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Saturday, April 19, 2014

From: Kris 
To: Sassy
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2014 9:01 am
Hey Sexy Sassy!
Wow!….quite the hot motorcycle fantasy you sent.  Mine was pretty “tame” compared with that…..can’t wait to see how ours play out…..if not on the bike…wherever!  Keep workin’ on that calendar…text me with a time to chat….if you can give me a little notice that would help too….so I can plan to be available…..  Mwah!  
P.S.—You can help me learn about your “pleasure points.”  I can see a man getting off having anal (obviously)–but a woman getting off with anal seems “fake” to me—unless it’s putting pressure someplace else “where it really counts” for her.  You can be my “guide” on such “finer points of pleasure”  ^_^ ….Like one rock song’s lyrics I hear on 101.7 FM sings:  “I got it bad, got it bad, got it bad…..for my teacher.  I got it bad, got it bad, got it bad……for my teacher.  Hey teacher!!!…I brought my pencil……got something to write on?”  
Mitty…I mean, Wild Kris…I mean “Super-Stud-Wanna-Be”………WHATEVER!
Mwah!  : ) 


Kris: Hi (Barb, Sally, Mary, Judy, Penelope, Andrea, Maureen?) alright till u slip in a story….SASSY…read the bike story and replied….when you’re having lunch with your mom try not to think of something I’d like to see in your mouth..Mr. Mitty. 9:12 AM
Me: Good morning hot stuff! You are too funny! And so naughty! I like you. 9:39 AM
Kris: Good…I LIKE YOU TOO…and hope that transfers over to good sex… the benefits part keeps pace with the friends part….know u want the same…you hussy you…. 9:46 AM
Me: Last night was a good talk, yes? Despite Yahoo’s best attempt to stop us 11:29 AM
Kris: Yes…i enjoyed it very much…what did u like about it? 11:30 AM
Me: Learning about you 11:31 AM
Kris: what one or two things jah learn? 11:37 AM
Me: The motorcycle fantasy was illuminating 11:39 AM
Kris: how so? 11:39 AM
Kris: because it was relatively “tame” (compared to one u sent me)….or some other reason…’re like a “sex spy”….gathering intel to use against me…..go for it….so what’d my bike fantasy “give away”…. 11:52 AM
Kris: speaking of which….my son’s giving me ride to dealer to pick up bike monday night….turning fantasies into realities will b even MORE fun! 11:56 AM
Kris: back to intel on bike fantasy….how “illuminating”…..specifically? 11:58 AM
Me: I understand better how the bike lets you be a stud, like Sassy gives me courage to be sexy. 12:04 PM
Me: I won’t use info against you…it will go into making your dreams become reality. 12:06 PM
Kris: yeah…..but i don’t need it ALL the time….uh hem (clearing throat)….SASSY!!!!!!! 12:07 PM
Kris: i know….use it on me…in me…..wherever u like….grin 12:08 PM
Kris: i’m giving u a hard time about your name…i like to tease people i like….i do it relentlessly with people who know i’m kidding…would actually like to know your name….but mostly teasing….cuz i trust and like u….did it mercilessly with my kids….constantly tease wife (better than fighting….which we do a lot of….but fair fighting….not your style with your hubby…but we’re VERY volatile….makes family members uncomfortable at gatherings… your father and sister used to do)…..u being NOT like that is nice break…..wish i could take a break from ME…..but everywhere i go…..there i am…..very annnoying…..gotta stop texting exercise some sel-control (Huh!)…..i love talking to you… later… to make the donuts….Mwah! 12:26 PM

From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2014 5:43 PM
Subject: Mr. Mitty writes a script
Ok sexy SASSY!
Here’s a “Two-Scene Script” for the emerging exhibitionist in me.  It’s called: “Mr. Mitty Turned Super-Stud Goes to Town”.
Scene 1–Part 1:  
Mr. Mitty, having snuck out of his house under the cover of a lie to his wife, dresses in his “Super Stud” costume.  Black head wrap, sunglasses, black tee-shirt, grey hoodie, black leather jacket, black leather chaps, black Harley-Davidson-brand cowboy riding boots.  He gets on his brand new 2014 Electra Glide Ultra Limited Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  (Which he barely knows how to ride–and burned the clutch out in the parking lot of a storage area–before even riding it on the street with less than 2 miles on it.  Way to go–Super-Stud.  You’ll be quite the “bad boy biker”–once you remember how to shift the F’n thing without burning out the clutch.)  
So anyhow—-he rides in to town—to meet his new lover, “Sassy.”  “Sassy” has a few issues of her own–with what she needs to help her turn into “Super-Hussy.”  But we won’t talk about that right now.
Mr. Mitty asks “Sassy” to set up this scene.  She’s a really fun and nice person and a good sport–so she humors Mr. Mitty–even though secretly she thinks he’s a little ridiculous (which, of course, he is).  But she’s too nice a person to tell him–so she goes along.  “At least he’s not a monster,” she thinks to herself.  “He seemed ‘ok’ when we’ve tried a little sex.  But I hope I can get a decent fuck out of this guy–after all the shanigans he expects me to put up with.  Hopefully I can groom him into a decent lay without too much work.”  
Mr. Mitty asks Sassy to find a place where there’s a bench facing the street—where cars can park.  He asks her to sit on it and wait for him to pull up on his new Harley—all proud of himself and feeling very “studly.”  He asks her to pretend she doesn’t know him–when he pulls up.  
Scene 1–Part 2:
He pulls up, gets off the bike, turns it off and puts some music on.  He puts the music on pretty loud.  Not so loud so as to get arrested for disturbing the peace or seriously annoying people—but loud enough to call attention to himself—his studly self—-and studly bike.
The first song is:  “Sweet Rowena” (written by Vance Gill & Pete Wasner) played by Joe Bonamassa on his album: “Dust Bowl.”  It’s a fast-paced, kind of “funky and fun” song about a woman who lures a man into a relationship.  He just can’t resist her–even if it means “his house goes up in flames.”  Mr. Mitty tells Sassy that he’s going to sing along with the song while it’s playing–and dance in front of her on the sidewalk like he’s putting on a crazy little show.  She’s going to sit there acting like she doesn’t know him–but finds him highly-amusing and entertaining–so just sits there laughing at him while he does his little song and dance to the music.  Of course, people are walking by and smiling and laughing at the “crazy old biker” singing and dancing on the sidewalk.  It’s highly-entertaining for everyone–except Sassy.  She’s sitting there bright red in embarrassment thinking, “Oh my God–this guy is a complete idiot.  I’m so embarrassed.”  But because she’s so nice–she’s kind of trapped there.  So she pretends she’s having fun–even though she’s dying with embarrassment–and seriously wants to run away–but is frozen in a weird combination of panic, embarrassment, silly laughter and unbelief.  “How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?  Oh…………….God!  Lookat him!!!  I’m so embarrassed!”  OR….she’s strangely ok with it and as he extends his hand to invite her to join him—dances with him a little—–toward the end of the song—right there on the street—-with people walking by smiling and laughing at the two crazy people dancing to the music on the sidewalk.  
To actually do Scene 1–Part 1, Mr. Mitty is going to have to grow a bigger pair than he normally has hangin’.  He’s not quite sure whether he’ll have the stones to actually follow through with this first part of the scene.  Even his “Super-Stud” costume might not be enough.  But he’d like to give it a try.  But Part 3 of Scene 1 he knows he can do–because Mr. Mitty and Sassy have done it a couple of times before–and liked it and found it fun.
Scene 1–Part 3:
Mr. Mitty puts on a second song–a slower one that’s a little “melancholy”–but very sweet and romantic.  Mr. Mitty and Sassy start kissing and hugging and swaying like they’re doing a gentle, stationary dance with the song “Asking Around For You” playing — written by Joe Bonamassa & Mike Himelstein–from the album “Joe Bonamassa Live From the Royal Albert Hall”, London, 2009.  They’re still on the sidewalk.  People are walking by and smiling.  But Sassy and Mr. Mitty don’t notice them at all.  They’re “transfixed” now—lost in their own little world of sweet sensuality, emerging horniness, pressing lips, tongues, full frontal pressing, arms around each other, pulling in tight, swaying, humming, mesmerized, in a trance of building pleasure and anticipation……
“Asking Around for You” by Joe Bonamassa
If i get to heaven
the first thing I’ll do
before I meet my maker
I’m gonna ask around for you
all of heaven gotta know
your beauty ever true
I’ll tap an angel on the shoulder
and I’ll be asking around for you
I’m sure you’ve found a place up there
where we all can sit and talk a while
play some cards and drink black coffee
How I’d love to see you smile
If I get to heaven
and I’m praying that I do
It’ll be the first thing I do
I’ll tap an angel on the shoulder
and I’ll be asking around for you
I’m sure you found a place up there
where we all can sit and talk a while
play some cards and drink black coffee
I’d love to see you smile
If I get to heaven now
oh I’m praying that I do
It’ll be the first thing I do
I’ll tap an angel on the shoulder
and I’ll be asking around for you
I’ll tap an angel on the shoulder
and I’ll be asking around for you
(Smiling with eyes tearing a little.  Sorry, don’t want to weird you out–just thinking of you.  And this song is SO sexy, bluesy, slow, piano, saxophones, big horns, slow, sexy, deep kissing, grinding, pressing, pulling in, going in…….don’t freak out on the “L” word…I still don’t plan to marry you….and we still need to find out how it’s “really going to be” with the sex…..but this song is more like “making love” than just fucking…I hope that will make sense to you after you hear it….the words alone don’t do it justice….)
Scene 2
Sassy brings Mr. Mitty home.  He takes off his “Super Stud” costume–naked in her arms with no props…just the two of them–hoping “plain Kris” is good enough–knowing for sure Sassy will be.



Kris: I got side tracked…listening to music…..fantasizing….wrote a “silly but serious” fantasy script….sent email….now got to do what should have earlier…..10:00 if it’s not too late then to chat.. 6:10 PM
Me: Sounds great! 6:11 PM
Kris: K 6:12 PM


From: Sassy
To: Kris
Subject:  Sat, Apr 19, 2014 7:10 PM
Re: Mr. Mitty writes a script
Wow!  I can see this so clearly!  You write so well, except the part where I am embarrassed.  I would be glorying in your performance!  Cheering you on!  Longing for your hands on me. 
I found videos of the songs you sent.  What a guitar player!  Joe reminds me of my favorite folk musician, David Wilcox.  Here’s one of his top songs about a woman on motorcycle. 
David Wilcox- Eye of the Hurricane
Tank is full, switch is on
Night is warm, cops are gone
Rocket bike is all her own
It’s called a hurricane
She told me once it’s quite a ride
It’s shaped so there’s this place inside
Where if you’re moving you can hide
Safe within the rain
She wants to run away
But there’s nowhere that she can go
Nowhere the pain won’t come again
But she can hide
Hide in the pouring rain
She rides the eye of the hurricane
Tell the truth, explain to me
How you got this need for speed
She laughed and said “it might just be
The next best thing to love.”
Hope is gone and she confessed
When you lay your dream to rest
You can get what’s second best
But it’s hard to get enough
She wants to run away
But there’s nowhere that she can go
Nowhere the pain won’t come again
But she can hide
Hide in the pouring rain
She rides the eye of the hurricane
We saw her ride so fast last night
Racing by a flash of light
Riding quick, the street was dark
A shining truck she thought was parked
It blocked her path, stopped her heart
But not the hurricane
She saw her chance to slip the trap
There was just the room to pass in back
But then it moved, closed the gap
She never felt the pain
She wants to run away
But there’s nowhere that she can go
Nowhere the pain won’t come again
But she can hide
Hide in the pouring rain
She rides the eye of the hurricane

She rides the eye of a hurricane.
From: Sassy
To; Kris
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2014 7:21 PM
I can’t resist sharing one more tune by David Wilcox… 
David Wilcox – Rusty Old American Dream (Guitar Greats)
David Wilcox – Rusty Old American Dream (Guitar G…
View on
Preview by Yahoo
I don’t look all that ragged for all the time it’s been,
But I’m weakened underneath me where my frame is rusted thin.
And this year’s state inspection just barely passed
Won’t you drive me ‘cross the country, boy,
This year could be my last.
I’m a tailfin road locomotive from the days of cheap gasoline,
And I’m for sale by the side of the road going nowhere,
A rusty old American dream.
I rolled off the line in Detroit back in 1958,
Spent three days in the showroom, that’s all I had to wait.
I’ve been good to all who owned me, so have no fear;
C’mon, boy, put your money down and get me out of here!
I’m a tailfin road locomotive from the days of cheap gasoline,
And I’m for sale by the side of the road going nowhere,
A rusty old American dream.
This car needs a young man to own him
One who will polish the chrome,
I will give you the rest of my lifetime,
But don’t let me die here alone.
Just jump me some juice to my battery,
Give that old starter a spin,
Hear me whir, sputter, backfire through the carburator,
And roar into life once again.
I’m a tailfin road locomotive,
You can polish my chrome so clean
We can fly off into the sunset together,
A rusty old American dream. Still running! 

Rusty old American dream 


From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2014 7:32 PM
Re: Rusty Old American Dream
Ok….now I’m am really getting worked up.  You surprised me.  I will definitely listen to these songs later.  I am under pressure and SO want to stay and play with you…but have to pull myself away to work.  It’s not your fault…it’s mine.  It’s so cool you found videos of JB to watch/listen to.  One of my favorites is on the middle of his home web page–with him playing with Eric Clapton on Clapton’s “Further On Up the Road.”  That was the first song Bonamassa taught himself to play on an electric guitar—at age 8!  When Bonamassa was 12 years old he used to open for B.B. King.  Anyhow, go and click on “Eric Clapton plays with Joe Bonamassa live on Joe’s Euro Tour.  Toward the end of the song they do a serious duet where they exchange and mirror their playing.  Watch how Clapton smiles broadly in almost amazement at how well Bonamassa “mirrors” Clapton’s playing.  Since “imitation is the highest form of flattery”–Clapton’s getting plenty of strokes–and is fully enjoying it.
And I’m fully enjoying YOU…………..and HAVE to pull myself away..
I’m going to collect whatever your favorite music is and put it on my new “Nano Ipod.”  My new bike has bluetooth and I can stream music from the Ipod through the bike’s external speakers.  So start giving me a list of your favorites….
OMG…..I’ve got to go and don’t want to….YOU’RE SO FUN!!!!!!!!!! (and “Sassy”)….
: ) 
Kris: Will 10:30 b too late…forgot daughter was skyping to video chat and see new baby….means doing my work later….but SO want to chat… to “family obligations”……poppin em out like rabbits around here…..i’m so bad…. 8:18 PM
Me: That’s fine. You are a hoot! 8:20 PM
Kris: 🙂 8:24 PM
Kris: Tick toc, tick toc….bustin butt to b done and on Yahoo soon 10:11 PM
Me: 🙂 10:12 PM
Kris: Big 🙂 10:12 PM

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