Super nice

Monday, April 7, 2014
6:37am Phil 
Morning girly. Have a great day!
8:03am Phil 
You ok?
8:55am Sassy 
Good morning kid!  Doing great!  
Delicious dinner,  great “dessert!”
9:03am Phil 
So the condoms came in (LOL) handy

Glad you enjoyed the evening. 

Rainy day here. Matches my mood. Working on my day off, forces me to focus elsewhere

Enjoy your day

12:52pm Phil 

Got this damn song by Wet Wet Wet stuck in my head, Love is All Around. Played it 20 times this morning

Rainy, chilly day out but good for my grass

12:56pm Sassy 

Almost home. Stopped at Rein’s Deli so I have a Reuben for lunch
1:00pm Phil
Fabulous. Reuben is my all time favorite with hot pastrami on rye next. Not eating either at the moment. Just low calorie, no fat, tasteless shit. Put my jeans on two sizes down and dropping!
1:38pm Sassy 
I’m full of matzo ball soup and corned beef.  Sooo good!  Yay for skinny you!
1:40pm Phil 
Want to be much skinnier.
1:47pm Phil 
Sounds yummy. Talked to a friend who is also a counselor. Told me this could take months. He said there will likely always be sadness triggered by a song, an event, a place. Told me I’ll learn to smile, enjoy the memories and continue. Said hold her in your heart and continue to love her if you like. Eventually the pain will lesson. Geez! Sitting by the fire was tough last night, everything is memory – on kids play sets, piles of leaves, the back seat, churches, it’s ridiculous!
1:50pm Sassy 
Glad you’re talking – very healthy to let it out
1:59pm Phil 
Helps most days fuck it, forget her. Last thing I want. Why u home so early?
2:04pm Phil 
Looked at a lot of pics this morning and smiled and laughed. I had naughty ones but deleted those awhile back. Did not feel I should have those any longer

Jock nice? Sounds like the evening fulfilled your expectations

2:31pm Sassy 
Super nice
2:36pm Phil 
That’s wonderful! Very happy to hear that.  It’s what you deserve
2:44pm Sassy 
Probably just once. Or very rare,  but worth it.
3:32pm Phil 
Take what you can get and enjoy. Better than wanting to jump off a building.

I’ll give different advise from now on. Just get over it is bullshit and doesn’t work. It hurts deep and long. Changes you

3:50pm Sassy
I know.  You changed me.
3:59pm Phil 
For the better or worse
4:19pm Sassy 
Very much for better, but with chunks of angst here and there.
4:22pm Phil 
Yeah, I hear you. I have so much regret. I could have prevented this

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