Best First Meet Ever

Friday, April 4, 2014 
Let’s talk about a new AM guy.  Another man from New Hampshire!  He is the 16th AM man I have met.  He says I am the fourth woman he’s met.  
It had been a month since I’d seen NH Man, with no plan in place to meet.  I was getting twitchy, watching bad p0rn, desperately needing to be touched.  I had not had any messages from AM in a while, when late on a Saturday afternoon, I got a lovely one from a nice, older man.  I had thought I was done with AM, but I felt compelled to reply.  So I looked over my first messages to other men, pulled a sentence from one and a paragraph from another, tossed in some stuff directly related to his message, and hit SEND on Saturday night.  
STATS:  Age 62, 5’10”, 190 pounds, from NH (about an hour away from me) 
Okay, so he’s older, shorter and skinnier than I think will like me… but he posted five great photos. And wrote such a great email.  Definitely worth a try!  
He made me wait until after lunch time on Monday to get an answer, but his second message was even better than the first!
Tuesday I gave him my Yahoo address and we switched to email there and starting chatting!  He was easy to talk with.  We talked for 2.5 hours Tuesday night.  And again Wednesday night.  He started pushing to meet.  I usually want to wait at least a week, as it tends to weed out the creeps.  But I had a feeling about him… So I said what about tomorrow night?  Friday lunch?  He picked Friday lunch and we settled the details.    
Thursday I got my hairs cut – it had gotten really long and frayed – I had not cut it since having it shaved for chemo!  3.5 years.  Now it is just below my shoulders. I also got my nails done!  Bright red – OPI “Thrill from Brazil” nail polish, for those into such things.

He texted me when he was headed my way.  Nice to be reassured that he was not going to flake out.

Kris: See u soon! 🙂 12:52 PM

Me: Looking forward to it! 12:52 PM
So here we are – Friday 2 pm.  PF Chang’s Restaurant at the mall!  
I wore a black jersey top with buttons all the way up the front, blue silk scarf, dark blue pants, lucky black bra, black undies, socks and clogs.  
I didn’t recognize him when I entered the restaurant.  He had lost a lot of weight since the photos he showed me.  He stood when he saw me, so I decided it must be him!  He had on a dress shirt, black undershirt, sweater vest, and khaki pants.  I hugged him and he kissed me briefly, then we settled in at the table, me sitting at a right angle next to him.  He’s cute, not as much like Santa as his photos.  He is bald on top, but has a mass of curly white longish hair all around, and a trimmed beard.  He has a wonderful smile and beautiful blue eyes that twinkle like he knows a great secret!  
He was drinking coffee and water when I arrived.  I ordered a strawberry cucumber lemonade and water to drink, then spicy green beans, hot & sour soup and dynamite shrimp.  He said he’s not into spicy food, so we couldn’t share.  He said even thinking about spicy food makes the top of his head sweat!  He ordered crab wontons and house fried rice, then added the grilled salmon when he was still hungry.  I ordered the banana spring rolls and we shared it for dessert. I got the feeling he was trying to prolong our time together.  
I was a hussy.  I held his hand.  I stroked his wrist with my thumb.  Then I went all in… sucked his finger as I would suck something else.  He had to stop mid-story.  Ha!  I felt like I had one chance to convince this man I would be fun and sexy and different, so I went for it!  
The 20-something waitress kept butting in.  Argh!  This always happens to me!  She chatted with him about his profession and told him about her schooling.  He was very nice to her.  I wanted to shoo her!  
I talked about my project and he told me about his work and his grown children.  He talked about being a recovering alcoholic – hitting rock bottom and coming back through AA many years ago.  He talked about his new motorcycle. He is a good storyteller.  
He paid for lunch.  He used a credit card, which I thought was a bad idea, but he said his wife doesn’t pay attention to anything financial.  He wanted to leave the receipt behind but the waitress chased after him and made him take it “so he could do the survey and get a free appetizer.”  Ugh.  I took it so he won’t get caught with it.  
I couldn’t keep my hands off him another second!  I don’t usually engage in public displays, but the moment we were outside the restaurant, I pulled him behind an ornamental tree, and snogged him on the sidewalk just outside the door!  The world disappeared as we hugged and kissed.  I was a total hussy in broad daylight!
I walked him down to his car in the underground garage.  He had parked in a bad spot – near where cars come in and stop to get their tickets…So lot of traffic, and stopped so they could look around.  It was getting late, so I said I’ll just give you a hug and go.  We leaned on his car and he hugged me.  We kissed and kissed.  He whispered that he had never understood about kissing before but wow!  I made it worth the time!  HA!  
The world disappeared… just me, him…I can’t believe I did that!  He pressed me against the side of the car.  I felt the muscles in his back. 
I told him we can’t do this here.  He agreed but kept going, kissing me, grinding against me. He tucked me inside his down jacket to provide some cover for our activities. ‎ I unbuttoned two buttons of his shirt and played with his nipple.‎ He moaned.  
People are walking by. Babies in strollers, couples, a gaggle of teenagers.‎ I put my hand in his front pocket and stroked him. Hard as a ROCK! He told me I could not do that! I said I know…but kept stroking him. I was so sassy!
I can’t believe I did that!  He said he wanted to touch me but he didn’t dare in the open.I asked what he wanted to touch? I thought he’d say my chest… but he surprised me.  He said “Your clitoris!”
‎I told him he couldn’t do that in the garage. That we could be alone some day soon. ‎ He nodded, closed his down coat closer around me, turned me a bit, and stuck his hand down my pants!
It was so hot but soooo crazy! ‎ It felt so good, I wanted to scream! ‎ I can’t believe he did that!‎ He MADE ME CUM!  In public!  In the garage!‎ I was standing in his arms, thinking my knees were going to crumble… shaking… squeaking in his ear…I never thought of myself as a “clit gal” but man oh man… this man knows what to do!  
I told him I really had to go… I didn’t want to but I was supposed to pick up Hubby and get to the project meeting.  I had lost all track of time. I had to go!‎ Hubby was texting. WHERE ARE YOU???  I was already 20 minutes late.  Oops!  So I kissed him once more and walked away.  Best first meet EVER!
He texted me on his way home.  HUGE reassurance that he is not going to go silent!

Kris: What’s that sweet smell on the fingers of my left hand right now? something i had for dessert maybe! 😉 5:02 PM
Me: Sassy juice! 5:04 PM
Kris: Yum….want more! gotta drive….later…..but you are a great “groper” and kisser….and drove me crazy the way u touched me…..”just sayin’ “…. 5:11 PM
Me: 🙂 5:29 PM

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