Thursday, October 3, 2013
Good morning kid!  Thursday’s here!
7:55am Phil
So it is! Have a great one! I’m guessing you had a good meet. Good for you!
It was okay, with potential for better?  Great dinner – seafood enchiladas!   Nice teasing in restaurant.  Kissed in my car.  Groped. Swallowed! He wrote a sweet email right away. So we’ll see!
9:05am Phil
That sounds exciting. The email was nice. Glad it was a good experience with maybe more!
A sweaty smile
[photo of him smiling in the gym in a soggy t-shirt]
Damn… you are so hot and handsome!  When I see your face, I forget all the others and want to kiss you so bad!
12:10pm Phil
Well, I was certainly hot
1:53pm Phil
I’d take that and swallowing too

Had a great dinner out… check out my dessert!  Nothing like chocolate truffle pie!

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