Meet #2 – Afternoon delight

Sunday, April 13, 2014

He invited me out for lunch. My STD tests had not come back so we were holding off any serious sexy stuff.

Meeting at my car
I met him at the Ninety Nine at Four Corners in Woburn. He was impressed that I picked somewhere in the burbs so he wouldn’t have to drive all the way into Boston. We had a long smooch leaning against my car in the back parking lot. He had on full motorcycle regalia – leather jacket, black gloves, boots and chaps! He told me in an email at 3 AM that he dreamed of me unzipping his jacket, unbuttoning his shirt, finding out he was not wearing his customary undershirt, and being able to play with his chest hair and nipples. I read it over several times and followed it to the letter! The look on his face was priceless. It is so fun to see him smile!

I was starving, so we went in to eat. We had fun talking, sitting in a big booth, holding hands, talking over the menu. We both got the french onion soup. He had a 6 oz steak – another bad boy behavior for him who rarely eats red meat. I had the chicken pot pie special. It was delicious! Perhaps the best crust I’ve ever tasted. Little desserts came free on their “Three course meal deal” so he got some mocha thing and I had the chocolate cake, about three bites. He was super-nice to the waitstaff in a way that let them know he saw them as people and appreciated them. He is a nice man.

A surprise
Then he surprised me. He said quite bluntly, “Were you planning for us to go out to your car and make out?” I smiled. He asked, “What if we got a hotel instead? Much more comfortable!” He came over to sit next to me on my side of the table, cuddling against me in the most amazing way, rubbing my back… heaven to touch-stared me! We huddled over my mobile phone, picking a hotel, mapping the route. We agreed to meet there in 10 minutes. Whee! My frugal side balked at getting a room when we only had a little while, and before my test results were back, but he seemed determined.

My GPS wasn’t talking to me, so I kept having to glance at it. I made two wrong turns but came out where I was supposed to be, at the Comfort Inn right next to the highway!


Me: Here at hotel. Check in and text me a room #? 2:50 PM
Kris: k 2:54 PM
Kris: here too 2:55 PM
Kris: checking in…king bed….for Queen Sassy 2:57 PM
Kris: 207 2:58 PM
Me: On my way! 2:58 PM
Kris: ooh baby baby 2:59 PM


At the hotel
I went inside, took the elevator up. He had left the door ajar so I knocked and went on it.

He was lying on the bed looking quite smug. I put down my keys and phone, turned around and he was right there, hugging… kissing. With my clogs on I felt too tall, so I kicked those off, and sat down to take off my socks. He sat beside me and started unbuttoning my top, He stared at my cleavage, then stuck his tongue between my breasts. That started me tingling! He pulled me down on the bed and rolled close to me, pulling my bra up and tasting my nipples. He tore off his shirt and I sat up to take off mine and my bra. He helped me take off my pants and panties! He took off the rest of his clothes. No underwear! Commando man!

I stared at his body. Very nice. Skinny! Muscles! I pulled back the bedspread and we collapsed together on the sheets. He kissed me. He played with my chest. I reached under him to play with his balls and then reached higher for his cock. It was beautiful, curving slightly at the end. He said it had curved recently as the tendons relax… and that his wife makes fun of him for it. I shook my head… never ever make fun of a man’s equipment! I explored it with my fingers. He moaned beautifully.

He told me he didn’t have condoms, didn’t want to go that far until my results came back, so we agreed to take it slow, do safer things. He played with my clit. He was too fast, so I asked him to slow down, stroke slowly. He listened! It felt so good!! I wasn’t able to get off… first times are odd. I can’t stop thinking!

We took a little break and I asked what he’d like next. He asked me to suck on him. I worked my way down his chest… licked and sucked his nipples, which stood up nicely for me. I did a raspberry around his belly button, then blew on his cock. He trembled. I said hello. I licked the tip and blew again. He trembled more. I sucked him all the way down my throat in one gulp! He gasped. Very nice. I got a rhythm going, sucking, pumping.. then I decided to try something he said he’d never done. I wiggled a finger around his rim and up inside him! I had quite some fun until he said it was too intense. I sucked him, bobbing up and down, and he lost control. He made incredible noises as he filled my mouth with cum. Yum. That was fun!

I noticed that he had the “I’ve cum, I’m worn out” look to him so I settled back to cuddle and let him rest. He talked about how it had been 25 years since he’d been naked with another woman. I told him he was special… he scoffed, said I say that to all the boys. That stung a little but I let it pass. I know he was joking in his quirky way.

We kissed some more and he tried again to help me cum by flicking my clit, but it just wasn’t going to happen. Ah well… maybe next time.

I glanced at my watch and knew I had to go. I had a project meeting. I threw on my clothes, gave him another kiss and hug. He was going to stay and take a shower, so I booked out of there and headed off down the highway!

What an interesting afternoon!

And he texted me very quickly after we parted! That’s the way to do it!


Kris: girl laughed when she looked at check in/out time…she’s another one who should never play poker… groaned much louder than i usually do….. thanks!….you shameless hussy… 😉 5:12 PM

Me: Meeting over. Smiling thinking of you! Thank you ever so much! 5:53 PM

Kris: Me too!…..want u to get off better….but i’ll try to b a good learner….if you’ll b a patient teacher….smile.. 6:15 PM

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm getting the feeling you really just don't like this guy very much? In fact, I feel like you haven't really liked any of the AM guys??

  2. Hiya Anon! Thanks for stopping by. Don't know why you think that. I adore them!

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