The Lawyer Finally Fucks Me

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
So it’s the day after Labor Day and I am home from work extending my long holiday weekend.  I’m bopping around the net when The Lawyer pings me and chats along.  Finally about 2:30 pm he asked if he could see me.  Today.  After 4 pm.  
I showered, shaved, clipped my toenails, then tossed on a dark blue t-shirt and summer drawstring pants over my trademark black bra and panties.  I made an online reservation for the hotel, then drove over there, checked in and texted him the room number.  And waited.  I sat on the king size bed, taking in the room.  I looked out the window at the industrial landscape and highway.  I tried to decide if I should be naked when he arrived?  Just then there was a knock at the door!  Less than five minutes after my text!
He gave me a great hug, and I breathed in his scent. He kissed me slow and steady, escalating slowly from little nibbles to fierce tongue duels and nipping, twisting his head this way and that. I groped his ass and savored being alone with him at last!
I unbuttoned his classic button-down Brooks Brothers yellow shirt, and played with his nipple. He took off my t-shirt and marveled at my cleavage! He turned me to take off my bra and his eyes filled with wonder! He makes me feel so beautiful.
I took off his shirt, and we were skin-to-skin.  Ahhhh…. he sighed beautifully.  
He told me he wanted to sit me down on the bed and take off the rest of my clothes, if that way okay.  I nodded and he did it.  I watched him take off the rest of his clothes and draped them carefully over a chair.  I stared at his body and he shrugged, saying, “Not bad for an old man,” and I assured him he was not bad at all!  
He joined me on the bed and explored down my body, ending up between my legs with his mouth and fingers working magic.  Yowza.  I squirmed and shrieked and told him how amazing he made me feel!
I returned the favor, licking, twisting and pulling, then sucking loudly on his perfectly shaped straight mushroom top shaft.  He gasped and moaned and then whispered sweet phrases before he lost his ability to speak.  When he was very close, he asked me to stop.  I told him I like to swallow but he said he wanted to be inside me when he went over the edge.  He got up to grab a condom from his wallet and I helped him roll it on.  
We easily played our way through five positions starting with doggie which seemed like a big treat for him but I think of as standard… he got so deep!  Then we were side by side… him behind me, his right hand on my clit, his left under me on my breast, his cock buried inside me, pressing up… in and out… mmmm… he kept whispering “so sexy” and I believed him. 
I rode him like a good cowgirl for awhile, while he played with my breasts, then he flipped me around and lifted my legs to go in face-to face.  He had the most amazing look on his face… like this was THE BEST THING EVER!  It made me smile.  He flopped down and pulled me on him to ride again cowgirl style.  Amazing stamina this guy!  He asked if it was okay for him cum now… and I nodded.  He sped up a bit, bouncing his hips and pressing into me, then scrunched his face like this was hard work, groaned and filled the condom.  I clenched and pulsed and collapsed onto him.  
He rolled over to dispose of the condom, then returned to cuddle.  I asked if he was done or could I play some more.  He said he is usually done after he cums, but I was free to try.  I kissed my way down his body, told him about my juices flowing down my legs and how fabulous he had made me feel… I kissed his nipples… his belly button… his hips… then focused on his cock with my hand.  It sprung to attention quickly and he chuckled.  
I licked him from balls to crown, then took his entire shaft into my throat in one gulp.  He gasped and marveled at how I had made him ready again.  I played with his balls, asked if he’d like some ass play.  He told me he is vanilla, can be happy with the basics, but I can do what I want.  I rimmed him gently and he twisted in an odd way, so I went back to sucking him, bobbing up and down, pulling him into my mouth until I was rewarded with a stream of hot white cum!  I swallowed every drop.  He said that had not happened in a long, long time and I smiled.  
He said it was getting time for him to leave and headed to the shower.  I asked if I could talk to him while he did that and he said that would be great!  I used the toilet and we chatted.  He marveled at how comfortable it is to be with me.  I told him I enjoyed myself, and hoped to do it again soon.  He said he’d check his calendar.  I didn’t believe him.  
We continued to talk as he dressed and was transformed back into the button-down lawyer. I stayed naked until after he left.  He kept looking at me like I was the beautiful woman in the world.  
Right at the 3-hour mark about 7 pm, he kissed me, opened his wallet to put the cost of the room on the table by the window, and left.  I had a moment of feeling like a prostitute but it passed.  Reimbursement for the room.  It’s fine. Really. 
I dressed and rested a bit, coming down slowly from the high of great sex.  I found another blogger on chat and shared my joy!  
I was starving, so I picked up take-out from The Ninety-Nine restaurant across the parking lot and headed home to eat.  
I sat at my desk and told the gang in the chat room about my adventure.  They were astounded that he came back after a year, and that he finally followed through.  And that it went well.  And I finally got back in the game after the mess in July.
Yes indeed.  Miracles do happen! 

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  1. Max says:

    Awesome!!! Sounds like a great afternoon!

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