Man stuff

Saturday, January 11, 2014
11:04 AM
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 
11:40 AM
NH Man: Good morning to you too. What’s up?
11:42 AM
Me: Off to project meeting, then to the arena for more skating, then dinner with Sis! You?
11:45 AM
NH Man: Not much.  I have man stuff to do in the basement 
11:45 AM
Me: Wish you could do man stuff with me!
11:50 AM
NH Man: I would if you were here
5:51 PM
NH Man: I watched some of the skating on TV. I always feel bad for the women that fall and get low scores. It must be so difficult to have years of training hinge on one fall.
5:56 PM
Me: So glad you saw! Yes – it is intense! One fall means no medal, no Olympics, no endorsement deals… 
Ashley Wagner 

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