Saturday fantasies

·       Apr 19 10:33 PM Kris: Hi!
·       Apr 19 10:33 PM Sassy: Hiya Kris!
·       Apr 19 10:34 PM Kris: I’m listening to one of the songs you sent me…Eye of the Hurricane…cool song!
·       Apr 19 10:34 PM Sassy: So glad you like it. Music is so subjective.
·       Apr 19 10:35 PM Kris: Yes…it is…everyone has different taste
·       Apr 19 10:35 PM Kris: for me….sometimes depends on mood too….one time I’ll want to listen to a certain song or type of music…and another time…not so much….depends
·       Apr 19 10:36 PM Sassy: Oh yes
·       Apr 19 10:38 PM Kris: now I’m listening to “Rusty Old American Dream”….cool folk singer…
·       Apr 19 10:39 PM Kris: so you’re going to dance with a crazy old man on a sidewalk?????
·       Apr 19 10:40 PM Sassy: There’s one line that gets to me every time… when the car asked the young man to get him out of there… “Don’t let me die here alone”
·       Apr 19 10:40 PM Sassy: I empathize with the car!
·       Apr 19 10:40 PM Kris: i missed that. on which song?
·       Apr 19 10:40 PM Sassy: Rusty
·       Apr 19 10:41 PM Kris: i’ve still got the web page open…I’m going to play it again right now and listen for that line….
·       Apr 19 10:44 PM Kris: heard it. interesting…not to go “too deep”….but what about that line…..fear of something….just “empathize in general”….?
·       Apr 19 10:45 PM Sassy: Some days I feel like an old car… still running! Take me for a spin!
·       Apr 19 10:45 PM Kris: do you feel like you’re waiting around too much?
·       Apr 19 10:46 PM Sassy: not lately!
·       Apr 19 10:46 PM Sassy: Did you see the new grandbaby?
·       Apr 19 10:47 PM Kris: yes. but she was asleep. still adorable….naturally.
·       Apr 19 10:47 PM Sassy: Did she have a hat on?
·       Apr 19 10:48 PM Kris: hmmmm…..can’t remember
·       Apr 19 10:49 PM Sassy: That’s when it really hit me there was going to be a new little person, which I walked into my sister’s birthing room and there was a tiny hat!
·       Apr 19 10:49 PM Kris: you mean before she was born?
·       Apr 19 10:49 PM Sassy: before my niece was born, yes
·       Apr 19 10:50 PM Sassy: Did you have a good day?
·       Apr 19 10:51 PM Kris: yes….except i was unusually distracted by thinking about a certain person…..
·       Apr 19 10:51 PM Kris: all day long
·       Apr 19 10:51 PM Kris: how was your day?
·       Apr 19 10:52 PM Sassy: Frustrating. One little aggravating thing after another with my mom.
·       Apr 19 10:52 PM Kris: i want you to tell me…but you know you were the “distracting person”…right… a really good way…smile
·       Apr 19 10:52 PM Sassy: oh yes
·       Apr 19 10:53 PM Kris: ok…tell me about mom
·       Apr 19 10:53 PM Sassy: We went to the 99. I thought of you
·       Apr 19 10:53 PM Kris: go on
·       Apr 19 10:54 PM Sassy: Will your son blackmail you with his knowledge of the bike?
·       Apr 19 10:55 PM
Kris: no…..he’s really a very good person….I’m surprised i even told him….but he doesn’t seem upset i haven’t told my wife….he’s just genuinely concerned I’m going to kill myself…..but he knows there’s no point in trying to talk me out of anything….too stubborn.
·       Apr 19 10:56 PM Sassy: Please don’t die right now
·       Apr 19 10:56 PM Kris: kind of a stupid question…but why?
·       Apr 19 10:57 PM Sassy: Well I just met you and I’d like to have a chance to fuck you before you go, you know? : )
·       Apr 19 10:58 PM
·       Apr 19 10:58 PM Sassy: Ding ding ding
·       Apr 19 10:59 PM Kris: Ab-so-fucking-lutely!
·       Apr 19 10:59 PM Sassy: LOL
·       Apr 19 10:59 PM Sassy: For the record, I don’t like lettuce
·       Apr 19 10:59 PM Kris: ok….I’ll write that down…..where did that come from?….LOL
·       Apr 19 11:00 PM Sassy: I am eating Thai fresh rolls, which are usually like… 10% lettuce and 90% other stuff. I can deal with that. But these are like 90% lettuce. Ick.
·       Apr 19 11:00 PM Sassy: I can eat Caesar salad. And a big Mac…
·       Apr 19 11:01 PM Sassy: But mostly, don’t make me eat a lot of lettuce!
·       Apr 19 11:01 PM Kris: You’re so funny. this is such a random conversation….did i just move into the twilight zone? I’m laughing really hard right now!
·       Apr 19 11:02 PM Sassy: You want to know the real me? This is REAL, MISTER!
·       Apr 19 11:02 PM Kris: LOL
·       Apr 19 11:03 PM Kris: Do you have to be “Sassy” to talk about lettuce too?
·       Apr 19 11:03 PM Kris: TEASING AGAIN
·       Apr 19 11:03 PM Sassy: I want to send you a short erotic story I wrote.
·       Apr 19 11:03 PM Kris: ok
·       Apr 19 11:03 PM Kris: where will you send it…email?
·       Apr 19 11:03 PM Kris: or here?
·       Apr 19 11:04 PM Sassy: email. Only 4 paragraphs
From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2014 11:04 PM 
Subject:  The View 
Just as I was finishing my last meeting of the day yesterday, 
gathering my papers off the marble table in the conference 
room on the 36th floor, the sound of sirens wafted up from 
the expressway below.  Everyone else had left the room, so 
I took a minute to lean over the marble counter and stare 
down at the roadway.  There was a horrible wreck of mangled 
metal and shattered glass, several cars and a tractor trailer 
twisted together.  The traffic was stopped behind the mess, 
and the cars on the other side barely moved, rubbernecking.
Suddenly, I heard the door close. I straightened up, but before I
could turn, I felt your arm around my waist, and felt the heat of you
on my back through my dress.  You were already hard, pressed
tightly against my ass.  I started to speak, but you put a finger
on my lips and teased a corner.  I licked your thumb, and you moved
your hand down to unbutton my dress.  Just enough to slip
your hand inside and tease a hard nipple.  I moaned and let my head
fall back against your shoulder.  You bit my neck and ran your
tongue across my skin.
You slipped your hand under my skirt and inside my underwear,
teasing my most sensitive spot.  You pressed a finger inside,
unsurprised at the moisture gathered there.  I was startled
as you lowered my underwear.  I felt like my knees would
buckle, but you tightened your grip and spread my legs to
balance me against the counter.  I panicked when I heard
the rasping sound of your zipper, but before I could form the
words in my mind to stop you, I felt you hot and hard against
my skin, and a low moan was all that escaped my lips.  You
shoved it inside me, and your breathing grew ragged as you
watched yourself slide in and out.  You kneaded the flesh of
my hips as you moved, then reached around me to rub the top
of my slit in time with your strokes.  I was trying to be
quiet, but could not hold in all the gasps of pleasure as
you thrust deeper and deeper inside me, your balls slapping
against me.  You felt the trembling start inside me, and
the clenching around you.  You felt the pulsing, the searing
heat and suddenly lost control, pounding me into the wood
and stone, spurting up inside me over and over.
The only sound was our uneven breathing and the whirring
air conditioning.  You pressed your cheek to my back and
whispered, “What a view…”
·       Apr 19 11:04 PM Kris: ok…can i go read it right now?
·       Apr 19 11:04 PM Sassy: Sure
·       Apr 19 11:04 PM Sassy: Does not include any lettuce!
·       Apr 19 11:04 PM Kris: LOL
·       Apr 19 11:05 PM Kris: email open…tap, tap, tap…waiting
·       Apr 19 11:07 PM Kris: still waiting… this where i should be taking notes….for future reference?
·       Apr 19 11:07 PM Sassy: No… just another peek into my brain
·       Apr 19 11:07 PM Kris: ok
·       Apr 19 11:08 PM Kris: reading it now…..give me a moment
·       Apr 19 11:13 PM Kris: omg
·       Apr 19 11:15 PM Kris: that’s SO hot…..
·       Apr 19 11:15 PM Sassy: Glad you get that
·       Apr 19 11:15 PM Kris: a little hard not to
·       Apr 19 11:15 PM Kris: left me trying to think of what to say…
·       Apr 19 11:16 PM Sassy: Could you see yourself there?
·       Apr 19 11:16 PM Kris: absolutely!
·       Apr 19 11:16 PM Kris: bring something up (besides that)
·       Apr 19 11:16 PM Sassy: When I have pent up energy, I let it out into stories
·       Apr 19 11:16 PM Kris: pent up as in horny?
·       Apr 19 11:17 PM Sassy: Yes. There are a lot of stories.  : )
·       Apr 19 11:17 PM Kris: would having sex like that with me be fun….i mean doing it that way would be fun…and hopefully fun with me?
·       Apr 19 11:19 PM Sassy: We can try it and see.
·       Apr 19 11:19 PM Kris: right
·       Apr 19 11:19 PM Sassy: Or you will see… I will feel
·       Apr 19 11:19 PM Kris: lol
·       Apr 19 11:19 PM Sassy: feel you very deep
·       Apr 19 11:19 PM Sassy: listen to you tell me what it looks like when your cock goes in and out
·       Apr 19 11:19 PM Sassy: feel your hands on my hip
·       Apr 19 11:20 PM Sassy: mmmffh
·       Apr 19 11:20 PM Kris: as in “oh that feels good”?
·       Apr 19 11:21 PM Sassy: good is too mild a word.
·       Apr 19 11:21 PM Kris: use the one that fits
·       Apr 19 11:21 PM Sassy: fabulous!
·       Apr 19 11:21 PM Kris: your story brings up something i’ve been thinking about…and answers it in part…
·       Apr 19 11:22 PM Sassy: ?
·       Apr 19 11:24 PM Kris: about how different ways and speeds and just “taking you” versus more foreplay and slower is all different ways and wondering if you have “i like it this way” most…or different ways at different times…
·       Apr 19 11:26 PM Kris: does that question make sense?
·       Apr 19 11:26 PM Sassy: Yes.
·       Apr 19 11:26 PM Sassy: Different ways, different times… like music
·       Apr 19 11:26 PM Sassy: or food
·       Apr 19 11:27 PM Kris: does telling me what you want take the spontaneity out of it for you….or will you tell me without it “ruining the moment?
·       Apr 19 11:28 PM Sassy: I can talk about things I like, what actually happens is still a surprise, fun etc.
·       Apr 19 11:28 PM Kris: i think i know what you mean…but explain a little more
·       Apr 19 11:29 PM Sassy: There is no one magic scenario
·       Apr 19 11:29 PM Sassy: There are a lot of things I like
·       Apr 19 11:32 PM Kris: what’s going to be fun for me is finding out what gets you off…..learning what works for you……maybe some things “generally work for most women”….but what works for you can be unique to you…..and i have to find that out…..and that’s going to be fun for me….at least I’m expecting/hoping it will be…and for you to have me finding out….
·       Apr 19 11:32 PM Sassy: I am so glad you are interested in that!
·       Apr 19 11:33 PM Kris: it’s what I’m MOST interested in….
·       Apr 19 11:33 PM Sassy: That is rare
·       Apr 19 11:33 PM Kris: i know you’re going to get me off….there’s no way you’re not going to……
·       Apr 19 11:34 PM Kris: but i need to have the pleasure of having you satisfied….enjoying me….wanting me and being happy to have sex with me….because i get you off…..
·       Apr 19 11:34 PM Sassy: Yup
·       Apr 19 11:35 PM Kris: so i need to learn what you like….try different things….try not to be “too obvious”….but let your “stories” guide me a little…
·       Apr 19 11:36 PM Sassy: I will share more
·       Apr 19 11:36 PM Sassy: tomorrow
·       Apr 19 11:36 PM Kris: i was thinking something else about what’s going to be “different” for me…
·       Apr 19 11:36 PM Sassy: Yes?
·       Apr 19 11:37 PM Kris: your mind as a castle metaphor got me thinking….
·       Apr 19 11:37 PM Kris: i haven’t had the chance to “walk around anything too new” in a long time…
·        Apr 19 11:37 PM Kris: no new doors to look into…limited options.
·       Apr 19 11:38 PM Kris: so now i get to “explore”….and it dawned on me I CAN…..Whoopee!
·       Apr 19 11:39 PM Sassy: Several men have said to me that they have never been with a woman who would do what they wanted
·       Apr 19 11:39 PM Sassy: That they could say “I really want to try X” and she’d do it with them.  I try to be all about that
·       Apr 19 11:40 PM Kris: that will be fun….but the main thing i want you to do more than anything else is help me get you off…..and then doing different stuff will be fun too!
·       Apr 19 11:41 PM Sassy: Usually if you are fulfilling a fantasy it is very hot for me
·       Apr 19 11:41 PM Sassy: And gives me the courage to ask for mine
·       Apr 19 11:41 PM Kris: don’t be shy…..ask away….Sassy
·       Apr 19 11:43 PM Kris: i haven’t even really thought about “fantasies” much…..but i expect that will change…..hopefully soon!
·       Apr 19 11:44 PM Sassy: stupid cockblocking Easter
·       Apr 19 11:44 PM Kris: Huh?
·       Apr 19 11:44 PM Sassy: If it was not Easter tomorrow…
·       Apr 19 11:45 PM Sassy: we could probably have had an adventure
·       Apr 19 11:46 PM Kris: i know….where….just to have a little mini-fantasy about “what might have been”?
·       Apr 19 11:47 PM Sassy: Hmmm
·       Apr 19 11:48 PM Kris: thinking?
·       Apr 19 11:48 PM Sassy: Yes. Many possibilities
·       Apr 19 11:48 PM Kris: such as?
·       Apr 19 11:48 PM Sassy: an indoor picnic
·       Apr 19 11:48 PM Sassy: naked
·       Apr 19 11:49 PM Kris: where?
·       Apr 19 11:49 PM Sassy: I am seeing a hotel room…with treats on the desk
·       Apr 19 11:50 PM Sassy: eat a little… play a little… eat more.. play more
·       Apr 19 11:50 PM Kris: mmmmmmm….sounds yummy!
·       Apr 19 11:50 PM Sassy: gotta keep our strength up
·       Apr 19 11:50 PM Kris: LOL
·       Apr 19 11:50 PM Sassy: satisfy two hungers
·       Apr 19 11:50 PM Kris: got to interrupt you for a minute…
·       Apr 19 11:51 PM Sassy: gotta heed nature’s call BRB
·       Apr 19 11:52 PM Kris: ok…I’ll tell you what i need to do right now.
·       Apr 19 11:52 PM Kris: i need to go in about 10 minutes.
·       Apr 19 11:52 PM Kris: i told my wife i needed to do work up to my deadline…which is 12:00…
·       Apr 19 11:52 PM Kris: usually she leaves me alone.
·       Apr 19 11:52 PM Kris: but she’s got a movie in she wants me to watch with her…
·       Apr 19 11:53 PM Kris: i’d rather keep chatting with you….
·       Apr 19 11:53 PM Kris: but when you come back i want you to tell me more about our meeting in the hotel room….
·       Apr 19 11:53 PM Kris: sorry to interrupt this with an intrusive statement about “keeping peace” on the homefront.
·       Apr 19 11:54 PM Kris: PLEASE tell me more in the next few moments……YOU ARE SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
·       Apr 19 11:55 PM Kris: tell me more….then tell me when we can chat tomorrow…..i won’t have to be so late….don’t have anything but going to mom’s for Easter…then home hopefully not too late….since you have work Monday….TELL ME MORE NOW…..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
·       Apr 19 11:57 PM Sassy: Back
·       Apr 19 11:58 PM Sassy: I have Easter dinner @ 1 PM , then take folks to the airport. Hope to be home by 6
·       Apr 19 11:58 PM Sassy: Will be here all evening
·       Apr 19 11:58 PM Sassy: Don’t ever hesitate to do whatever to keep wife happy
·       Apr 20 12:00 AM Sassy: Let’s see… hotel room… cocktail shrimp… chocolate…
·       Apr 20 12:00 AM Kris: No….I won’t. plus on many levels she’s obviously still important to me. it’s not just about “getting caught”. it’s also about just being a decent person.
·       Apr 20 12:00 AM Sassy: Yup
·       Apr 20 12:00 AM Kris: oops…sorry…keep going….
·       Apr 20 12:00 AM Sassy: I feed you while you play with my chest
·       Apr 20 12:01 AM Kris: omg……tomorrow you need to keep going…but i have to go….she’s getting on me….starting the movie from the beginning…ARRRGHHH!
·       Apr 20 12:01 AM Sassy: Have fun!
·       Apr 20 12:02 AM Sassy: Nite!
·       Apr 20 12:02 AM Sassy: Mwah!
·       Apr 20 12:02 AM Kris: Nite!….BIG MWAH and grabbing you…..
·       Apr 20 12:02 AM Sassy: Again.. look down your body…
·       Apr 20 12:02 AM Sassy: remember
·       Apr 20 12:03 AM Kris: omg….bobbing
·       Apr 20 12:03 AM Sassy: licking
·       Apr 20 12:03 AM Sassy: sucking
·       Apr 20 12:03 AM Sassy: pumping
·       Apr 20 12:03 AM Sassy: now go!
·       Apr 20 12:03 AM Kris: groan…gotta go…nite!

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