Guessing game

Wednesday April 16, 2014
Kris: Hope your event went well yesterday. (With all my “blah, blah, blah” never said so.). Hope u have a good day today….still “Frisky” for u…. 🙂 7:37 AM
Me: Good morning hot stuff! Event went well except for horrible weather, coolers that leaked all over near the bar and speaker stuck in NYC! Whee! 9:52 AM
Me: Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! 9:53 AM
Kris: Do u like surprises? (devilish grin) 2:14 PM
Me: Sure! (silly grin) 2:48 PM
Kris: K….just take all my craziness in stride….while i scheme 2:54 PM
Me: Uh oh 3:07 PM
Kris: Heh, heh, heh (sinister snicker) 3:45 PM
Kris: Can u chat? 7:29 PM
Me: Just got home. Give me 10 min? 7:32 PM
Kris: Give me 20….and i have a surprise for you!!!  humor me and try to guess what it is….when we chat. you get three guesses. if u guess right u get a $50 gift certificate to a store of your choice. if u guess wrong u still get a fun offer just for being a good sport and playing along. so put on your thinking cap and i’ll be on in 20…..Crazy Kris. 7:48 PM
·       Apr 16 8:20 PM Kris: Hi!
·       Apr 16 8:21 PM Sassy: Hiya!
·       Apr 16 8:21 PM Kris: ok….so will you play a guessing game with me?
·       Apr 16 8:21 PM Sassy: Sure
·       Apr 16 8:22 PM Kris: ok…before you try guessing tell me how your day was
·       Apr 16 8:24 PM Sassy: Not great. But I have high hopes for tomorrow.
·       Apr 16 8:24 PM Kris: oh? what happened today and what r u hoping for tomorrow?
·       Apr 16 8:26 PM Sassy: Took Mom in to finish her taxes at H&R Block… big mess. Found out her broker has been creating capital gains like crazy. And the Post Office closed at 5 PM.
·       Apr 16 8:27 PM Kris: he’s been “churning” her account…do you know what that means?
·       Apr 16 8:27 PM Sassy: yes. I used to manage pension funds, know a fair amt
·       Apr 16 8:28 PM Kris: i trade options online…will tell you about it another time…go on
·       Apr 16 8:28 PM Sassy: so ticked
·       Apr 16 8:28 PM Kris: a-hole, eh?
·       Apr 16 8:29 PM Sassy: asked her to talk with her friends, help me find someone better
·       Apr 16 8:29 PM Kris: anything else bad happen today?
·       Apr 16 8:31 PM Sassy: No. That was enough
·       Apr 16 8:31 PM Kris: sounds horrible…is she open to finding someone different?
·       Apr 16 8:31 PM Sassy: yes
·       Apr 16 8:32 PM Kris: that’s good…..
·       Apr 16 8:32 PM Kris: ok….if you’re not in the mood to play my silly guessing game i’ll just tell you what the “surprise” is….which way do you want to go?
·       Apr 16 8:34 PM Sassy: play
·       Apr 16 8:34 PM Kris: ok…before you start guessing i’m going to ask you a few questions or make some statements that are “clues”… ready?
·       Apr 16 8:34 PM Sassy: Sounds great!
·       Apr 16 8:35 PM Kris: ok…first question: Did you eat dinner already?
·       Apr 16 8:35 PM Sassy: Yes
·       Apr 16 8:35 PM Kris: ok….statement: It would be nice if I were closer to you right now…then maybe we could have dessert and talk face to face…but, oh well…it is what it is….
·       Apr 16 8:36 PM Sassy: that’s so true
·       Apr 16 8:36 PM Kris: ok….so now you get 3 guesses….remember….a $50 gift certificate is riding on this….so here you go…what’s your first guess?
·       Apr 16 8:37 PM Sassy: photos of you?
·       Apr 16 8:37 PM Kris: no…one down two to go
·       Apr 16 8:38 PM Sassy: chocolate?
·       Apr 16 8:38 PM Kris: close…..but not exactly…two down….one to go
·       Apr 16 8:39 PM Sassy: hmmm
·       Apr 16 8:39 PM Kris: want another clue?
·       Apr 16 8:39 PM Sassy: may I?
·       Apr 16 8:40 PM Kris: ok…here it is…I REALLY wish I were very close to you right now….
·       Apr 16 8:41 PM Sassy: SEX?
·       Apr 16 8:42 PM Kris: that would be wonderful…but sorry that’s not it…so i’ll tell you.
·       Apr 16 8:43 PM Kris: i’m sitting at Finale’s in Harvard Square with a dozen roses sitting on the table waiting for you to come down here so i can give them to you and buy you dessert and look in your eyes and talk to you and hold your hand….
·       Apr 16 8:44 PM Sassy: WHAT?
·       Apr 16 8:44 PM Kris: 30 dunster st….corner of dunster and mt. auburn….are u coming?
·       Apr 16 8:46 PM Sassy: Sure.
·       Apr 16 8:46 PM Sassy: Where did you park? 
·       Apr 16 8:47 PM Kris: street nearby…got lucky…but there’s a parking garage right across the street from here…
·       Apr 16 8:47 PM Sassy: Ok. I have to get dressed… hang on!
·       Apr 16 8:48 PM Sassy: HOLY SHIT!
·       Apr 16 8:48 PM Kris: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
·       Apr 16 8:48 PM Sassy: You are something.
·       Apr 16 8:48 PM Kris:  ;D
·       Apr 16 8:56 PM Kris: right!….see you soon!
·       Apr 16 8:56 PM Sassy: Mwah!
·       Apr 16 8:56 PM Kris: back at ya!
Me: In my car 9:00 PM
Kris: :)…let me know when you’re here so i can greet my “old friend” with a hug and kiss….will that b ok….or too close to home? 9:04 PM
Me: Should be fine. I’ll look around. 9:06 PM
Kris: K 9:06 PM

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