Again and again

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

7:29am Phil

Hey girl, enjoy the day

1:19pm Phil

You not talking to me anymore?
[photo of him in a conference room with suit and tie and big smile]
1:20pm Sassy
Ha ha.  You wish?  Sorry… hectic morning – out early for the cleaners and then work has been nutty!  I was thinking of you and your handsome face and heavy heart.  Hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday!

1:26pm Phil

Thankfully it’s been very busy.  I just know the course of my life has been forever changed. Not sure I believe in love anymore. I used to love it, loved the romance and all the associated feelings.  I like that part, this part sucks. I literally feel like I’ve been kicked in the chest. It’s the weirdest feeling. I was asked about something that I really wanted, a cool toy or whatever. I don’t want anything. Nothing. Isn’t that odd.

1:28pm Sassy

Sounds very familiar.  But I still believe the ups are worth the possible downs.

1:31pm Phil

I wouldn’t trade a second. The joys were so worth it. I’d do it again over and over and over if I could. Best feeling in the world but not looking again. I’ll keep the memories, they are all I have

1:32pm Sassy

I keep thinking I am done but life and the universe have a way of laughing at that.

1:35pm Phil

Maybe. I had never been with anyone else besides my wife. Beach Gal was unique, different and fun. Then there was you, also unique, different and fun. I have like zero experience, no hookers or anything like that. Who knows

You were who I went farthest with back then.

Lots of situations that could have developed into much more but I was always a good boy

Until I met a really bad girl at the beach.

Problem with bad girls is they have been bad with lots of people and will be bad again

1:39pm Sassy

Not true of them all.

2:21pm Phil

True, I guess you can’t give up completely. I need a girl that will flash her tits when I’m there not when I’m not, one who loves riding in the jeep with the top down and music blasting, one that can match me shot for shot at the tequila bar, likes to fuck outside, where do you find those

2:21pm Sassy

Good question!

2:22pm Phil

I know where one of those lives

2:23pm Sassy

Trick is… she found you?

3:16pm Phil

She did and I let her slip away

May be in New England in August. Lobster?

3:17pm Sassy

Sounds great.

3:23pm Phil

[photo of him at the office in a dress shirt and tie]
3:24pm Sassy
I want to run my fingers through your hair… and kiss that naked upper lip!

3:42pm Phil

I thought you didn’t like it!

3:48pm Sassy

I don’t but if it’s there, I am kissing it!

3:53pm Phil

Probably have the stache back by then anyway

Why can’t I get over this girl? I’m sitting here flipping through photos. Why is this so hard. I know she’s rocking another dude’s world. That should be enough but I’d scoop her up in a second if I could. What’s wrong with me?!   

3:59pm Sassy
You are a nice man… with deep feelings.  There is nothing wrong with you.  It is going to take time. You need to make up your mind.  Either leave your wife and call her to ask her if you can stay with her, or decide you are done, close that door.  Stop torturing yourself.  Jump down on one side of the fence.  Quit having it up your butt!

5:49pm Phil

I am a nice man with deep feelings. My problem is I have always taken care of everybody else. I don’t believe she would welcome me. I can stay in what I have, buy my jeep, buy a nice beach house, travel.  But I don’t get to sit at the bar making out with a sexy little wench. I thought I could call and ask if she loved him. Not sure I want the answer to that. In my dream she simply says he’s good to me and when I ask if she loves me, she just says how can such a smart guy be so stupid and I jump in my car and go. In my dream.

5:54pm Phil


[photo of him at a bar toasting the camera
6:30pm Phil
Maybe a cigar in my future

7:14pm Sassy
Mom wanted KFC for supper.  Whee.

8:32pm Phil

And there was

9:11pm Phil

Riding the bike

[photo of him all sweaty in an old sweatshirt]
9:26pm Sassy
Just got home.  Sorry I missed your calls – was with Mom.  Adored hearing your voice on the message you sexy beast.

9:31pm Phil

I’d rather work up a sweat doing something else

9:32pm Sassy

I hear that!  And raise you one long BJ…

9:35pm Phil

ooh hell yeah, and I’ll give you sweat dripping on your back

As a hard cock pounds your pussy

And hot cum erupts inside you filling your pussy to over flowing

And then let you lick our cum off it

9:40pm Phil
Lick it clean

[photo of his gorgeous cock about half-mast]
9:40pm Sassy
Oh my… hello Mr. Frisky!  Yum…

9:40pm Phil

Make it shoot again down your throat

9:41pm Phil

A little harder

[photo of his very erect cock from above]
9:41pm Phil
Swallow it babe

9:42pm Sassy

Want that…

9:43pm Phil

Shoots again and again

In your pussy, in your mouth, on your tits, in your ass

Want you to fuck my ass with your toys

Make me cum again and again

9:46pm Sassy

I am happy to do all that.  And more.

9:46pm Phil


9:47pm Sassy

You can forget everything else for a long while… relax and fuck.

9:48pm Phil

I need that at this point.

9:48pm Sassy

I need your hands on my ass, pulling me onto your shaft.

9:48pm Phil

Like to wake up with my cock raw, my ass a little sore

I’d like that, buried deep

9:49pm Sassy

Nah… we’ll use lots of LUBE!

Makes that wonderful squishing sound…

9:51pm Phil

Oh hell yeah, love to be slippery

[another cock shot looking down from the top]
9:51pm Phil
M Mmmmm yeah

9:52pm Phil

Put it here

[photo of his ass]

4/22, 9:54pm Sassy
oooh… hot ass!

I’m gonna get a piece of that!

9:56pm Phil


9:57pm Phil

Fuck my ass

9:57pm Phil

Shove that toy deep

9:57pm Sassy

Gonna fill you up…

 9:57pm Phil


I’m in a mood

Want to be used

Sorry if this is way more than you wanted to see

9:59pm Sassy

Put me in charge… I’ll make you soar

9:59pm Phil

Oh hell yeah

9:59pm Sassy
No way… I adore every inch of your gorgeous body from your toes to you ears

10:00pm Phil

Mmmmm, just do me, all of me

Grind your pussy and ass on my face

10:02pm Sassy

Get you all wet.

10:02pm Phil

Feed me those big beautiful tits. Stick a nipple in my ass

Cover me in those juices

Bury my tongue up your ass

Hope your pussy is dripping

Hope your fingers are sticky

Licking pre cum off my fingers

Love the taste

10:06pm Sassy

You are making things happen over here, mister

10:06pm Phil

Love it

10:06pm Sassy

Cum for me kid

Let your thighs tingle

Revel in the explosion!

10:09pm Phil

Oh yeah  
10:10pm Phil
Kneel down.
I’m gonna shoot all over your face

10:11pm Sassy

Give it all to me… don’t hold back…

10:12pm Phil
[photo of the tip of his cock with a big drop of cum]
10:13pm Phil


Hope you at least got a little moist

10:17pm Sassy

Holy moly… you got it going on over there!

Oh yes… some dripping here…
with ragged breathing and my imagination running wild.

10:17pm Phil

Ha ha

Well good

You said cum, I came

10:18pm Sassy

Hope that helps you sleep.

10:18pm Phil


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