Strip Club

Thursday, March 27, 2014
10:10am Phil 
Thank you so much for giving me something else to think about. I feel so much better this morning. I needed to shift my mind and smile and laugh a bit. Thanks

You’re most welcome Philip!

10:46am Phil 
Feeling more like me this morning. 
Not many people call me Philip. Only a few special people.

11:11am Phil 
[gorgeous photo of a city]
Oh my!  That’s spectacular!

5:18pm Phil 
Lovely city
You are so lucky to get to be there and on someone else’s dime!

5:42pm Phil 
Yup! Mai Tais on the water in an hour! 
Taking one of our departing co-workers to a strip club tonight. Should be fun

8:51pm Phil 

[photo of him smiling at the camera, drinking something]
8:51pm Phil 
Have a great evening Sass

You look so hot.  I want to slide in next to you!  
9:00pm Phil 
I’d let you but you already know that


Could I nibble your ear and say naughty things?
9:04pm Phil 
Oh hell yeah baby, hell yeah
Could I stare into your eyes and tweak your nipple?
9:06pm Phil 
Yep, you could do anything you could think of


Mmmm… my imagination is racing!
9:33pm Phil 
Ha ha! Love it!
I think I’ll unzip your fly just a little… stick a finger inside… flesh on flesh… stroke a little bit.  Licking my lips…
9:37pm Phil 
I like that!
I might talk about what I will do later when I get you alone…
or what I’d like you to do
9:43pm Phil
I like that too or you could just stroke me through my pants, tell me what you wanted and go from there
 Ah yes… you know I like to touch you, wherever you are.

How were the oysters?

9:48pm Phil 
Oysters were wonderful
[photo of his beautiful cock fully erect]
Mmm… I’d like to slurp that!  Where did you take that?!

9:49pm Phil 

Laying on the bed
Phew… I thought you were in the men’s room acting up or something!


Are you stroking for me?
10:23pm Phil 
Not so big but ok I guess
[a cock and balls photo]
10:43pm Phil 
Ha ha
Cum get some

11:48pm Phil 

At the strip club


Any good?
11:57pm Phil 
Not bad
Had a very nice set of tits in my face
12:06am Phil 
[photo of a stripper dancing]
You are bad!  
You’re not supposed to take photos in there are you?
12:54am Phil 
Why yes I am bad
 Ha ha!

1:08am Phil 

Rather see you naked
1:35am Phil 
Nite girl
1:57am Phil
Still like to see that tight pussy. Jerking off again

2:07am Phil 

[photo of his cock with pre-cum on the tip]
2:10am Phil 
[photo of his cock with lotion all over the top]

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