Wednesday, April 16, 2014
10:01am Phil
Have a great day kiddo!

10:14am Sassy

Same to you!  So great to hear your voice yesterday 
11:14am Phil
Always good to talk to you!

12:44pm Phil

Feeling better today. Learned today the guy is another bar fly who apparently does not have his own place and now lives with her. How do you let someone move in and occupy your home that you don’t know? A few nights in a bar ain’t knowing some one. Time to write this one off I think

12:51pm Sassy

Wow.  Sorry.  On the “doing things to tick you off” she really has it down, eh?  But if it makes it a little easier to stay away, perhaps a good thing.  Hugs kid.

12:58pm Phil

Then wonders why it didn’t work. And wonders why these guys always turn out to be shit bags. You can’t pick some guy up in a bar, fuck the hell out of him for a month or two and then come crying back

1:13pm Sassy

You’ve always let her before.

2:20pm Phil

This one really fried my ass though. I was there, she had me and she walked away for an apparently homeless bar fly? WTF. Not that I’m all that but I thought I was special to her and I now think anyone who was nice to her and paid attention to her would have been fine. When I get done being upset about it, I’m sure I’ll see it differently. I’m not mad at her. I’ve never been mad at her but I’m disappointed

2:22pm Phil

This is 5 over 3 years including my best friend which was described as a revenge fuck. I don’t even know what that is. I can’t even imagine doing something like that

2:25pm Sassy

Did she do anything like this in the time you lived with her?

2:29pm Phil

Yeah, that’s why I left, came out in a bra and panties and rubbed all over a friend, kissed and groped another friend in a bar, got pissed at me and decided to play strip poker with guys on the beach while slamming jack Daniels, I loved her but couldn’t handle it. She had affairs on her husband as well. I should have seen it long ago but the girl melts my heart, puts her arms around me and I turn to jello. Men are so stupid

2:34pm Sassy

Feelings aren’t stupid.

And dealing with a lover’s bad traits is normal… no one is perfect.

That she does this is bad, that she does it knowing it bugs you is worse.

I can see you saying you love her, you’ll deal

I can see you saying “no frickin way”

Only you can say which!

3:39pm Phil

I do love her. We all have faults and issues and I have not made her feel secure. Shame on me. Much of her action is an attempt to get my attention but all she had to do was just love me and I would already be there. Hurting me puts my guard up and makes me question. Just be mine, love me, stand beside me and I will treat you like royalty and love you back with all that I have. I just want her to be that incredible person I see in the morning, the one who rolls over and kisses me good morning and then convinces me that there much better things than breakfast.

7:33pm Phil

Hey Sass, had a great dinner

7:46pm Sassy

Saw that!  Yum!

7:48pm Phil

Enjoying a cigar and scotch, great tunes and loving the solitude

8:04pm Phil

Wanna yap?

8:08pm Sassy


8:09pm Phil

[photo of him looking very tired, sitting outside in his backyard]
8:10pm Sassy
You look relaxed.  But have way too many clothes on!

8:11pm Phil

I’ll fix that later

Big puffy face is gone, healthier by the day

8:13pm Sassy

I was noticing your disappearing chin!  Looks great!

10:54pm Phil

Hope you had fun

10:56pm Phil

[photo of his very erect cock]
11:13pm Sassy
Oh my!  I did!  Low key but lovely

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