Frisky Phillip

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Good morning!  We didn’t get any snow!  Me like!  I’m home today taking a break from new boss and all that… Have a wonderful Wednesday!
9:41am Phil
No snow here either! I’m teaching today. Wish me luck
11:00pm Phil
How you doing girly? Crying in my beer but happy to be alone to do it            
Awww kid…
I’m great! Was just thinking of you and the beautiful mark you made on my breast
11:01pm Phil
I’ll live

Needed a smile. Thank you.

Having a cigar at a place I love, thinking about a girl

Nice to think about another one
Teaching go okay?  They get it?

11:05pm Phil 

Yeah it went really well
Yay!  Same tomorrow?

Is this more of the same stuff or different?

11:07pm Phil
I do that pretty well. I’m good in front of a crowd. I do well when my mind is occupied.  New stuff.  
Listening to Rod Stewart and Brian Adams. Always does me in
Been eating anything good?
11:08pm Phil
Just showing folks how to do stuff I just learned.
Aha… cool!
11:09pm Phil
No, watching my weight
Going to have seafood Friday evening
Working out, getting fit and trying to move on
in chat they say, “To get over one, get under another.”
11:12pm Phil
Maybe but I love the hell out of that Beach gal.
Going to take time
I know.  Hope I can help, somehow.  Even if it’s just listening…
11:14pm Phil
Just could not put my kids through a divorce
Guy in chat is going to see his old flame Monday… stirred up a lot of memories.
11:16pm Phil
Yeah, that’s a lot of fun but I didn’t want anything but her.
I enjoyed hooking up with my old flame
Have wonderful memories and occasional explosive experiences 
All I want is a gentle touch, loving words, to be called darling, walks on the beach, sitting on the front stoop baked
Naked not baked
You ever get the chance to do it on the beach, go for it
: )
Will do!
11:26pm Phil 
Combination of being outside, sound of the surf, moon above, amazing,
Gets a rise out of me every time
Maybe I just love being naked. 
We should have done it on the balcony


If it had been above freezing, I’d have been up for it!

11:30pm Phil 

I certainly would have been up for it
I was dreaming today about a trip someplace warm… 
sitting out on a balcony… 
doing it with the sound of the surf and breezes blowing
11:32pm Phil 
It’s an amazing experience especially when you could care less if anyone sees


Just a pipe dream for me
11:34pm Phil 
Did it once in front of another couple and once while a guy watched from a distance jerking off
You never know kiddo

The other couple stripped down and got busy just down the beach

Fucked in a hot tub while people were walking about, that was hot as hell

Guess I’m a bit of a freak


Not at all.

I know about freaks and you are not.

11:38pm Phil 
Ahhhh, well good
After Panties Man, Mr. Scat, Guilt kings, email kings, doms, subs… you are SOOOO normal!
11:39pm Phil 
I just like sex and fairly normal sex

Just find the bedroom boring

I wish I could get enough sex in the bedroom that I’d consider it boring!
11:42pm Phil 
Kitchen table is good, under the table in a restaurant, the bathroom in a bar
All good
Nothing like a wink from the waitress when she sees your cock being stroked.

I don’t get that anymore. Got the sex life of a monk and very tame on the rare occasion

Friday marks a month… getting very antsy
11:46pm Phil 
Me too
11:52pm Phil 
Did it for 13 hours once. 
Asses, oral, dildos, cum every where. 
We were both raw and sore but good god it was amazing.
Think you could deal with that?
Hmmm… no.  Probably only 10-12
11:56pm Phil 
Ha ha. Both our asses were sore.  Could barely walk


Right now I need someone to scratch my back.
11:58pm Phil 
That’s nice too

I happen to have a handy back scratcher.  

Spreads lotion on its own.  I can be such a bad boy
Bad is good.
12:02am Phil 
Yeah it’s very good.  And hot.  
Well this made me smile
: )            
12:07am Phil 
I desperately needed it
Any time kid.  And I mean that.  I got everything from dog videos to jokes to p0rn to listening ears and warm shoulders!
12:55am Phil 
Not interested in dog videos but I’d fuck your tight pussy, lick and fuck your ass and fuck that hot mouth any time. And take you for lobster and a romantic dinner
Mmmm… you have the best ideas!
12:56am Phil 
I’d fill your pussy with cum and luck it clean too.
Lick.  Just saying
[thumbs up]
12:58am Phil 
Would love to slip a tongue, finger and cock in your ass and have you return the favor

1:16am Phil 

Love to have a shot of your pussy to jerk off to

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