Philosophical Philip

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
8:22am Phil
I have decided to be happy. Beach Gal’s happy and that’s all I want. I’m good with that. I’ll love her till I die and I’ll always be there but knowing she’s smiling and laughing puts a smile on my face. Time to lift the heavy heart, be me and go on with life, which ain’t so bad. Have great friends, no money worries, nice place to live, could be a hell of a lot worse.
8:27am Sassy 
You are an amazing man.
8:27am Phil 
Not really but thank you.
8:28am Sassy 
Really!  I know.  And you have a hot ass.
8:32am Phil 
I’m an idiot, a romantic, a bit of a fool and in a couple months I’ll have a hot ass.
8:40am Phil
What did I say to elicit that response anyway? I believe if you truly love someone, that’s forever. They own a piece of your heart. Their happiness is your happiness. Just cause you are not together you don’t love them less. I can’t imagine it any other way. If you don’t feel that way, you never really loved them in the first place. Just me
8:48am Phil 
Is that a foolish way to look at things?
8:50am Sassy 
No.  Exactly what I’d say.
8:52am Phil 
Wise girl. : ) . The heartache will ease and the wonderful memories will remain and if they ever need you for anything, be there
1:51pm Phil 
This be happy shit ain’t as easy as it sounds but I’m working on it.
1:52pm Sassy 
Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
Hugs kid
2:30pm Phil
What the hell does that mean? I know nothing’s perfect, and I know I want it to be perfect. I’m an ass, nice man, loving, considerate and generous but an ass and a dumb one at that. I appreciate the hug. Have not had one in almost a year and a half and a great hug soothes your soul. Beach Gal is an amazing hugger. Could fix anything with it. Here I go again. What is wrong with me?!
2:31pm Phil
My brain can make it seem right but my heart is vigorously flipping me the finger

2:58pm Sassy 
My goodness you’re philosophical today!  There’s a fun video with snippets of the history of my project work company – a 3 minute summary of everything we’ve done!  Take a peak sometime.
[URL redacted]
3:05pm Phil 
Oh that sounds like fun!  Just the way my head works. Sorry to bore you. Will try to think happier thoughts before I jump off the building. Can’t wait to watch the clip!
3:13pm Sassy 
You are many things but never boring!
3:26pm Phil 
LOL, I’ll take that I guess.
8:57pm Phil 
Working my way back

[photo of Philip smiling, just out of the shower, standing in front of a mirror, so I can see his front and the back of his shoulders.  He is so clever with these angles!]
8:58pm Sassy 
Hubba hubba!
9:05pm Phil 
Just off the bike. Down an even 20. I want to drop 50 more. Be a tall order, have not been below 220 since a couple years out of high school but that’s my goal. Back still looks ok I think
9:06pm Sassy 
9:06pm Phil 
Dick looks bigger when I’m thin too
9:07pm Sassy 
Oh my
9:07pm Phil 
Ha ha!
Trim short and shave the balls and it looks ok. Measured once, so so. Good circumference slightly above average length

Every guy does the tape

Ah well, got little feet

9:11pm Sassy 
I adore your feet
9:11pm Phil 
9:12pm Sassy 
Think about sitting on the bed… you in the chair chilling… me rubbing your feet

No rush… just being… rubbing… listening

9:14pm Phil
Love having my feet rubbed. Not had that in along time either. Nothing like being pampered

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