visual stimulation…..what do you think?
·       Apr 23 12:10 AM Sassy: That’s my theory
·       Apr 23 12:10 AM Sassy: More in it with you rather than just being done to
·       Apr 23 12:11 AM Kris: Well….we’re quite the planners” here…aren’t we…LOL
·       Apr 23 12:11 AM Sassy: It’s fun to anticipate… plan… even if it doesn’t exactly happen
·       Apr 23 12:13 AM Kris: i agree…..i think it helps….excites….is fun to talk about…..instead of having to “guess” or talk too much instead of doing…..i think this conversation is fun.  I’ve known women who haven’t wanted to talk about sex at all…….which i don’t get…..but oh well….you’re not one of them!
·       Apr 23 12:14 AM Sassy: talking about it, reading about it, writing about it… DOING IT!
·       Apr 23 12:14 AM Kris: i’m curious about the “small collection of porn” you have that you like
·       Apr 23 12:14 AM Kris: what is it about it that you like?
·       Apr 23 12:15 AM Sassy: Real looking people… being nice to each other.
·       Apr 23 12:15 AM Sassy: I like to hear what’s going on, not cheesy music
·       Apr 23 12:16 AM Kris: one thing that I wish would be shown more is a woman’s orgasmic contractions as they’re happening….
·       Apr 23 12:17 AM Kris: there are only a few that I’ve seen that I’ve trusted were real….
·       Apr 23 12:17 AM Kris: and the women aren’t necessarily screaming at the top of their lungs….
·       Apr 23 12:18 AM Kris: sometimes they’re just doing that “groaning of cumming”……and you know they’re getting off
·       Apr 23 12:18 AM Sassy: I also like to learn things.
·       Apr 23 12:18 AM Sassy: I learned a lot about blow jobs and hand jobs
·       Apr 23 12:18 AM Sassy: different positions
·       Apr 23 12:18 AM Sassy: leaving the lights on
·       Apr 23 12:19 AM Kris: i want to see everything!
·       Apr 23 12:19 AM Sassy: heh
·       Apr 23 12:19 AM Kris: leave the lights on!
·       Apr 23 12:19 AM Sassy: I know… radical
·       Apr 23 12:19 AM Sassy: I go through phases. Sometimes I want romantic.
·       Apr 23 12:20 AM Sassy: Sometimes I watch very “bad stuff”
·       Apr 23 12:20 AM Kris: what’s “bad stuff”?
·       Apr 23 12:20 AM Sassy: japanese school girls being tied up and fingered…
·       Apr 23 12:20 AM Sassy: outdoor sex
·       Apr 23 12:20 AM Sassy: dom/sub stuff
·       Apr 23 12:21 AM Kris: does dom/sub stuff interest/excite you—something you like to do?
·       Apr 23 12:21 AM Sassy: No.  kinda horrified
·       Apr 23 12:21 AM Kris: just like to watch different things?
·       Apr 23 12:22 AM Sassy: try to understand it
·       Apr 23 12:22 AM Sassy: and it has its moments
·       Apr 23 12:22 AM Kris: moments…meaning?
·       Apr 23 12:23 AM Sassy: isolated moments of kindess, hotness
·       Apr 23 12:23 AM Sassy: Maybe you can bring your laptop and I can show you some
·       Apr 23 12:23 AM Kris: ok
·       Apr 23 12:23 AM Sassy: or I can send one a day or something
·       Apr 23 12:23 AM Sassy: your reaction to different ones can tell me things
·       Apr 23 12:24 AM Kris: sure…however you want to do it
·       Apr 23 12:24 AM Sassy: feel free to say yuck or yum.
·       Apr 23 12:24 AM Sassy: Helps a lot
·       Apr 23 12:24 AM Sassy: Never watched with someone
·       Apr 23 12:24 AM Sassy: but shared a lot
·       Apr 23 12:25 AM Kris: never watched porn with someone?
·       Apr 23 12:25 AM Sassy: no
·       Apr 23 12:26 AM Sassy: You?
·       Apr 23 12:26 AM Kris: yes…with my wife.  but a long time ago…not recently
·       Apr 23 12:26 AM Kris: I’d like to watch some with you
·       Apr 23 12:27 AM Kris: unless you’d rather not…and just do it…LOL
·       Apr 23 12:29 AM Sassy: Most of my favorites are short
·       Apr 23 12:29 AM Sassy: There are these 10 sec gifs I find launch my mind
·       Apr 23 12:29 AM Kris: “gifs”?
·       Apr 23 12:30 AM Sassy: little loops
·       Apr 23 12:30 AM Sassy: wife still with you there?
·       Apr 23 12:30 AM Kris: no…she was in bed when I came home….so been alone this whole time
·       Apr 23 12:31 AM Sassy:
·       Apr 23 12:32 AM Kris: want me to watch it now?
·       Apr 23 12:32 AM Sassy: sure
·       Apr 23 12:32 AM Kris: ok
·       Apr 23 12:34 AM Kris: omg. i’m getting a hard on…what a blow job!….does it just keep going?
·       Apr 23 12:34 AM Sassy: nope… just a little snippet… kindling.  another?
·       Apr 23 12:34 AM Kris: sure!
·       Apr 23 12:35 AM Sassy: this is one of my all-time faves
·       Apr 23 12:35 AM Sassy:
·       Apr 23 12:36 AM Kris: omg…want to do that Sunday?
·       Apr 23 12:36 AM Sassy: sure. can be tough for you to control…
·       Apr 23 12:36 AM Sassy: and my hands will NOT be on the bed
·       Apr 23 12:37 AM Kris: did you mean “can be tough for me to control?”
·       Apr 23 12:37 AM Sassy: usually makes a man cum super fast
·       Apr 23 12:38 AM Kris: i could…but i have lots of self-control. can just kind of “enjoy but go someplace else in my head” so I can keep going longer…..then when i want to cum i need to mentally “shift gears” and just let it go.
·       Apr 23 12:39 AM Sassy: nice
·       Apr 23 12:39 AM Kris: but there’s a danger in that for me too.  because sometimes it’s not easy to switch back.  but I find a way….by just “letting it go”…..
·       Apr 23 12:40 AM Kris: does that make any sense?
·       Apr 23 12:41 AM Sassy: Yes
·       Apr 23 12:41 AM Sassy: Here’s a mild one I find very hot
·       Apr 23 12:41 AM Sassy:
·       Apr 23 12:43 AM Kris: is the guy kneeling or sitting on something?
·       Apr 23 12:43 AM Sassy: I imagine him sitting on a kitchen chair
·       Apr 23 12:44 AM Kris: right….there’s variation on the previous one I like….
·       Apr 23 12:44 AM Kris: it starts like this….
·       Apr 23 12:44 AM Kris: 69 with me on top….so i’m licking you and my cock is in your mouth…with me on top….
·       Apr 23 12:45 AM Kris: after doing that for a while…
·       Apr 23 12:45 AM Kris: I’d move to a position like the one in the video….
·       Apr 23 12:45 AM Kris: but instead of licking your breasts….
·       Apr 23 12:46 AM Kris: I’d use my hands on your clit and on your breasts….while you’re sucking on my cock…..but could also alternately lick your nipples
·       Apr 23 12:46 AM Sassy:  : )
·       Apr 23 12:47 AM Sassy: So you can see how gifs can inspire?
·       Apr 23 12:47 AM Kris: yes
·       Apr 23 12:47 AM Sassy: and they aren’t crap
·       Apr 23 12:47 AM Kris: no. they’re real…we can do that…and I want to..
·       Apr 23 12:47 AM Sassy: sure… probably “fake” but… that’s okay
·       Apr 23 12:47 AM Sassy: sometimes I find the video they’re from
·       Apr 23 12:48 AM Kris: i don’t mean what they’re doing is fake…but sometimes people fake orgasms. that part bugs me…
·       Apr 23 12:48 AM Sassy: and I’m like… wait… whoa!
·       Apr 23 12:48 AM Sassy: Sure
·       Apr 23 12:49 AM Kris: i don’t understand….”sometimes i find the video they’re from…and i’m like….wait….whoa!” what do you mean by that?
·       Apr 23 12:49 AM Sassy: they are snagged from a longer video, snippet
·       Apr 23 12:49 AM Sassy: fun to see that 10 sec fitting into a longer thing
·       Apr 23 12:49 AM Kris: oh….
·       Apr 23 12:50 AM Sassy: has a woman ever sent you porn before?
·       Apr 23 12:50 AM Kris: well…right now we just watched some porn together….even though we’re not in the same room!
·       Apr 23 12:50 AM Kris: no.  you’re the first
·       Apr 23 12:51 AM Sassy: : )
·       Apr 23 12:51 AM Kris: it’s fun….gives us ideas for things to do together….I’ve got a hard on and it’s uncomfortable now.  balls are aching.
·       Apr 23 12:51 AM Sassy: Wish I could help with that
·       Apr 23 12:52 AM Kris: LOL… too!
·       Apr 23 12:52 AM Sassy: But so glad that you “get it” and see what I was talking about
·       Apr 23 12:52 AM Kris: sure!
·       Apr 23 12:52 AM Kris: we could watch some more on Sunday if you like…
·       Apr 23 12:53 AM Kris: or maybe we’ll be “too busy”
·       Apr 23 12:54 AM Kris: this is so much fun…but should we get some sleep…i can sleep in…but you have to get up.
·       Apr 23 12:54 AM Sassy: yeah… just having so much fun!
·       Apr 23 12:55 AM Kris: me too…in spite of my aching balls…
·       Apr 23 12:55 AM Sassy: FYI – if you click on the header in those link, it takes you out to the guy’s tumblr
·       Apr 23 12:56 AM Sassy: You can see all the photos or gifs he has posted
·       Apr 23 12:56 AM Kris: ok….
·       Apr 23 12:56 AM Sassy: the kitchen kiss one comes from my favorite tumblr
·       Apr 23 12:56 AM Sassy: He has quite arty, eclectic tastes
·       Apr 23 12:57 AM Kris: what’s a “tumblr”?
·       Apr 23 12:57 AM Sassy: Usually a series of photos on a particular topic
·       Apr 23 12:57 AM Sassy: you can google tumblr Edsel and see a bunch of old cars
·       Apr 23 12:57 AM Sassy: of tumblr big boobs or weird wedding photos etc.
·       Apr 23 12:58 AM Kris: will your boobs be there?
·       Apr 23 12:58 AM Sassy: gosh… I dunno
·       Apr 23 12:58 AM Kris: LOL
·       Apr 23 12:59 AM Sassy: But there are millions of them… I think 65 million last count
·       Apr 23 12:59 AM Sassy: You never heard of tumblr?
·       Apr 23 12:59 AM Kris: no….I’ve led a very sheltered and culturally-impoverished life….
·       Apr 23 12:59 AM Sassy: they got bought out by Yahoo… so folks are worried… they’ve started censoring
·       Apr 23 12:59 AM Sassy: but not as much as was feared
·       Apr 23 1:00 AM Sassy: It is a major harbor for porn
·       Apr 23 1:00 AM Sassy: A pal of mine runs a tumblr of “one note tumblrs”
·       Apr 23 1:00 AM Sassy: It’s hysterical
·       Apr 23 1:00 AM Kris: one note tumblrs?
·       Apr 23 1:01 AM Sassy: very narrow, one theme tumblrs
·       Apr 23 1:01 AM Kris: what’s the theme…or don’t i dare to ask?
·       Apr 23 1:02 AM Sassy: hang on… trying to find it
·       Apr 23 1:04 AM Sassy:
·       Apr 23 1:04 AM Sassy: tuck that away to poke around in later
·       Apr 23 1:04 AM Sassy: It’s like… women in horse masks
·       Apr 23 1:04 AM Sassy: or best butts
·       Apr 23 1:05 AM Sassy: or “cooking in the buff”
·       Apr 23 1:06 AM Sassy: so if there is a theme you like, it leads you to another tumblr only about that
·       Apr 23 1:06 AM Sassy: can be a bit of a rabbit hole
·       Apr 23 1:06 AM Sassy: Okay… I really should go.
·       Apr 23 1:06 AM Kris: just took a quick glance…got it.
·       Apr 23 1:06 AM Kris: me too
·       Apr 23 1:06 AM Sassy: Thanks for indulging me
·       Apr 23 1:06 AM Kris: Nite sweet Sassy…Mwah!
·       Apr 23 1:07 AM Kris: I had fun!
·       Apr 23 1:07 AM Sassy: Sleep well.
·       Apr 23 1:07 AM Kris: thanks…you too!

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