Thursday, April 3, 2014
7:35am Phil 
Started the day with a fender bender. Wet roads, bad traffic, sucked. Hope your day is good!

8:01am Sassy 

Oh nooo!  You okay?
9:21am Phil 
Yeah I’m fine, thank you for asking.

If you were rubbing lotion into your hands and I pointed to my dick, and said I could use a little lotion here. What would you do?

Hypothetical question

9:40am Sassy
Did your wife hand you the lotion? 
9:44am Phil 
Ok, not what I was looking for but ok.
So I guess my cock would stay dry

9:55am Sassy 

I would give you a smile and slather you AND rub it in.
10:01am Phil 
There you go.  What I live with is, oh here’s the bottle. Woman hasn’t a clue
10:11am Phil 
I knew what you would do
10:13am Sassy 
I hear you.        
10:26am Phil
10:29am Phil 
Sometimes life is a glorious thing and you want to give thanks for all the blessings. Other times, not so much. I make stupid money, live in a lovely home, love my kids and I’m simply not happy. 
Perhaps I’m just a spoiled brat who should be thankful that I have so much. I’m just not very happy with me.
10:44am Sassy 
I feel like I am supposed to be doing something different but I don’t know what.
10:45am Phil 
I hear you. Same.
10:46am Sassy 
What a pair we are!
10:47am Phil 
I’m as successful as anyone could ask to be but there is no joy in going home at the end of the day. I used to have that. Could not get there fast enough to Beach Gal
10:48am Sassy 
Thank you so much for being there, Philip.  No one else understands.

10:51am Phil 
Oh I do. I get it loud and clear. You feel empty some times, so sad and discouraged. I had all I ever wanted for a time and allowed others to convince me I was wrong. Worst decision of my life

10:53am Sassy 
Off to a meeting.  Will be thinking of you!  Figure out a solution while I’m gone.  🙂
10:54am Phil 

10:55am Sassy 
Not likely.  New boss.  Ugh.

2:10pm Sassy
Got my hair cut!  First time since chemo three years ago.

7:35pm Sassy
Got my nails painted red again!

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