Baby elephants and turtles

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
6:48am Phil 
Morning girl. Have a great one!
[photo of him at his office]
7:46am Sassy 
Good morning!  You look so hot! Hardly fair…
8:59am Phil 
What’s hardly fair?

I see a big nosed, wrinkled, grey headed, tired old guy with a heavy heart. Not sure how that corresponds to hot.

9:25am Phil 
But thank you. I’ll take any cheering up I can get.
9:29am Phil 
I see a public post that I think was meant for me and my heart soars and then I think maybe it was accidental and even though it was something we laughed about, I should accept that it wasn’t intended for me. Ah well, enough, you don’t want to hear all this crap. Enjoy your day beautiful

I adore baby elephants!  Giggle along as they learn to use their trunks.

I actually LOL’d!

7:10pm Phil 

Got here at 4:45 after getting up at three. Still working at 7. My mood is so dark and I’m exhausted. I need some time on a beach. Need a tall scotch and a good cigar and a nice steak. Coming to grips slowly with my issue. Just have to accept it and figure out a way to be happy. My buddy called from the beach and his girlfriend just broke up with him so I’ll be talking him off the ledge. Geez. Hope you are enjoying the evening!
9:21pm Phil 
Finally home! Hope it’s a great evening!

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