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Sunday, January 12, 2014
Yahoo IM with Mr Truck
12:30 PM Mr Truck: Today would be a great day to get naked with an affectionate curvy woman like you!
12:31 PM Sassy: You are so right!
12:32 PM Sassy: I’ve just been looking at more videos you sent me! How did you know!
12:35 PM Mr Truck: Maybe it’s because I was looking for some new videos for YOU!
12:35 PM Mr Truck: what are you in the mood for?
12:35 PM Sassy: Naughty
12:36 PM Sassy: I was just watching a MILF teacher bang two college students!
12:37 PM Mr Truck: Mmmmm. I was just watching various BBW girls sucking cock.
12:37 PM Mr Truck: Gosh I love their soft tummies
12:37 PM Sassy: Also, if you ever seen anything where the woman has benwa balls inside, I’d like to see
12:37 PM Sassy: Oooh…
12:37 PM Mr Truck: Ok, I’ve seen a few of those about a month ago, will be on the look out
12:39 PM Mr Truck: You want ass or cunt stuffing?
12:39 PM Sassy: I found one with like…. three seconds of a guy fucking a woman standing up with them inside her.. something about the clacking sound really set me off
12:39 PM Sassy: then he took them out and they licked them!
12:39 PM Mr Truck: Mmmmmmm!!! NICE
12:39 PM Sassy: Did I send that to you? It was the outdoor sex one…
12:40 PM Mr Truck: I don’t know, ok I’m mixing up benwah with those string of beads
12:40 PM Mr Truck: You ever use the balls?
12:40 PM Sassy: no
12:41 PM Sassy: I wonder what they’d feel like… a fullness? Cool… metal… then extra full and funky during sex? Hmm…..
12:41 PM Sassy: You ever tried them?
12:41 PM Mr Truck: I don’t think they’d work well with sex. No never have!
12:42 PM Sassy: Bet they’d be fun in your ass….
12:42 PM Sassy: Pressing them in and pulling them out…
12:42 PM Sassy: Hearing them clack and knowing they were going to fill you?
12:43 PM Mr Truck: oh fuck yes, you’d make me your ass slave
12:43 PM Sassy: Maybe I’d suck you at the same time
12:44 PM Sassy: Clack… gently press one inside… then clack… another…clack up against the first… suck suck lick…
12:44 PM Mr Truck: Yes definitely what a double sensation and those sounds
12:44 PM Sassy: You squirming over there yet?
12:45 PM Mr Truck: Let’s just say my precum is tasting very sweet right now…
12:45 PM Sassy: Really?
12:46 PM Mr Truck: Oh yes, I love it
12:46 PM Sassy: So you’re touching?
12:47 PM Mr Truck: a little, I have to be careful, not alone in the house!
12:49 PM Sassy: Naughty man… I adore that
12:49 PM Sassy: Wish I could be touching you…
12:49 PM Mr Truck: Me too, I need those soft hands and mouth of yours
12:50 PM Sassy: I need something to suck on
12:51 PM Mr Truck: You really do, it’s so natural for a woman like you to crave cock as a pacifier
12:51 PM Mr Truck: I want to record our encounter on video
12:53 PM Mr Truck: I wanna cum on your face then kiss you passionately
12:54 PM Sassy: You want to focus on my wet finger inside you?
12:54 PM Mr Truck: Oh honey……
12:54 PM Sassy: While I deep throat you?
12:55 PM Mr Truck: Oh baby, yes, yes honey I soooooooooooo need that
12:55 PM Sassy: Or maybe just my tongue teasing your nipple while I twist the other one
12:55 PM Mr Truck: You KNOW I’ll do anything when you fondle my nipples, you can own me
12:56 PM Sassy: Maybe you could focus on my big bouncing tits and tummy while I ride you… mmmm
12:57 PM Mr Truck: You’re such a treasure so full of things that would hypnotize me
12:57 PM Sassy: Geesh… you have got me so hussied-up today!
12:58 PM Mr Truck: ME TOO! Maybe you can fondle my smooth hairless ass while sucking me
12:58 PM Mr Truck: it’s as smooth as a woman’s
12:58 PM Sassy: oh yes…
12:59 PM Mr Truck: rub your massive white tits on my ass
1:03 PM Sassy: Gonna grab it, squeeze it, pull your cheeks apart… liiiiick
1:03 PM Mr Truck: Oh fuck, are you going to lick my ass pussy?
1:04 PM Sassy: start at the top… slowly… move down… while you squirm and wonder…
1:04 PM Sassy: flick
1:04 PM Sassy: lick
1:04 PM Sassy: closer and closer
1:04 PM Sassy: then blow on your wet crack
1:04 PM Sassy: tingling
1:05 PM Sassy: ?
1:05 PM Mr Truck: Oh god I’ve never been eaten out at all, now I’m craving it
1:05 PM Mr Truck: Makes me want to be submissive to you
1:06 PM Sassy: You can let me work my magic on you…
1:06 PM Mr Truck: Fuck yes, you’ll make me build up a huge load for you
1:06 PM Sassy: relax… enjoy… not have to plan the next move
1:06 PM Sassy: Let me play
1:06 PM Mr Truck: Exactly, with lots of erotic talk and noises
1:06 PM Sassy: Yes… let me know how you feel
1:07 PM Mr Truck: Yes
1:07 PM Sassy: what’s good…what drives you wild
1:07 PM Mr Truck: yes
1:07 PM Sassy: You can be in charge of the next round.
1:07 PM Mr Truck: That’s right
1:07 PM Sassy: But this one is mine…
1:07 PM Mr Truck: you wanna have me first?
1:08 PM Mr Truck: have me naked while you’re dressed for a little while?
1:08 PM Sassy: You want to stand there naked? Show off your body to me?
1:09 PM Mr Truck: Yes I do, I want you tell me what to take of, one article at a time
1:09 PM Sassy: Let me see your nipples…
1:09 PM Mr Truck: Oh honey
1:09 PM Sassy: peel off your clothes bit by bit
1:09 PM Sassy: I’ll tell you what I think
1:09 PM Sassy: what I going to do with you
1:09 PM Sassy: My man toy
1:09 PM Mr Truck: yes, so verbal, so matter of factly
1:09 PM Mr Truck: yes
1:09 PM Mr Truck: all for you
1:09 PM Sassy: I’m going to make you burn
1:10 PM Mr Truck: I need to be used
1:10 PM Mr Truck: mmmmm
1:10 PM Sassy: I’m going to play
1:10 PM Mr Truck: by a woman who knows how
1:10 PM Sassy: I’m not going to take a direct route
1:10 PM Mr Truck: tease
1:10 PM Sassy: I’m going to push you to the edge of the cliff…. but not let you go over
1:11 PM Sassy: then let you rest… breathe….
1:11 PM Sassy: wonder…
1:11 PM Mr Truck: I soooo want to be edged by you
1:11 PM Mr Truck: edge me for hours
1:11 PM Mr Truck: I’ll return the favor
1:12 PM Mr Truck: (being called away, back later MMMMMMMMMM)

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