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Friday, April 11, 2014 
From: Kris 
To: Sassy
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2014 12:58 AM
Subject: How I plan to ravage you / final STD test results attached
Hi Sassy,
You are SO hot—because you understand so clearly what “good sex” really is—and most importantly WHERE it is—-which is in our heads!  Of course–the “parts” matter–but the exact shapes and sizes don’t so much as “the whole package”—including who you are.  And more importantly—how we use “the parts.”
But to be completely honest—-I REALLY want to get at your breasts—-and like them BIG—-and you are so clearly well-endowed.  I’ve made a mental note that you want your whole breasts kissed and licked and touched and explored–and not just your nipples.  Keep teaching me—-telling me what you like.  I can’t imagine a woman who can actually have an orgasm just by being touched on the right spot on her back.  So forgive me for “needing proof”—but I will have my hand pressing between your legs to feel your contractions—-not just for “proof”—-but because feeling your orgasmic contractions turns me on.
Let me tell you some “basic” ways I like to have sex.  When we get into it “hot and heavy”—-I will want to “work everything on you at almost the same time.”  Meaning, while I am thrusting deeply and rhythmically in you I will simultaneously being rubbing your clitoris with my finger.  I’ll try to find a rhythm that matches—- a medium speed of rhythmically thrusting and rubbing your clitoris—AT THE SAME TIME.  I may intermittently take my cock out of you to spread your wet juices on your clitoris–to make sure it’s as wet and lubricated as possible—-and then go back inside you thrusting deeply and rhythmically and rubbing your clitoris.  AT THE SAME TIME I’m doing both those things—-I’ll be intermittently deeply kissing you and licking and sucking on your nipples.  I can’t promise at that point I’ll be able to focus on your whole breast—I may be “fixated” at that point on your nipples.  But all of the above will be after a long period of foreplay—after I’ve spent plenty of time building up to going in you.  Back rub, rubbing and caressing you all over, kissing, touching, rubbing your clitoris, licking your clitoris, licking your clitoris and putting my fingers in you……..
As I said tonight chatting—-while I’d like to know your real name—-it’s more important to me that you feel you can trust me, and that I’m not pressuring you.  My wife will NEVER “come after you”–NO MATTER WHAT.  And I’m going to do EVERYTHING in my power to NOT get caught—-mainly because I don’t want to hurt her.
Attached here are the final results of my tests–all negative.  “Trust” is hard earned, easily broken, and requires some “hard facts” to be real.  Here are some hard facts to back up what I’ve told you about my sexual history–a clean slate.
And finally, maybe you don’t want to think about this—but if you have contracted any sexual disease and anything comes back positive—-I’m not “walking away” from you.  I probably don’t make a very good “casual fuck buddy”—but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lover who will be a better, true friend.  In my line of work there is an ethical obligation to “never abandon a client at a point of their greatest need.”  So whatever your test results—I’m going to be there for you one way or another—and move forward with you in some way that makes sense.  Not just “dump you and walk away.”  I hope everything is negative and we just have “hot, care-free sex.”  But just so you know……..not for nothing—-I am different.  Not trying to be proud—-just am.  I’ve been forgiven a lot—so I can’t justify treating people in any way but as well as I possibly can.  Just so you know……
From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2014 9:39 AM
Re: Friday fun
Good morning Kris!  Happy Friday!  What’s on your calendar today?  
I’m at work, doing payroll and then have a super-exciting (not really) meeting with the IT folks about putting in a new “customer relations database.”  
Thank you for this message.  I adore how you answer questions I haven’t asked but have been thinking about.  It is very very hot, but also comforting, to hear what might happen when we’re alone.  It made me wet and caused some interesting twinges.   
Hallelujah for negative tests results!  I am praying for the same.  It’s not worrying me much – I learned during cancer treatment to stay in the moment and only deal with what I had to deal with.  It is huge that you say you won’t run screaming if I have some positive result.  I was truly touched!  Another sign of how special you are.  And how special we may be together.  
I’d better get back to work.  Have a fantastic Friday! 
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2014 2:35 PM
Re: How I plan to ravage you / final STD test results attached
Hi Sassy!
I only had one meeting scheduled for today–and it was cancelled.  So I haven’t been doing much…except fantasizing about being with you and when and where.  I thought after I sent my last email, “That was a little over the top.  This woman has lived through beating cancer and had all kinds of support.  Your ‘noble’ offer of support is a little lame–if all she has to deal with is treatment for some STD (possibly excluding HIV).”  
But true to form–all you did was try to “find the best” in what I said–and made me feel special. Glad you got a little wet.  I hope “answering questions before you ask them” doesn’t mean “talking too much and taking the fun out of you asking them.”  If you have more questions….ask away!  For me, it’s part of the build up—anticipation—-learning—–getting to know you.
So here I go—rushing in where angels fear to tread.  Any chance you could get away for an overnight—-as soon as Friday, April 18th through Saturday, April 19th.  I don’t know how far you’re willing to travel—but I was fantasizing renting a cottage or something for 2 days.  I know—-way too “ambitious.”  But if your H can screw some woman and practically “rub it in your face” the same night (sorry–maybe that’s ok with you–but seems a little “insensitive” at a minimum to me)—-can you say to him:  “Thinking of spending the night away to take a potential new guy on an ‘extended test drive'”.   Or do you just “make excuses” and keep it “vague” with him?
Either way:  Check out my “over the top fantasizing” example of a place to stay for a day and a half of “naked romping around the place”:
$150 / 3br – Spacious Private Home Close To Storyland And Shopping Outlets (Bartlett/Glen(White Mountains Region))
Spacious Private Home Close
I expect you to take my “craziness” in stride as usual—-so I’m going to “relax” and not worry about your response to this.
Seriously Frisky
P.S.—We’ll talk more about this later–but any chance you can help a little with some expenses?  There isn’t such a thing as “this is the way to do it.”  In fact, the woman who dumped me after 3 months of chatting said part of why she was pulling away was feeling bad about not being able to help pay for a room.  I told her if she didn’t have the money to not worry about it.  But to her–having a man pay for everything was not ok.  I think you and I need to “make our own” rules–and screw what anyone else thinks about it.  They’re not the ones thinking about having this affair—you and I are.
P.P.S.—I could chat earlier tonight if you wanted–so it’s not so late.  But you probably have a project meeting–or may have other plans.  Let me know….big hug.
Kris: Just finished work…going to gym till 10…home round 10:20…can u/want to chat then? 8:21 PM
Me: Sure! Sounds great! 8:22 PM
Kris: Big hug & kiss….huge smile….can’t stop thinking of u….fantasizing……later….mwah! 8:26 PM
·       Apr 11 9:58 PM Kris: u could probably use a break from me…i know I could use a break from me…but everywhere i go–there i am…sometimes it’s annoying…either way is fine (i’m just getting addicted to you—and like it)…just don’t reply if you need a break…and we’ll chat another time…
·       Apr 11 9:59 PM Sassy: Hiya!
·       Apr 11 9:59 PM Kris: omg…aren’t you sick of me yet?
·       Apr 11 9:59 PM Sassy: not quite yet.  : )
·       Apr 11 9:59 PM Kris: oh goodie (i think)
·       Apr 11 10:00 PM Kris: did u have a project meeting tonight?
·       Apr 11 10:00 PM Sassy: yes
·       Apr 11 10:00 PM Kris: how was it?
·       Apr 11 10:00 PM Sassy: great! Big crowd
·       Apr 11 10:00 PM Kris: what time do u get home from it?
·       Apr 11 10:00 PM Sassy: about 9:30 PM
·       Apr 11 10:01 PM Kris: how much time do you have between when you get out of work and when you go there?
·       Apr 11 10:01 PM Sassy: Go straight there
·       Apr 11 10:01 PM Kris: when do u eat?
·       Apr 11 10:01 PM Sassy: on the way there and a bit there
·       Apr 11 10:02 PM Kris: eat and run…it’s not the best way to do it…but i do it constantly…lots of times while driving.
·       Apr 11 10:02 PM Kris: tomorrow is last night…right?
·       Apr 11 10:02 PM Sassy: yes
·       Apr 11 10:04 PM Kris: what’s the best part of your involvement in it all…what gives you the most pleasure by being involved
·       Apr 11 10:06 PM Sassy: When it all comes together
·       Apr 11 10:06 PM Sassy: and people adore it
Apr 11 10:06 PM Sassy: Being part of a community
·       Apr 11 10:07 PM Sassy: Providing a way for talented people to do their thing
·       Apr 11 10:07 PM Kris: cool!
·       Apr 11 10:08 PM Kris: sorry…don’t mean to bombad you with “a thousand questions”…just have this hunger to know all about you…anything on your mind?
·       Apr 11 10:09 PM Sassy: It’s fun to have someone who is interested
·       Apr 11 10:09 PM Sassy: My brain is fried… just chilling
·       Apr 11 10:09 PM Kris: work all day then go straight to a project meeting…can’t imagine why you’re tired.  ; )
·       Apr 11 10:10 PM Sassy: I usually take time off around a show but I had things to do at work
·       Apr 11 10:11 PM Kris: have plans sunday?
Me: Sorry – net is being flaky 10:14 PM
Kris: No problem….want to see if it comes back up….or chat another time? 10:18 PM
Me: It usually comes back. 10:19 PM
Kris: K….will wait then…it’s nice u actually want to talk to me…..expecting to wake up to find it was all a dream….don’t know why….10:23 PM
Kris: Net still down? 10:40 PM
Me: Yes. Grrr 10:40 PM
Kris: K 10:41 PM
Me: Comcast sucks moose weiners 10:41 PM
Kris: Lol 10:41 PM
Me: 🙂 10:41 PM
Me: Sorry – still out. Waaah 11:00 PM
Kris: I know….give me a good time for u to chat tomorrow…..lunch sunday?….or early dinner mon?…..mon weather mid 70s…come to town on harley in “full leather glory”….will b very gropable…..answer in email with same questions when u can get back on…texting too tedious to type… 11:09 PM
Me: Ok 11:09 PM
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Friday, Apr 11, 2014 11:27 PM
Lunch on Sunday? / early dinner on Monday?
Hi Sassie!
Lunch Sunday……or early dinner Monday?  Weather’s going to be very warm on Monday (mid 70s to possibly high of 80)….and I’m definitely going to be on my bike.  I’ll be dressed in “full leather glory”  ; ) and will be very gropable  < 🙂   !!!!!!!!  Have late afternoon work on Monday—then it would be only a “skip and a hop” (vroom, vrooom!!!!!!) from there to YOU!!!!!! 
 You’ll possibly have news to share by Monday (testing results)–which we’re both hoping is good.  Either way—either day—-want to see you, be with you, hug you, kiss you, touch you again.
Let me know if you want to chat Saturday–and give me a good time for you. 
I played with my bike a little today–learning all the controls and rode it a little.  I’m like a kid at Christmas—-but you’re even MORE fun!!!!!
You don’t have “dump-him-for-good-by-silence”—-but you do have a little “selective silence” on some things.  Which is ok—-I understand why—-and chuckle at it.  It’s part of “learning what you’ll respond to”  🙂  !!!!
When I make “crazy propositions”—you can just counter with more reasonable ones…..
🙂 <3
Frisky Kris

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