More than Frisky

Sunday, April 13, 2014
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2014 3:33 AM
Subject: how i want to ravage you
ok…it’s 3:00 a.m. and i’ve spent the last 2 1/2 hours in bed unable to sleep just fantasizing about TODAY!  don’t worry….i’m not thinking of rushing out and buying an engagement ring–this is pure, unadulterated, sexual desire for you….lust, wanting to take you…and be had by you.
So please don’t think this silly…but here’s a little “fantasy” i’d actually like to do:
1) I’m so pissed off I can’t bring my bike tomorrow.  Even if you never ride it–you’ll see how impressive it is as a machine.  And when I wear all my leather it puts me “in a mood”–“bad boy”, “aggressive,” “lustful,” “live dangerously.”  Some women like that.  It’s even listed on AM for a preference of “what a woman wants”.  Most people who don’t ride don’t know what the real purpose of leather is (which is not to look “cool”).  The truth is it’s “armor” against the road when a biker goes down.  This certainly doesn’t help my cause to get you on the bike–but there’s an old saying everyone who rides knows: “When it comes to dumping a bike there’s only two categories of riders–those who have–and those who will.”  I should NOT have said that to you–but there it is.  I’ve already done my share of dumping bikes in the past–so I’m covered.  I’m not doing it again–certainly not an 800-pound, fully-dressed Harley touring bike I couldn’t even put back upright without another guy helping me lift it.  Anyhow—back to my fantasy:
I’m coming dressed in my leather:  jacket, chaps, boots, and instead of my full leather gloves i’m wearing my fingerless “power grips” that I use to lift weights at the gym.  Some bikers wear them too– because it helps to have your bare fingers to push all the buttons you need to for the different controls around the bike’s grips and handle bars.  
My fantasy is—-I want you to wait at your car–wherever it is you park it.  I’m going to walk up to you–take your face with my two hands (the power grips aren’t soft but I’ll hold your face gently)–and give you deep, fierce, passionate kisses–my tongue asking for yours.  Normally I’d wear my hoodie under my jacket–but tomorrow (correction TODAY!) it’s going to be too warm.  So I’ll have a “dressy casual” blue striped button down shirt on under my leather jacket.  Normally I wear undershirts–but no undershirt tomorrow.  Normally I wear boxer shorts–but no underwear tomorrow.  When I’m kissing you I want you to unzip my jacket–unzip some part of my shirt–and rub my chest.  Nothing else—save “full dessert” for later.  Then if you want to see if you can unzip my chaps (like you said you were good at)—I’ll take them off before we go into the restaurant together.
You said you got off in the parking lot last week.  I couldn’t feel it really.  Today I want to make sure–in the car later.  I’m going to buy some lubricant on the way—-and want to use it on you down there and play.  I really want to use my tongue—-so badly—but am going to have to force myself to wait.  You understand.  But I have “pretty good hands”—and the lubricant will help.  You don’t have to—but I wouldn’t object if you did something with it to me that I’ve never had done before.  If you decide to suck—maybe your finger could find it’s way someplace I’ve never experience it before.  I don’t know if I’d like it—but what the heck.  Get me while I’m in a really “bad boy” mood.  But don’t do anything unless you feel it in the moment.  I’m just telling you what I’m “open to”.  We need to do only what we feel like doing–and are comfortable with.  We’ve agreed to talk to each other.  If things get “weird” or “awkward”—we need to talk about them.  “Yes, Kris, that might work on a bed—but right now I feel like I’m going to break my back.  So let’s try this another time.”  And then we can both laugh hysterically….
I can’t wait to get at your breasts—to kiss them, and feel them, and lick them—and have you tell me how to do it so that you get as much out of it as I KNOW I’m going to.
And finally, could you bring those toys with you?  Even if we don’t use any–it would be fun to see them.  And who knows?
Some people would say that this is “scripting” sex and takes the fun and “spontanaeity” out of it.  I think it just “titillates” and builds more anticipation.  You seem to like it—so I hope this is ok.
I’m going to try and go to sleep now—and not think about you—which is hard.  Don’t worry—I don’t want to marry you—-I want to FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT AND HAVE YOU DO THE SAME TO ME!  If I also happen to think you’re just A WONDERFUL PERSON WHO’S FUN—well—I can’t help it—–cuz I think you are!
More than “Frisky”–plain hungry,
Kris: important email with fantasy…please read…hope u don’t think it’s silly…most i think you’ll like…..mmmmmmm….can hardly wait….will try to sleep again now 4:03 AM
Kris: up yet? 9:10 AM
Me: Awake. In bed. 9:11 AM
Kris: 🙂 9:11 AM
Me: You write beautifully. Revved me up! And reassured me. 9:13 AM
Kris: i’m up to….after 4 hours those ads say i should go to the er 9:16 AM
Me: Hee hee. 9:16 AM
Kris: 🙂 9:17 AM
Kris: gotta go ….check back in hour 9:18 AM
Me: At restaurant, go around back, look for me in the back corner lot. Leaning on my car looking kissable! 9:18 AM
Kris: omg….hell yeah 9:20 AM
Kris: 100.7 fm …radio…”space my head is in”….oh baby 11:00 AM
Kris: may b 12:30….keep u posted…..mwah! 11:16 AM
Kris: still home? 11:37 AM
Me: Yes 11:37 AM
Kris: k….give u eta shortly…. 11:44 AM
Kris: i can 11:54 AM
Me: You can? 11:58 AM
Kris: i’m about to leave….is address 291 mishawum, woburn 12:00 PM
Me: No. 195 Cambridge Rd 12:01 PM
Kris: woburn? 12:01 PM
Me: Yes 12:01 PM
Me: 01801 zip 12:02 PM
Me: Google maps says 40 min 12:02 PM
Kris: that’s legally…bad boys drive fast….12 :35 latest…last text till there… 🙂 12:07 PM
Kris7: sorry…..had to make stop… closer to 12:45….jammin song on 100.7….. 🙂 12:19 PM
Me: 🙂 12:19 PM
Kris: can u call and give my name 12:24 PM
Kris: driving…. 12:25 PM
Me: ?? 12:25 PM
Kris: reserve at 99 12:26 PM
Kris: or text me # …i’ll call 12:27 PM
Me: Not necessary 12:29 PM
Kris: k 12:29 PM
Me: Here 12:48 PM
Kris: 5 min 12:52 PM

Kris: here….on back side…will walk around looking for u! 12:58 PM

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